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This page is a guide for adding Archaeological Survey of India Monuments to Wikidata as for the purposes of the Cultural Heritage project.


Locate/Create Item[edit]

  • Check the List of monuments on Wikipedia
  • It is also worth cross referencing against the official ASI list as sometimes users may have changed or added monuments not maintained by the ASI.
  • Try to find an existing page that may have the monument. There are generally three places that these may be located
    • Check the link on the list pages
    • Search Wikipedia for the name of the monument
    • Search Wikipedia for the town/city in which the monument is located. Sometimes monuments may be known by alternate names than those they are called by the ASI.
    • Search Wikimedia Commons for the ASI Monument ID and check if there are any Wikipedia pages that link there
  • If no Wikidata page exists, create it


Wikidata items for ASI Monuments should have at least the following categories. The constraints of ASI Monument Id can be checked through its discussion page for this list as well.

The following properties are also sometimes easily available


Add the following to your [[<tvar|common>Special:MyPage/common.js</>|common.js]]

There is a customized wikidata-useful for this purpose located at User:Blademasterx/customjs/wikidata-useful.js or User:Naveenpf/customjs/wikidata-useful.js

Mapping table[edit]