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The aim of WikiProject Citizen Science is to improve citizen science (Q1093434) related data in Wikidata to provide a data core for Wikimedia projects to build upon for supporting activities in citizen science.

WikiProject Citizen Science supports data development for projects including the following
  • citizen science projects
  • community partnerships between institutions such as universities, NGOs, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies with community stakeholders
  • outreach programs for community education, outreach, and engagement
  • any other project in which community stakeholders recognize opportunities to take support from an organization
This WikiProject accomplishes this by data modeling the following concepts
  • Research projects themselves
  • Partnership leads, including people and organizations
  • Related publications, including research articles, technical reports, or other media
  • Events and conferences
  • Other research resources, including software, datasets, hardware, and anything else which seems reusable
  • Funders, sponsors, grants
This project has the following goals
  • increase access to FAIR open data about such projects through Wikidata queries
  • provide community stakeholders with an option in Wikidata to curate data for community partnerships
  • support institutions in creating data in support of transparency and community engagement

Related projects[edit]

For general science browsing, consider using

  • Scholia, which is a Wikidata-based scholarly profiling service

Other specialized WikiProjects which already have data models, curation processes, and communities include the following:

While WikiProject Citizen Science uses data from all of these projects, it differs from these by emphasizing access to open resources, interconnections between resources and citizen science projects, and credit to community contributors to projects.