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This project is part of the Wikidata efforts of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek Nederland. This project will show the huge added values of putting combined images + metadata of digitised collection highlights of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek into the Wikimedia ecosystem (mainly Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia).

The wikidata item for this Wikiproject is: Wikiproject KB Collection Highlights (Q94727761)

References will be made to several websites and databases maintained by the KB:

Full list of collection highlights[edit]

Alba Amicorum[edit]

Three works of Hendrik Werkman[edit]





Picture books/Children's books[edit]


To do[edit]

  • Create special collection highlights banner for Wikimedia Commons
  • ✓ DoneCreate Wikidata item for Collection Highlights Project: Wikiproject KB Collection Highlights (Q94727761)
  • ✓ Done Create statement: on focus list of Wikimedia project (P5008) : Collection Hightlights Project
  • Improve projectpages on "NL Wikipedia
  •  Doing… Work out format for collection highlight
  • Collecting data
    • create overview of properties used for different sort of books and publications --> Olaf: Ja, precies, en hier dan de Q-nummers bij zoeken of zelf aanmaken!
    • create form to collect data
  • Create proposals?
  • Spiegel Historiael niet als volledig werk beschikbaar; wel op dbnl (tekst) 1 Welke versie is beschikbaar in KB?



  • Dirk van der Hagen
  • Digital overview of different exhibitions of collection highlights


Wikimedia Commons[edit]

> On the statistic page you can find an overview of the use of the images of the KB collection highlights

The main goal is to have for every collection highlight a folder with the hires single images. This sometimes results in extra folders with lowres single images or with lowres or hires openings When available the hires images of the openings are downloaded also (put together in their own folder). The single pages (the recto or verso of the pages in the book) are then cut out of the openings images with the Wikimedia Commons crop tool. In this crop tool the precies cutting method is used. Needless to say every cropped image is in itself uploaded as a new image. By using the croptool the information of the originally uploaded picture (with the book openings) is always linked to the newly cropped single page image.

Naming the images[edit]

Ideally the names of the images are constructed as follows: Name of work - Inventory number- page number(s)

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