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The aim of WikiProject Citizen Science is to improve citizen science (Q1093434) related data in Wikidata to provide a data core for Wikimedia projects to build upon for supporting activities in citizen science.

The work will include modelling and curating items related to citizen science as well as provide a meta level coordination for work of related Wikidata projects such as: Work on species data

Work on publications

Share your idea on the talk page of the activities page.

Research activity more broadly

Help citizen science efforts integrate with the existing work and set a vision for how a collaborative curation can improve the experience and science of citizen science.

Wikidata:WikiProject_Citizen_Science/activities - current and past activities and projects of Wikiproject Citizen Science

Wikidata:WikiProject_Citizen_Science/objectives - longer term objectives and goals

The Wikidata Zika Corpus is a starting point to evaluate and extend a of focused topical approach to Wikidata with explicit considerations on how this effort will benefit both the research community and build a shared linked data system.

The initial scope of this Wikiproject is focused on curating:

  1. The citizen science literature corpus
  2. citizen science projects
  3. citizen science platforms
  4. organizations
  5. technologies (hosting of a project ie specialized software, used in conducting a project activities, supporting a project)
  6. conferences with citizen science sessions or stated theme or topic
  7. datasets and outputs generated by citizen science activities
  8. Authors and notable figures of citizen science (authors of papers, authors of datasets, notable figures following Wikidata notability guide and living persons guide)
  9. Datasets identified to be of value
    1. Lakes - Lead: Wolfgang8741 Project Coordination page: Wikidata:WikiProject_Citizen_Science/activities/Lakes

Models for citizen science being proposed are based off the PPSR Core standards as outlined in the Citizen Science Data and Metadata working group repository.: This may not be fully mapped, but a minimum viable item and constraints will be generated.

Further exploration with external data validation will be explored as integration with external platforms are developed. Further scope could include improving Wikidata items used in citizen science projects which would require identifying what properties a citizen science platform uses. For example a citizen science platform may rely on geographic objects then improving those objects fall into scope. Please cite where the statement of use is claimed or how it was identified.

Useful Links[edit]

Scholia - Citizen Science

Properties: maintained by WikiProject (P6104) = Wikiproject Citizen Science (Q83547937) on Q's affiliated with this project.

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Items and Descriptions[edit]

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Types of items[edit]

  • properties are currently being discussed - not ready for scaled use **

Citizen Science Project[edit]

Description and identification: Listed in the PPSR Data Exchange databases, other?

Common Statements -- in progress

Example items

Citizen Science Platforms[edit]

Common Statements -- in progress

Example items

Bioblitz BioBlitz (Q2904016)[edit]

For discussion:

  • How to classify a Bioblitz: an event, project, or other. See talk page.

Citizen Science Organizations[edit]

For base description see WikiProject Organizations extend with:

  • TODO add list of properties to link to citizen science.


Main properties[edit]

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