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The raceinfobox function allows the display of information about a race from data saved on Wikidata. The example of La Flèche Wallonne Féminine (Q508838) is used in the following.

First, it should be checked that the race item exists on Wikidata. Otherwise, create it. The usual properties for race are listed below. More of them are used from raceinfobox :

que le site officiel.

country (P17) Australia (Q408)
location (P276) Huy (Q207095)
instance of (P31) single-day road race (Q2912397)
official name (P1448) Crescent Vårgårda
sport (P641) road bicycle racing (Q3609)
subclass of (P279) 1.WWT (Q23005601)
name (P2561) Flèche wallonne
inception (P571) 1998
dissolved, abolished or demolished date (P576) 2019
organizer (P664) Amaury Sport Organisation (Q372681)
chairperson (P488) Christian Prudhomme (Q725565)
has part(s) (P527) La Flèche Wallonne Femmes 2019 (Q57277539)
official website (P856)
month of the year (P2922) April (Q118)
event interval (P2257) 1 year
image (P18) beautiful_picture.png
logo image (P154) beautiful_logo.png
locator map image (P242) beautiful_map.png