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Cocoda screenshot
Screencast introducing Cocoda
Poster presented at WikidataCon 2019

Cocoda is a free web application to manage mappings between knowledge organization systems such as classifications, ontologies, and authority files. It allows to create and modify identifier statements that link Wikidata to other vocabularies.

There is public Cocoda instance optimized for use with Wikidata (by stripping some Cocoda features not required for this use case), but the main release instance supports Wikidata as well. The user interface is available in English and German.

Access to Wikidata is implemented via the API wrapper wikidata-jskos and login-server for authentication. All parts are released as free software.


  1. Login with your Wikimedia account
  2. Select Wikidata as source vocabulary (left)
  3. Select another vocabulary as target vocabulare (right)
  4. Navigate or search items/concepts either in Wikidata or in the target vocabulary
  5. The navigator (center bottom) will show existing mappings and mapping recommendations
  6. Save a mapping with the mapping editor (center top). (keyboard shortcuts exist for quick access)

Supported vocabularies[edit]

By now the follwing vocabularies are supported at least (links directly open Cocoda with the selected vocabulary):

German vocabularies

English or multilingual vocabularies

More vocabularies are being tested in the main release instance of Cocoda. Please contact us if you want a specific vocabulary to be added!

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