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This page hosts materials that facilitate a WikiCite tutorial at SWAT4LS 2017, the 10th International Conference on Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Health Care and Life Sciences, which is taking place on December 4-7 2017 in the premises of Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Q902464) in Rome (Q220).

December 4 is the tutorial day, December 5 and 6 are the conference days, December 7 is the Hackathon day.


WikiCite is an ongoing effort to build an extensive bibliographic database in Wikidata to serve all Wikimedia projects. The technology needed to sustain this effort is maturing, the modeling of a schema to represent scholarly article metadata is relatively stable, whereas similar schemas for other forms of publications are being worked on as well. To the extent possible, these modeling efforts at Wikidata build on existing controlled vocabularies and map to external identifiers. WikiCite participants and other Wikidata users have catalogued over 8 million scientific articles on Wikidata, along with over 36 million citations between them. These articles have begun to be used as references for Wikidata statements and could be used to improve the handling of references elsewhere, both on other Wikimedia projects and beyond.

Collaborative notes[edit]

We'll be taking notes via .

Relevance to SWAT4LS[edit]

Various tools and platforms have been created that allow a rapid integration of large numbers of references into the WikiCite corpus. Currently, there are various reference corpora that have been assembled on Wikidata using these frameworks. Examples are

  • all references from WikiPathways, which is an open database of biological pathways maintained by and for the scientific community
  • all references from the CIViC database, which captures clinical interpretations of variants in cancer.

Furthermore, efforts are ongoing to cover all citations from Reactome - another open repository of biological pathways - and to keep track of the literature about the Zika virus.

While the main purpose of including these references in WikiCite is to be able to provide evidence for statements in Wikidata, the references can also be queried via Wikidata’s SPARQL endpoint, which provides new ways of browsing the literature or related information like co-authorship networks.

Learning objectives[edit]

In this tutorial, participants will learn about

  • Wikicite
  • the basics of editing Wikidata
  • bibliographic information in Wikidata
  • tools that streamline data entry in Wikidata
  • schemas employed by these automated tools
  • mechanisms for integrating Wikidata with external biomedical resources
  • the basics of querying Wikidata via its SPARQL endpoint
  • Provide provenance to statements in Wikidata through Wikicite


Participants are expected to create a Wikidata account at least one week prior to the tutorial (otherwise, some functionality may not be available to them), and to attend it with their own mobile devices.

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