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Newspaper clippings / press archives[edit]

All instances of newspaper clippings archive (Q65651503) (to distinguish from newspaper volume archives or collections of press releases). See also list of other newspaper archives.

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Name Description Topics FromTo Size Access Location Web
Innsbrucker Zeitungsarchiv newspaper clippings archive literary criticism 1960 - 1000000 Innsbruck
Sowidok collection of journal articles and newspaper clippings politics; social; work - 1000000 not online Vienna
Tagblatt archives newspaper clippings archive 1930 - Vienna


Name Description Topics FromTo Size Access Location Web
Collection of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, National Office, Public Relations Department Clippings, correspondence and press releases industrial action; Canadian Union of Public Employees 1964 - 1983 4100000 not online Ottawa
World War I Clippings Collection Archival collection held at Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University World War I; clipping; The Gazette 1914 - 1915 16


Name Description Topics FromTo Size Access Location Web
Brages Pressarkiv press archives in Helsinki, Finland politics; economy; civil society; Swedish-speaking population of Finland 1900 -
1910 -


Name Description Topics FromTo Size Access Location Web
20th Century Press Archives newspaper clippings archive politics; economy; civil society 1908 - 2005 19000000 partially free Hamburg
Antifaschistisches Pressearchiv und Bildungszentrum Berlin voluntary association far-right; far-right; anti-fascism 1991 - Berlin
Press Clippings Collection at the Herder Institute contemporary history 1916 - 5000000 not online Marburg
Pressearchiv des Instituts für moderne Kunst Nürnberg modern art 1945 - 250000 not online Nuremberg
Presseausschnittsammllung des Instituts für Zeitgeschichte contemporary history - 1995 No/unknown value not online Munich
Zeitungsausschnittsammlung zur Ortsgeschichte collection of newspaper clippings on local history in Baden-Württemberg Baden-Württemberg; local history 1900 - 1990 Stuttgart
Zeitungsausschnittsammlung zur Personengeschichte collection of newspaper clippings on persons in Baden-Württemberg Baden-Württemberg; biography 1964 - Stuttgart
clippings collection of the German Literature Archive literary studies - 1000000 not online Marbach am Neckar
press archive of the Franco-German Institute culture; France–Germany relations 1975 - 600000 not online Ludwigsburg
press archives of the German Bundestag politics; culture; economy; Bundestag of Germany 1949 - 23000000 closed user group Berlin
press archives on the environmental history of Osnabrück environmental history 1850 - 54800 free to read Osnabrück

South Korea[edit]

Name Description Topics FromTo Size Access Location Web
대한민국신문아카이브 Korean newspaper archive with articles indexed by topic - Seoul


Name Description Topics FromTo Size Access Location Web
E-ZAS Elektronische Zeitungsausschnittsammlung economy of Switzerland 1850 - 2500000 closed user group Basel
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