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WikiFactMine has contributed to the WikiCite movement by the development of the fatameh tool. In various hands, it has helped add millions of items to Wikidata for individual scientific papers.

In fact mining, papers are referred to by their PMCID (P932), allowing them to carry all details simply with a reference number. See Wikidata:WikiFactMine/API for an example of the lookup available on Wikidata for a paper, when an item for it exists. Such items can be counted by this query: at the time of writing in August 2017 the number is approaching 5 million. It is not only convenient for tracking papers: an open science bibliography is being constructed. (Initially this is a bibliography of open access papers.)

We agree with the central importance of source and reference material as a key part of open knowledge, and find it evident that biomedical content matters to us all.


Here is a view of the stakeholders in WikiCite (from its 2016 report):

Use case centered
  • Academia: universities, scientists, academic researchers and scholars
  • Biomedical: medical researchers, biocuration community
Publication centered
  • Publishing: open access publishers and community, scholarly publishers
  • Libraries: librarians, information and library science specialists
Universally ambitious
  • Data community: data modellers, open data stakeholders, linked open data community
  • Wikidata penumbra: Wikidatans, Wikimedia movement, WikiCite organisers, DBPedia
  • Developers: Citoid, Strephit, WikiFactMine, Zotero translator volunteers