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Wikidata is turning 10! #WikidataBirthday Distributed birthday events in October 2022

Wikidata went live on 29 October 2012 ; in 2022, we are celebrating 10 years of Wikidata together! Let's organize celebration events all around the world. We are hoping to create a huge network of decentralized, local and community-led events, that could take place onsite or online, around October 2022.

The goal of these birthday celebrations are to celebrate the achievements of the community, to bring people together, and also to talk about Wikidata to the rest of the world in order to get more people onboard. In various areas of the world, people get together to organize plenty of different birthday events: meetups, workshops, discussions, live streams, editing campaigns... You can have a look at the events calendar (TBA) to find events in your area.

We are encouraging local Wikidata groups, affiliates and individuals to organize events and activities around the birthday, or prepare a special edition of their usual events dedicated to the birthday! You can learn more about how to run an event and get your local community involved. Wikimedia Deutschland and WMF are providing funding for birthday activities and a communication kit so you can print your own birthday items.

People are also preparing birthday presents and messages for the community, and creating blog posts, videos and other media content.

To stay in touch with the community of event organizers or ask questions, you can use the talk page or join the Wikidata Events Telegram group.