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Wikidata is turning 10! #WikidataBirthday Distributed birthday events in October 2022

Wikidata went live on 29 October 2012 ; in 2022, we are celebrating 10 years of Wikidata together! Let's organize celebration events all around the world. We are hoping to create a huge network of decentralized, local and community-led events, that could take place onsite or online, around October 2022.

The goal of these birthday celebrations are to celebrate the achievements of the community, to bring people together, and also to talk about Wikidata to the rest of the world in order to get more people onboard. In various areas of the world, people get together to organize plenty of different birthday events: meetups, workshops, discussions, live streams, editing campaigns... You can have a look at the events calendar below to find events in your area.

We are encouraging local Wikidata groups, affiliates and individuals to organize events and activities around the birthday, or prepare a special edition of their usual events dedicated to the birthday! You can learn more about how to run an event and get your local community involved. Wikimedia Deutschland and WMF are providing funding for birthday activities and a communication kit so you can print your own birthday items.

People are also preparing birthday presents and messages for the community, and creating blog posts, videos and other media content.

To stay in touch with the community of event organizers or ask questions, you can use the talk page or join the Wikidata Events Telegram group.

Events calendar

To add an event to the calendar, see how to schedule an event.

🎂 Event 🗓 Date, time and duration 👥 Organizers 🌐 Languages 📍 Location
Que(e)rying Wikidata

Michael Murtaugh from Xpub, Anaïs Berck and queer artivist/wikimedian Z. Blace join forces to explore automatic writing experiments que(e)rying Wikidata. Anais Berck is a pseudonym and stands for a collaboration between humans, algorithms and trees. As a collective, they open a space in which human intelligence is explored in company of plant intelligence and artificial intelligence. In this workshop Anaïs Berck is represented by the humans Gijs de Heij and An Mertens. By means of a series of writing exercises with and without code, we will create Wikidata-structure like stories about more-than-humans, inspired by Alison Knowles' House of Dust. If everything goes following plan, we will generate a collective booklet at the end of the workshop.

November 10th, 11:00 AM - 18:00 PM UTC+1 XPub, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Anaïs Berck, Z. Blace English Piet Zwart Insitute, Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Wikidata's Birthday on October 28th, 2022 in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria 28th October 2022 Wikimedia Anambra Network English; Igbo Awka, Anambra
Atlanta, Georgia Wikidata Celebration of 10 Years

Celebrating 10 years of Wikidata in Atlanta.

October 30th, 12:00 PM UTC Lacy Evans English 121 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313
DACH Culture Contest

A contest to improve data on culture and libraries in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, also known as D-A-CH (Q1151241)

1st-16th October, 16 Days Wikimedia Austria (Q18559623) (Manfred Werner (WMAT)) all Wikidata
Wikidata online sessions: Three online sessions focusing on open data, reuse and Wikidata. 5th and 26th October; 2nd November 2022, 17:00 UTC Wikimedia España Spanish Taking place on Zoom
Wikidata Office Hour GLAM-Hack

Wikidata Office Hour for GLAM people in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, also known as D-A-CH (Q1151241)

October 5, 2022 12:00 UTC and October 19, 2022 12:00 UTC Wikimedia Austria (Q18559623) (Mfchris84) German (Q188), English (Q1860) Wikidata
Wiki Education's Wikidata Birthday Speakers Series: The State of Wikidata and Cultural Heritage: 10 Years In

We’ll learn how Wikidata is (or is not) integrated into Wikipedia, how it helps an enormous cultural institution like the Smithsonian achieve its goals, and how KellyDoyle, Andrew Lih, and their colleagues at the Smithsonian work to keep a Wikidata Initiative going. Lane Rasberry also joins us from the University of Virginia as the Wikimedian-in-Residence at the School of Data Science!

Tuesday 5 October, 2022 8:00am-9:00am Pacific/UTC-7 Will (Wiki Ed) English Virtual Register here. Session will be recorded and shared with registrants.
Perth meetup 76, in Fremantle, Western Australia. With a presentation about Australian biota data. WikiClubWest, WMAU English Robert Harper Building (Q30622529)
Wikidata Tenth Birthday in Benin: We will run 2 events (Trainings, contest and cake cutting moment at the closing ceremony) 11th October 2022 to 10th November 2022 m:Wikimédiens_du_Bénin_User_Group Saliousoft, Adoscam French Bénin
Wiki Education's Wikidata Birthday Speakers Series: What You Need to Know to Kickstart a Wikidata Initiative

We’ll hear from Wikidata’s biggest fans: librarians. Namely, Joe Cera from Berkeley Law Library, Kiley Jolicouer, a Metadata Strategies Librarian at Syracuse University Libraries, and Chris Long, the Director of the Resource Description Services Team at University of Colorado Boulder Libraries. They’ll each share how they got involved with Wikidata at their respective institutions, how Wikidata projects align with libraries’ missions, and how you can start a Wikidata Initiative at your institution, too!

Thursday 13 October, 2022 9:00am-10:00am Pacific/UTC-7 Will (Wiki Ed) English Virtual Register here. Session will be recorded and shared with registrants.
Filmi music datathon

A 2-weeks long datathon on music produced and used by Indian film industries, the result of which will be gifted as the birthday present .

October 14, 2022 00:01 IST to October 28, 2022 23:59 IST

14 days

West Bengal Wikimedians User Group


Any language Virtual
Licensing of collection photos - experiences & further use in Finland October 13, 2022 10:00 UTCT user:Zache Finnish Virtual
Wikidata Dixième Anniversaire au Togo: I will run 3 events (Trainings, editathons and cake cutting ceremony) 15th October 2022 to 30th November 2022 Skelebee French Togo
Wikidata10th Birthday 2022 Celebration Kenya. 15th-16th October, 2 Days Ngangaesther English Kenya
Wikidata as a tool for learners and teachers in SPARQL

In the course, you will learn to search for data in the SPARQL language and to visualize the data you find in different ways and its interpretations, for example in map format.

2022-10-18 10:00 UTC, 2 hours Teromakotero WMFI Finnish
L’ús de Wikidata a les biblioteques de Bogotà, al cicle Communalia

In the first seminar, Leonardo Ramírez Ordóñez will talk about the use of Wikidata in the public libraries of Bogotá. One of Colombia's public library networks is exploring its implementation and use. The session will make it possible to learn about the progress of the aforementioned explorations and the status of the integration of the descriptive data of one of its digital projects with Wikidata, the challenges and future steps in this process.

Octubre 18, 13:30 Màster en Humanitats Digitals, Universitat de Barcelona Spanish FIMA, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona.
Wikimedia Research Showcase

Panel discussion celebrating the 10th anniversary of Wikidataǃ Moderated by Denny Vrandečić (WMF) with panelists Lydia Pintscher (WMDE), Elena Simperl (King's College London), Katherine Thornton (Yale), and Markus Krötzsch (Technical University of Dresden).

2022-10-19 16:15 UTC WMF Research Team English
Wiki Education's Wikidata Birthday Speakers Series: Scaling and Sustaining a Wikidata Initiative

You’ve got a vision for a Wikidata Initiative that will amplify your work and make Wikidata more equitable and more complete. You may know how to get started, but how will you keep it going? Or foster community around this work? What does your institution need to do in order to support your Wikidata work? Join Bettina Smith from Dumbarton Oaks, Stephanie Caruso from the Art Institute of Chicago, and Anne Chen of Dura-Europos and Bard College. Let’s dive into what makes their projects successful. Their experiences may spark ideas for you as you develop your own Wikidata Initiative.

Thursday 20 October, 2022 8:00am-9:00am Pacific/UTC-7 Will (Wiki Ed) English Virtual Register here. Session will be recorded and shared with registrants.
Wikidata 10 Birthday in Senegal - Atelier Wikipédia en bibliothèque - Focus sur Wikidata

October 2022 is an occasion to celebrate the 10ᵉ anniversary of Wikidata. It is also an opportunity to gather documentary information professionals (librarians, archivists and documentalists) and all interested people, novice or not, around Wikidata. If you want to know and contribute to Wikidata, welcome to the adventure.

October 21, 2022 10H00 am UTC to 12H00 pm UTC AdjoEsse and Ourytima French Senegal

Online Register here

Wikidata Trainings For Turkic Wikimedians 2022

Wikimedian's 10th birthday conference will be held by Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group in Istanbul, Türkiye (Turkey), between October 21-23, 2022.

October 21-23, 2022. Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group and Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey English, Turkish and Russian Üsküdar University
An introduction to Wikidata (Sydney, Australia)

Discover how the worlds of Wikimedia link together at Darling Square Library, Sydney. The City of Sydney Library has partnered with Wikimedia Australia to host training and edit-a-thons to increase and improve content relevant to our diverse communities. No experience needed. Just sign up for a Wikipedia account in advance and bring along your laptop and connect to the library’s free wi-fi!

October 22, 2022 00:00-03:00 UTC / 11:00-14:00 AEDT Wikimedia Australia and City of Sydney Library English Darling Square Library, 1 Little Pier Street, Haymarket NSW 2000 - Register here
Let us solve the mysteries behind Wikidata: Q&A session for French-speaking communities

In this session, we answer all the Wikidata-related questions that the French-speaking communities can have. If you have any question, jump in and ask it. We will be here to celebrate the Tenth Birthday of Wikidata and address your concerns. This session will be the second office hour of the Adapting Wikidata to support clinical practice using Data Science, Semantic Web and Machine Learning funded by the Wikimedia Research Fund.

October 23, 2022 10:00-11:00 UTC Wikimedia Tunisia and Wiki Wake Up Afrique French Online. For the Zoom link, please contact Houcemeddine Turki on Telegram or Twitter (@Csisc1994).
Wiki Education's Wikidata Birthday Speakers Series: The Future of Data: A Community that Grows Together Stays Together

For our final birthday celebration, we’re looking to the future. Speakers Julian Chambliss, Kate Topham, Justin Wigard, and Hilary Thorsen are out there building Wikidata community. We want to know where they envision this work going over the next few years. What kinds of insights do they want their communities to have from their Wikidata Initiatives five years from now, and how do they approach their projects to achieve this?

Tuesday 25 October, 2022 9:00am-10:00am Pacific/UTC-7 Will (Wiki Ed) English Virtual Register here. Session will be recorded and shared with registrants.
Wikidatak 10 urte: zer da eta nola balia dezakegu? October 26, 15:30 UTC Basque Wikimedians User Group Basque 01 laboratory, Faculty of Informatics, University of the Basque Country.
Wikidata 10th Birthday in Haiti - A series of contribution workshops in various areas of the country. These workshops are based on the translation of some elements on Wikidata into Haitian Creole. 27 October to 5 November Wikimedia Haiti - Kitanago Kreyòl Ayisyen Hinche, Petit-Goâve, Jacmel
Datathon Hari Ulang Tahun Wikidata ke-10 Oktober 2022

Kompetisi menyunting 10 butir dan membuat 1 artikel di Wikidata./Contest to edit 10 items and make an article about them in Wikidata.

28 October to 20 November 2022 UTC+07:00 Wikimedia Indonesia Indonesian (Q9240) Online
Celebrazioni per il decimo compleanno di Wikidata October 28, 2022 09:30 to 17:00 CEST Gruppo Wikidata per Musei, Archivi e Biblioteche (main contact: Epìdosis) Italian Onsite, in six Italian cities: Fisciano (SA), Milano, Pisa, Roma, Torino, Udine. The conferences in the morning will be streamed on Youtube and recorded. The workshops in the afternoon will be only onsite.
10 Anos de Wikidata

Introduction to Wikidata, workshops for editing and using OpenRefine, sessions about GLAM and open culture heritage

October 28, 2022 10:00 BST to 16:30 BST Wikimedia Portugal


Português, English (depending on the session) Hybrid: all session will happen on Zoom. People can also attend physically at NOVA FCSH, in Lisbon. Registration is required. Full info on Wikimedia Portugal's wiki.
Online Wikidata meetup

Meetup to chat about Wikidata with other people from the community and the Wikidata development team. We will also unwrap the birthday presents together!

October 29, 2022 08:00 UTC (10:00 CEST)

1 hour

Lea Lacroix (WMDE) English Taking place on Jitsi, not recorded
Lexeme editing livestream

Come check out lexicographical data in your language being edited, as well as sentences in different languages being generated with that data!

Ocobter 29, 2022 14:00 UTC - 18:00 UTC Mahir256 English[1]
Wikidata 10th Birthday in Utrecht, the Netherlands 2022-10-29 WMNL Dutch Utrecht, the Netherlands
Wikidata 10th Birthday in Trani, Italy October 29 2022 17:00 CEST Wikimedia Italy (Ferdi2005) Italian Biblioteca Comunale Giovanni Bovio, Piazzetta S. Francesco 1, 76125 Trani (BT)
Online Wikidata meetup

Meetup to chat about Wikidata with other people from the community and the Wikidata development team. We will also unwrap at the birthday presents together!

October 29, 2022 17:00 UTC (19:00 CEST)

1 hour

Lea Lacroix (WMDE) English Taking place on Jitsi, not recorded
Wikidata Live Editing 10th Birthday special

User:Ainali and User:Abbe98 are celebrating Wikidata's 10th birthday with User:Denny and User:Spinster. We'll be chatting about the past, the future and be playing Wikidata gaems.

October 29, 2022 Ainali and Abbe98 English YouTube
Wikidata Day NYC

All-day celebration and mini-conference will feature keynote presentations, breakout group discussions, lightning talks and yes, cake.

October 29, 2022 Wikimedia NYC English, any language Brooklyn Public Library
Brooklyn, New York
Wikidata contest/celebration, Deoband Community Wikimedia Sunday, October 30, 2022 Deoband Community Wikimedia


Any language Wikidata (onsite), New Delhi, India
Wikidata Birthday on October 29th in Albania and Kosovo October 29, 2022 Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group

Vyolltsa, Ritamaliqi

Albania and Kosovo
Wikidata Birthday on October 29th in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. October 29, 2022 Wikimedians of UAE


Dubai, UAE
Wikidata:Tenth Birthday for Gurene Wikimedia Community and Sister Communities We will use the 3 inperson events to introduce participants to Wikidata and show a short demonstration of SPARQL query service and Wikidata quick statements. 29 October 2022, 5 November 2022 and 12 November, 2022 m:Gurene Wikimedia Community Dnshitobu, Uprising Man, Shahadusadik, Din-nani1, Musahfm, Hasslaebetch English, Dagbani, Gurene and Moore Tamale (Q217040), Ejumako (Q114098876) and Kanvili (Q18386926), Ghana
Wikidata:Tenth Birthday Celebration Meetup/Global Open Initiative Foundation There will be a 5 day contest prior to the main event and on the main day participants will be introduced to Wikidata query service (SPARQL) and lexemes. 29 October, 2022 m:Global Open Initiative Mwintirew, Kinvidia English Accra, Ghana
Wikidata Birthday on October 29th in Oslo, Norway October 29, 2022 12:00–16:00 CET Wikimedia Norge
Jon Harald Søby (WMNO)
Norwegian Oslo, Norway
Wikidata Birthday on October 29th in Bergen, Norway October 29, 2022 15:30–17:00 CET Wikimedia Norge
Mali Brødreskift (WMNO)
Norwegian Bergen, Norway
Wikidata Birthday on October 29th and 30th in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria 29th and 30th October, 2022 Ilorin Wikimedia Hub Godstime Elijah English Ilorin, Kwara
Wikidata 10th Birthday in Osun, Nigeria 29th and 30th October, 2022 member-Nigeria Wikimedia User Group RukayatAjeigbe English Osogbo, Osun
Wikidata Birthday on October 29th and 30th in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria 29th and 30th October, 2022 Wikipedia Fan Club, University of Ibadan


English Ibadan, Oyo State
Hausa Wikimedians User Group Wikidata 10th Birthday October 29, 2022 Hausa Wikimedians User Group


English, Hausa Nigeria
IgWikidataHub/Wikidata_Tenth_Birthday: This is a hybrid celebration event of Wikidata@10 by Igbo wikimedian User group and Ig wikidata hub. 29th and 30th October 2022, 17:00 UTC Benedict Udeh, Ig Wikidata Hub, Igbo Wikimedians User Group English, Igbo Abuja Nigeria (Offline), Zoom (Online)
Wikidata:NCPUG Happy Birthday Wikidata 10th anniversary: Workshop and Birthday Celebration, Wikidata at 10. October 29th and 30th, 2022 Nigerian Commons Photographers User Group


English Kaduna, Nigeria.
Tyap Wikimedians User Group Celebrates Wikidata's 10th Birthday October 29 ̈(10:00-16ː00 WAT) and 30 (13:00-16ː00 WAT), 2022

2 days

Tyap Wikimedians User Group

Kambai Akau

English, Tyap Kaduna, Nigeria (offline), Wikidata (onsite).
Wikidata 10th Birthday Taiwan: Wikidata Cross-Domain Forum 2022 October 29, 2022 Wikidata Taiwan Standard Taiwanese Mandarin (Q262828)Taiwanese Hokkien (Q36778) National Taipei University College of Public Affairs, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Temu Data Ulang Tahun Wikidata ke-10 (Tenth Wikidata Birthday Meetup) October 29, 2022 Wikimedia Indonesia‎ (Q13098516) (Kartika (WMID)), Komunitas Wikidata Indonesia Indonesian (Q9240) Wikimedia Community Room in Jakarta, Indonesia
Kelas Wikidata Ulang Tahun Wikidata dan Festival Literasi (Wikidata Birthday Workshop and Literation Festival) October 29, 2022 Wikimedia Indonesia‎ (Q13098516) (Rima H (WMID)), Komunitas Wikidata Indonesia (Ulumarifah) Indonesian (Q9240) Surabaya (Q11462)
Wikidata 10th Birthday Celebrations and Edit-a-thon in Kerala 2022 October 29th 04:30 UTC (10 AM IST) Wikimedians of Kerala User Group


Malayalam Kerala Museum
Celebrating Wikidata 10th Birthday in Greek community 31th October (first part of the training session), 10:00-12:00 (EET); 15th November (second part of the training session), 10:00-12:00 (EET)] National Library of Greece, Cyprus University of Technology Library, Cyprus Library, Dataly Tech Greek Cyprus / Greece online events
10. Urodziny Wikidanych

Online meeting in Poland with workshops and discussions.

5th November 2022 Wikimedia Polska Polish Online
Superlative Campaign for Excellence Wikidata 10th Birthday Celebration, Nsukka/ Wikidata 10th birthday 10th & 11th November 2022 Wikimedia User Group Enugu Hub

Ngozi Stella Udechukwu

English Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria (Offline), Wikidata (onsite).
Kopplingssprint COP 27

Wikidata editathon focusing on Swedish parliamentarian documents aboute the climate.

11 November 12:00-17:00 Ainali, QubeCube and Wikimedia Sverige (Q15279144) Swedish Norrsken house, Stockholm and online
Wikidata 10th Birthday Lagos November 11 and 12, 2022 Wikimedia User Group Nigeria


English Lagos, Nigeria (Offline), Wikidata (onsite).
Introducing Wikidata to ESUT at the Wikidata 10th birthday Nov. 16 - 17, 2022 Art and Feminism

Ngozi osadebe

English Enugu, Enugu state, Nigeria (offline) (onsite)
Open Wikidata edit-a-thon on colonial collection agents (Kamerun)

Wikidata edit-a-thon focussing on collection items from colonial contexts, especially on collection agents linked to the former German colony Kamerun (today Cameroon)

November 17 and 18, 2022 - 12 noon UTC, 3 hours Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, SvMering English and German Virtual, Register here.
Viquitrobada 2022

15th anual gathering of the Catalan Wikimedia community + Wikidata 10th anniversary

November 18, 19 and 20th Amical Wikimedia Catalan Fab Lab Terres de l'Ebre & Centre Cívic de Gent Gran Ruiz Salgado (Amposta (Q477311))
Wikidata Takes Cemeteries

A Wikidata contest to improve data about cemeteries and tombs

from 1st of November to 30th of November Wiki Cemeteries User Group Any language Wikidata
DataUp! Mucuchies 2023 February 9-12, 2022 Wikimedia Small Projects and Wikimedia Venezuela Spanish Mucuchies, Mérida, Venezuela.
Wikidata 10 Birthday au Sénégal - Atelier en présentiel Wikipédia en bibliothèque - Focus sur Wikidata

Les mois d'octobre et de novembre 2022 sont une occasion pour célébrer le 10ᵉ anniversaire de Wikidata. C'est également une opportunité pour rassembler les professionnels de l'information documentaire (bibliothécaires, archivistes et documentalistes) du Sénégal autour de Wikidata.

22 novembre 2022 de 10H00 à 16h à 16h GMT au Goethe-Institut Dakar AdjoEsse et Ourytima French Sénégal

En présentiel au Goethe-Institut Dakar (voir map) Inscrivez-vous ici

Aniversário de 10 anos do Wikidata

Introduction to Wikidata, workshops on how to model information, how to edit and retrieve information from the project

from October 25 to November 6, 2022 Grupo de Usuários Wiki Movimento Brasil, GAIA/INOVA USP, Open Knowledge Brasil and Escola de dados English and Brazilian Portuguese (depending on the session) Hybrid: Some sessions will be streamed or recorded. Others will be on-person. Registration is required in some of them, but all material will be available on Wikimedia Commons later. Details about the events are available at the event page.
Universal nature of knowledge + shmiletant

knowledge is collected since earliest times. at present related information can be found in various databases in hundred millions records. only a crowd of thousend voluntaries can corelate records from the involved databases.

eternal no bias — קיין אומוויסנדיקע פּרעפֿערענצן — keyn umvisndike preferentsn German, Romanian, Yiddish, Esperanto, eventually Russian, French, Icelandic LibraryThing, WP, Wikidata, WorlCat, VIAF, LoC, various connected other databases; details will be available at Jedes Leben zählt — All life matters
Wikidata Training for Yoruba Wikimedians 2022 29th October 2022 m:Yoruba Wikimedians User Group Yoruba Lagos, Nigeria
Wikidata 10th birthday session at WikiConference NA / Mapping USA

A panel presentation facilitated by Andrew Lih

November 12th 16:00–17:00 EST (UTC -5) WikiConference North America and Mapping USA English Virtual — streamed to YouTube and using Hopin within the conference (the latter requires registration)
We are also streaming WikiConference NA + Mapping USA Saturday's session from the main stage to YouTube:
USW Wikidata10 2022

An introduction to wikidata for the University Students Wikimedians communities in Tanzania.

26th November 2022 University Students Wikimedians Swahili & English Dodoma, Tanzania
WCA Wikidata10 2022

An introduction to wikidata for the Wikimedia Community Arusha community in Tanzania.

26th November 2022 Wikimedia Community Arusha Swahili & English Arusha, Tanzania
Jornadas Wikimedia España 2022

The Jornadas Wikimedia España 2022 is the ninth edition of the annual meeting of the Wikimedia España association and the main meeting of the Wikimedia Movement in Spain. This year they are held in the city of Almería. They are free and open to the Wikimedia community and people active, close and interested in digital commons.

12th November, 2022 Wikimedia España and LaOficina Producciones Culturales Spanish Casa del Cine de Almería, Spain
Online roundtable on women, science and Wikidata

Streaming debate on science, STEAM, women, Wikidata

16th November, 2022 Universitat de Girona
Amical Wikimedia
Catalan Càtedra de Cultura Científica i Comunicació Digital.

Online session:

C3D2 feiert Wikidata

Einführung in die Wikidata mit Vorträgen und Editathon.

Saturday, January 21th 2023 1pm CET User:Dr.üsenfieber German Chaos Computer Club Dresden (Q42665273)

Events map

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Wikidata's 10th birthday distributed events. All times in the map are in Coordinated Universal Time (Q1536).


  1. in general (if you are a bn or es speaker, I will be happy to respond to comments in that language)