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Aim and Scope[edit]

The aim of the Guido Adler Collection Project is to explore the connections in a linked data environment between the musicologist, Guido Adler (1855-1941), a founder of the discipline of musicology, and his colleagues and students as represented in annotations and dedications in books and other publications which were part of his personal library. These materials now reside in the Loeb Music Library at Harvard University. The permalink for this collection in HOLLIS is: However, note that there are closer to 162 items rather than the 45 as described in the HOLLIS record, all of which are separately cataloged under the heading "Guido Adler Collection" (the HOLLIS record counts physical pieces, not the materials, such as offprints, that are bound together into individual volumes, but which have been separately cataloged).


This collection includes books collected by and written by Guido Adler.  It was confiscated by the Nazis at his death, and was recently restored to his heirs through the restitution project at the University of Vienna.  It contains working notes and annotations by Adler and copies of his own books, including an interleaved copy of Thayer's Chronologisches Verzeichniss der Werke Ludwig van Beethovens (Berlin, 1865), extensively annotated by Adler. Many of the items in the collection are inscribed by their authors--important musicologists, in their own right, some of whom were Adler's pupils.

The collection includes a large collection of offprints from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and many books signed and dedicated by the authors, including works by Appia, Aubry, Bauer, Berrueta, Billroth, Bormann, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Chybinski, de Wit, Emmanuel, Fries, Geiringer, Hanslick, Hartog, Herriot, Herwegh, Hippau, Knut Jeppesen, Komorzynski, Kralik, Levitain, Masson, Moser, Nettl, Norlind, Orel, Prunières, Romain Rolland, Schnoor, Schrener, Segenreich-Pfeifer, Stefan, Van den Borren, Varró and many others. The subject matter covers a wide range of fields, reflecting Adler's interest in early music and ethnomusicology, and also includes some exhibition catalogs.

Contributors and Contact Information[edit]

  • Fernsebner - Christine Fersebner Eslao,
  • Stina Later - Christina Linklater,
  • CKThomas - Craig Thomas,


What do we have now?[edit]

  • MARC records for all the items in the collection.
  • LCNAF for all persons (and organizations?) (also check VIAF)
  • Wikidata identities for most persons
  • Academic literature about Adler and his circle

What do we want to have?[edit]


  • 2019 Q1 Scope project and onboard Wikimedian
  • 2019 Q2 Assess existing data and plan community outreach
  • 2019 Q3 Community engagement and editathons
  • 2019 Q4
  • 2020 Q1
  • 2020 Q2

Goals of the Project[edit]


  1. Gather use cases to guide metadata creation, enhancement
  2. Extract names from HOLLIS data
  3. Reconcile items for persons Wikidata
    1. Assess quantity and quality of matching items
    2. Assess quantity of unmatched entities in finding aids
    3. Select existing models of robust description in Wikidata and identify data to be added to existing entities
  4. Create or enhance Wikidata items using Quickstatements
    1. Persons
    2. Books/pamphlets
    3. Serials?
  5. Create workflow/documentation for manual enrichment
    1. Assemble set of Wikidata items for editing
    2. Document models, property suggestions, best practices
    3. Create SPARQL queries for assessment
  6. Edit things!
  7. Share examples, documentation with institutions holding related items
  8. Link to Wikidata items within Sinopia descriptions, for use in LD4P discovery tools in development


Create Items for the Names of Associates of Guido Adler in Wikidata (or Link to Those that May Be Already There)[edit]

  1. Spreadsheet of materials in the Guido Adler Collection create from search of bib records in HOLLIS ordered by control number (MMS-ID) DONE
  2. Get the holdings data with names of associates mentioned in 561 field (852 field) into the existing spreadsheet of bibliographic records for the resources in this collection (Can this be done in an automated fashion, or, must the names be added manually to the spreadsheet, and/or directly into Wikidata?
    • Searching in Alma only retrieves bibliographic information in a form that can be uploaded to Excel. Holdings data is not included.
  3. Clean the data to get into uploadable form (OpenRefine)
  4. How to upload the data into Wikidata (as list of names of associates on the project page and/or create basic wikidata records, (while avoiding creation of duplicate Wikidata records for names already with an entry?))
    • Can MarcEdit be of use?
  5. Can name authority record data/VIAF, etc. be mined to add more complete information about these names in an automated fashion?

Create Items for names of works??[edit]

Potential Collaborators[edit]


Reconciliation and entity creation

Sinopia with Wikidata look-ups

Persons Associated with Guido Adler[edit]

To be ordered alphabetically or by MMS-ID?

Person Work Title (Title Proper) Type of Annotation HOLLIS MMS-ID Represented in Wikidata
Segenreich-Pfeifer, Hélèn Das "Intervall-Griff-System" Inscription by author 990144178550203941 no

Wikidata Item Properties[edit]

Items for Persons[edit]

For other lists of properties associated with persons see: Wikidata:List of properties/Wikidata property for items about people or organisations/human and Wikidata:WikiProject Stanford Libraries/Describing people (not in final order)

Items for Works[edit]

(not in final order) properties: instance of a written work, book, serial, offprint, etc.

Properties for Harvard's Copies (Exemplars) of Works in the Adler Collection (Books/pamphlets)[edit]

(Find other relevant terms from examination of holdings field 561). Edit this section.

In addition to the Work properties above:

  Example: Item for Harvard’s copy of Trouvères et troubadours – inscription – Herrn Professor Dr. Guido Adler, in Hochachtung, Edm. Schebek.
  Example: Item for Harvard’s copy of Trouvères et troubadours – contains – Inscription.
   (qualifier) inscription mentions – Guido Adler (Q78716)
  Example: Item for Harvard’s copy of Chronologisches Verzeichniss der Werke Ludwig van Beethoven's – contains – Annotation.
   (qualifier) author – Guido Adler (Q78716) [qualified statement only for Annotations with an attributed creator]

Note: Annotations by William Harral Johnson on a copy of 'Life of Charles Bradlaugh (Q19045182)--not the way to go, I don’t think; not all the items in the Adler collection have annotations, and we want a consistent treatment of items

Hathi Trust ID (should be used in connection with individual digitized copies of Works, rather than with Items. There is a potential constraint violation with regard to]; it is currently

  • inscription (P1684)
    • Hilary has confirmed this may be used with copies of manifestations
    • Use with qualifier, inscription mentions (P6568)
  • annotation?
    • There is no "annotation" property, but we might be able to propose one. The object would be "Annotation" (Q857525)
  • collection (P195)


Main properties[edit]


Main queries[edit]

Other queries[edit]

  • ...

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