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Welcome to Wikidata's WikiProject Documentation, where we create, maintain and improve documentation about Wikidata.

This WikiProject was born at the 2017 Wikimedia Hackathon in Vienna, to continue the work during the Wikidata documentation sprint there. Google Drive folder with notes from that weekend.


Wikidata's Main Page[edit]

Improve and maintain Wikidata's Main page.

Wikidata front page design recommendations on Phabricator:

High-traffic documentation pages linked from the Main Page[edit]

Statistics of page views of documentation pages that are linked from the Main Page

The documentation pages that are linked from the front page and that receive most visits are

All these pages should be clear for newcomers. Help:Contents and the Community portal must probably contain a very friendly and legible starters' guide.

Wikidata documentation for beginners[edit]


Wikidata:Community portal[edit]


Wikidata Tours[edit]

The following tours are not operational yet - someone has been preparing some of them though. Let's continue and make our set of interactive tours complete.


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