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List of races for which there is a list of all the prize winners for the module Cycling race/listofwinners

man (Q8441)[edit]

UCI World Tour (Q635366)[edit]

Italicized races with incomplete list

Grand Tour (Q866427) stage race (Q1318941) single-day road race (Q2912397)

UCI Road World Cup (Q786414)[edit]

UCI Continental Circuits (Q36836)[edit]

UCI Europe Tour (Q1194340)[edit]

UCI America Tour (Q1063430)[edit]

UCI Asia Tour (Q1063423)[edit]

UCI Africa Tour (Q268357)[edit]

UCI Oceania Tour (Q1039648)[edit]

UCI Under 23 Nations' Cup (Q1536617)[edit]

woman (Q467)[edit]

UCI Women's World Tour (Q21075974)[edit]

Other race[edit]