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One million Malayalam labels

30 October 2020 - October 29, 2021

വിക്കിഡാറ്റ മലയാളത്തിലും
1 million Malayalam labels: 257% complete

One million Malayalam labels is a event organised by WikiProject Kerala to add and improve Malayalam labels in Wikidata. This event is a follow up of the previous Label-a-thon organised to add and improve Malayalam labels and contribute more information in Malayalam language to Wikidata. The primary objective of this event is to add and improve the labels in Malayalam language in Wikidata and to cross 1 million Malayalam labels within the next year the same time.


As of 29th October 2020, there are 491,921 labels in Malayalam. The updates on the progress of the event is updated over here.

No Rules[edit]

Since it is not a competition there is no such rules for this event. But you should

  • abide by the guidelines listed in Help:Label while adding labels.
  • Use the most common name of an entity for its label. Abbreviations or longer, official, or less common names are used as aliases not in labels.
    • e.g. "തൃശ്ശൂർ" is the Malayalam label for തൃശ്ശൂർ (Q163798), while "തൃശ്ശിവപേരൂർ" and "തൃശൂർ" are aliases for that item.
  • Avoid adding honorifics and titles to the label for a person.
  • Don't translate the titles of audiovisual work (Q2431196) / fictional character (Q95074) / creative work (Q17537576) to Malayalam if it has not been published in Malayalam language. Rather transliterate such titles.


This is not a competition, but a way to improve Malayalam language content in Wikidata. This event is to make some contribution to Wikidata and welcome newcomers to start contributing to Wikidata.

  • There will be a small gift to top contributors who contributes to this event every month.
  • Certificates for those contributors who adds/improves minimum 1000 labels.
  • T-shirt, Gift Cards, Wikidata Stickers and Merchandise for top contributors.

What to do?[edit]

You can add and improve Malayalam labels for items and properties in Wikidata. There may be some specific monthly tasks that you can work on for a specific month. Make sure to add the correct (spelling and grammar) labels.

How to do?[edit]

You can work on any items to add missing Malayalam labels for those items and improving the Malayalam labels for those. Change your default language to Malayalam so that for those items misses Malayalam labels will be shown in English labels only if available. There are several tools available in WD to add/improve labels in like TABernacle, OpenRefine, Wikidata-Terminator, WikibaseJS-cli.,etc. Wikidata-Terminator tool has a mobile friendly version. You can also work on those listed pre-defined tasks below to add Malayalam labels to missing items.


(Note:For TABernacle tool enter the Malayalam label in the field near to 'ml' and press 'Enter' key to save the lables added. For 'Wikidata-Terminator' tool click on tick mark to save the the lables added.)

How to participate[edit]

Please add your username here and sign up for participating in this Label-a-thon.


(The participants have been assessed based on Malayalam labels added/updated. The coordinators username is not listed under this top contributors list. More than 2 Million labels were added/updated during this event. The updates on the progress of the event was updated at here.)

The lists of top contributors is as follows:

Top five contributors (in alphabetical order of usernames)
Top six to ten contributors (in alphabetical order of usernames)

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