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The following page is focusing on presenting the data modelling issues and data cleasing reports.

Cases of Problematic Data Modelling[edit]

1. Issue: Director/manager for a venue (only Flanders Art Institute)[edit]

Description: A venue can not be managed by a director or operated by an organisation.
Data impact: only for Flanders Art Institute: 7 records (3.10.2019)
Data query: Link to the query
Proposed sulution: All director/manager (P1037) statements should be removed from the venue items and be applied to the related corporate body items instead.
Status: pending

2. Issue: List of theatres (venues), with their various type statements[edit]

Description: Incorrect use of the property instance of (P31)
Data impact: only Flanders Art Institute venues - 697 records (3.10.2019)
Data query: Link to the query
Proposed sulution:
Status: pending

3. Issue: Music festival[edit]

Description: How to model festivals? - If the “festival” also acts as production company or organizer, we need at least two distinct items - one for the event series, and another one for the organization. - See: (this item currently combines the two aspects, which is problematic).
Data impact: 34 records affected
Data query Link to query
Proposed sulution: not available
Status: pending

4. Issue: Auditorium and stage refer to the same item[edit]

Description: Should auditorium (Q230752) or stage (Q194428) be used to refer to the specific room where a performance was given? Should the two be merged?
Data impact: not available
Proposed sulution: Stage and auditorium should be managed separately. The data merge implicit that a new item will be created. Comparing the two definitions, I identified that there is no connection between auditorium and stage. From an ontology perspective, correlation of stage is stronger to the performance than the auditorium.
Status: in process

3. Issue:[edit]

Description: Example
Data impact: Example
Proposed sulution: Example
Status: Example

Mapping Infobox Templates[edit]

As for now the InfoboxTemplate for venues ( is widely used. The following table gives a possible solution of a mapping Infobox for Performing Arts venues.

Wikidata en de fr it
per Default PAGENAME name Name nom Nome
fullname fullname Voller Name nom complèt tbd
Former names former names früherer Name Ancien nom vechie denominazioni
tbd alternative names Alternative Name Autre nom altro nome
located at street address (P6375) street adress Adresse adresse

indirizzo stradale

country (P17) country Land Pays paese
located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) Type of venue Art des Austragungsort type de lieu tipo di sede
date of official opening (P1619) date of official opening Eröffnungsdatum date d'ouverture officielle data di apertura ufficiale
date of official closure (P3999) date of official closure Schließungsdatum date de fermeture data di chiusura ufficiale
operator (P137) operator Betreiber operateur operatore
owned by (P127) owner Eigentümer propriétaire proprietario
architect (P84) architect Architekt/-in architecte architetto
maximum capacity (P1083) capacity Kapazität capité des personne capienza
coordinate location (P625) coordinate location Koordinaten coordination

coordinate geografiche

located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) Administrative territorial entity Verwaltungseinheit Région territorio amministrativo
official website (P856) website Webseite site Sito


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