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This is a collection of queries which would be interesting to explore. Please add questions of interest or help out by writing a query!

Topic Query Link
Political ancestry - MPs with unbroken lines of direct ancestors who were also MPs Query
Married couples - both MPs Query
MPs who have competed in the olympics Query
MPs who died while in office Query
People killed by an MP Query
People who were *simultaneously* MPs and MSPs Query
People who've sat in the Commons and in a foreign parliament Query
MPs born outside the UK Query
Heads of state / government who came to office during the lifetime of the person who was the incumbent when they were born Query
(Map) MSPs born outside Scotland Query
MPs who have also received major scientific awards Query
MPs expelled from or suspended by their party Query
All MPs sitting on a given day Query
List of all MSPs and their term details Query
List of all items defined as Scottish Parliament constituencies & regions Query
List of all constituencies for which an MSP has sat Query
List of first ministers of Scotland, and the constituencies they have represented (collapsing repeated terms; not robust to missing data) Query
Most and least common birthdays among MPs Query
Most popular first names for MPs Query
MPs descended from people who were in the UCL Legacy of British Slaveowners database Query
Number of female MPs and of ones named “John” over time Query
Given names of MPs with date when first MP with that name entered parliament Query

Other queries[edit]

We can probably do these with the detailed entries for 1997-2017 MPs, or with the general data for older MPs
  • Rate of change of members, by parliament
  • Number of reelected members, by parliament
  • Shortest time in total spent as an MP
  • Political families - >5 MPs related to each other
  • Married couples who have sat for the same constituency
  • Married couples who succeeded each other in Parliament
  • Married couples sitting at the same time
  • Current MPs who have held seats for another party
  • Current MPs who have held a different seat before
  • Number of members still alive, by parliament
  • MPs with geographically inappropriate party/seat combinations (eg Ulster Unionists in English seats - there is one in this period)
  • MPs who speak a language other than English
  • Average lifespan of an MP after leaving office, by parliament
  • Parent-and-child pairs sitting at the same time (at least one set of MSPs)
  • Gender split in politicians for whom we have pictures, by parliament
  • Number of MPs who died in office, by parliament
  • Are MPs more likely to be born in the first half of the academic year? Does this change over time?
  • MPs descended from people who were in the Legacies of British Slave-Ownership database Legacies of British Slave-ownership person ID (P3023)
  • Does the average length of time an MP spends in UK parliament vary by gender? (Could be tricky to answer for pre-1997)
We will need to enter more historic data for these to work
  • People who left their seats because of insanity
  • MPs who died from [some specific illness]
  • Current MPs who have held seats for parties that no longer exist (eg MPs who previously sat for the SDP)
  • MPs elected three or more times in the same parliament (ie two byelections - were there ever any?)
  • First MPs elected for each party
  • Oldest age at which someone has been Baby of the House
  • List of mothers of the house
  • Youngest age at which someone has been Father of the House
  • Any scenarios in which the Father of the House was a woman?
  • List all of the chief whips
  • Politicians who do not hold a degree