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The WikiProject dedicated to the world of video games!


The goals of this WikiProject is to work and improve all items about video games, adding the necessary missing information (e.g. labels, descriptions, statements), as well as other necessary tasks.

As new games are released each day, the goal will also be to keep up with the new releases of games, to make Wikidata's coverage of video game data as comprehensive as possible.


This section includes useful resources to be used on video game items.


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
instance of P31 Item instance of: the subject is an instance of the object (should be video game) Nelson Mandela <instance of> human -
series P179 Item series of creative works: the item is part of a series, whose sum constitutes the object The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe <series> The Chronicles of Narnia -
follows P155 Item follows: immediately prior item in some series of which the subject is part. Use P1365 (replaces) if the preceding item was replaced, e.g. political offices, states and there is no identity between precedent and following geographic unit The Empire Strikes Back <follows> Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope followed by
followed by P156 Item followed by: immediately following item in some series of which the subject is part. Use P1366 (replaced by) if the item is replaced, e.g. political offices, states Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope <followed by> The Empire Strikes Back follows
genre P136 Item genre: genre of a creative work or genre in which an artist works Sinistar: Unleashed <genre> action game -
based on P144 Item work used as basis The Hobbit <based on> The Hobbit -
manufacturer P176 Item industrialist: the main manufacturer (excluding sub-contracted manufacturers) Wii U <manufacturer> Nintendo -
developer P178 Item software developer and software house: the person or organisation that developed this item Mozilla Firefox <developer> Mozilla Foundation -
director P57 Item director: director(s) of this motion picture, play, video game or similar Crysis 3 <director> Cevat Yerli -
author P50 Item author: main creator(s) of a written work Crysis 3 <author> Steven Hall -
designed by P287 Item designer: person(s) in charge of designing an item Schleicher ASK 21 <designed by> Rudolf Kaiser -
composer P86 Item composer: person(s) who wrote the music; also use P676 for lyricist Lost Odyssey <composer> Nobuo Uematsu -
publisher P123 Item publisher: name of organisation responsible of the publication of subject Sinistar: Unleashed <publisher> THQ -
software engine P408 Item software engine: engine used to develop a software product System Shock 2 <software engine> Dark Engine -
distribution P437 Item distribution method used to release a work Sinistar: Unleashed <distribution> Steam -
platform play 3 P400 Item platform for which a software has been developed or released; en:Template:Infobox software and en:Template:Infobox video game Sinistar: Unleashed <platform play 3> Microsoft Windows -
operating system P306 Item operating system: operating system (OS) on which a software works Mozilla Firefox <operating system> Microsoft Windows -
game mode P404 Item game mode: available game mode(s) in a video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time <game mode> single-player video game -
programming language P277 Item programming language: the programming language(s) in which the software is developed Property talk:P277 -
language of work or name P407 Item language of a work Sinistar: Unleashed <language of work or name> English -
original language of work P364 Item original language: original language of a work Sinistar: Unleashed <original language of work> English -
software version P348 String software versioning and status: up to date stable version of the software Mozilla Firefox <software version> 19.0.2 -
logo image P154 Commons media file logo: graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations (only for images on Commons) Apple <logo image> Apple logo black.svg -
image P18 Commons media file illustration: a relevant illustration (only for images on Commons) Hal Koerner <image> HalKoerner2009.jpg -
review score P444 String review score received by a creative work Sinistar <review score> 80/100 -
score by P447 Item the issuer of a review score (also known as the reviewer) Property talk:P447 -
ESRB rating P852 Item ESRB software rating classification system: North American video game content rating Super Mario Bros. <ESRB rating> Everyone -
CERO rating P853 Item CERO content rating: Japanese video game rating system Super Mario Bros. <CERO rating> A (All ages) -
PEGI rating P908 Item European video game rating system Property talk:P908 -
USK rating P914 Item Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle: German video game content rating The Legend of Zelda <USK rating> USK 0 -
GSRR rating P916 Item Taiwanese video game content rating Property talk:P916 -
Metacritic ID P1712 External identifier Metacritic: identifier in Metacritic Team Fortress Classic <Metacritic ID> game/pc/team-fortress-classic -
Steam Application ID P1733 External identifier Steam: identifier for an application on the Steam website Team Fortress 2 <Steam Application ID> 440 -
MobyGames ID P1933 External identifier MobyGames: identifier for MobyGames Team Fortress 2 <MobyGames ID> team-fortress-2 -

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