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Screenshot of Monumental ver. 17.03.01
Screenshot of Monumental ver. 17.03.01

Monumental is a web application hosted on Tool Labs which displays information about cultural heritage monuments based on data gathered on Wikidata, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Can be described as Reasonator (Q20155952) for monuments.

Tool is created by Yarl and Slaporte as a part of Connected Open Heritage project by Wikimedia Sverige (Q15279144). The source code is available under the BSD 3-clause license. Wikidata information itself is licensed under CC0.

See images uploaded with Monumental in c:Category:Uploaded with Monumental.



For technical implementation, please take a look here.


Monumental in under development, below you can find list of features that will be implemented this year.

  • Login to application via OAuth
  • Adding Wikidata properties via application
  • Uploading photos to Wikimedia Commons via application
  • Mobile support for displaying data.
  • Wikimedia Commons exploration (browsing Commons categories via application)
  • Internationalization and localization support
  • Map and list filtering (per monument type, architect, etc.)
  • More Wikidata games
  • App logo 😀
  • IE support 😅

Feel free to suggest features and improvements on talk page.

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