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Wikidata Tours
Wikidata Tours are interactive tutorials specifically designed for ye, the new uiser. The tours will shaw ye hou Wikidata wirks an teach ye hou tae eedit an add data. Wikidata wirks a bit differently frae a typical airticle-centered wiki like Wikipaedia, so even if ye've uised a wiki afore or ye're coming to us from anither Wikimedia project, ye still might want tae tak a tour or twa!


This tour provides a beginner-friendly introduction tae editin Wikidata. Ye'll learn aboot items—the basic units that represent knawledge in Wikidata—an get tae eedit yer first eetem.

Stairt this tutorial
Eedit this tour


In this tour, ye’ll learn aboot mair advanced editin on Wikidata an hou tae create statements for items. This tour is the seicont ane in a series; please tak the Items Tour first if ye hae nae already.

Stairt this tutorial
Eedit this tour

Please Note:

Terms o uise pop-up
IP wairnin pop-up

  • By clicking on the "Start this tutorial" button, automatic edits will be performed by your user account. While the pages edited as part of the tours are not real item pages, your activity will still be recorded in the revision history of each page.
  • If you do not have a Wikidata user account, or if you have one but have not logged in, your computer's IP address will be recorded in the page history as having made the edit.
  • If you don't want your IP address logged so that everyone can see it, or if you would like to prevent seeing this IP warning pop-up for future edits, please create an account and/or log in before starting a tour.
  • When editing Wikidata for the first time (or if editing while not logged in), you will encounter the Terms of use pop-up. To prevent seeing this pop-up for future edits, please select the "Do not show this message again" option. To read the terms of use now, before starting a tour, click here.

Thank you for your interest in Wikidata:Tours. All feedback can be left at talk page.