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Logo of the Cleveland Museum of Art
Logo of the Cleveland Museum of Art

Welcome to WikiProject Cleveland Museum of Art! This WikiProject serves as a hub for improving the status of CMA works on Wikidata, and for documenting the coverage and quality of existing items.

Project background[edit]

On January 23, 2019, the Cleveland Museum of Art announced its conversion into an Open Access institution. The Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication was assigned for the Museum's images and data.

At the Cleveland Museum of Art, Open Access means the public now has the ability to share, collaborate, remix, and reuse images of as many as 30,000 public- domain artworks from the CMA’s world-renowned collection of art for commercial and non-commercial purposes. In addition, portions of collections information (metadata) for more than 61,000 artworks, both in the public domain and those works with copyright or other restrictions, works are now available.

In June 2019, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Ohio Wikimedians User Group, and Neal Stimler (who had previously led the implementation of the The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Open Access program) started collaborating to start this WikiProject dedicated to improving Wikipedia with photos provided by the CMA, as well as improving articles related to the Museum, its artworks, and artists featured prominently in its collections.


The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

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  • The Cleveland Museum of Art for implementing their Open Access program and collaborating with Wikimedians
  • Neal Stimler for consulting on The Cleveland Museum of Art's Open Access program and coordinating the organization of this WikiProject
  • Multichill, Fuzheado, and Madreiling for their work in transferring CMA materials to Wikidata.
    • Additional acknowledgement to Mulitchill for setting up CMA with the Sum of All Paintings on Wikidata.
    • Additional acknowledgement to Fuzheado for guidance on generating the dashboards for this project.
  • Magnus Manske for creating ListeriaBot and Jean-Frédéric for creating InteGraalityBot - which are used to update this project's dashboards.
  • WikiProject Metropolitan Museum of Art (and Pharos' work on the project) for serving as a basis for which to base this project off of