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What is this?[edit]

Edits tagged with #suggestededit-add 1.0 were created through the Wikipedia Android app's Suggested Edits feature. This feature displays articles that do not have a Wikidata description in the user's language, and asks them to enter a Wikidata description based on the article. The user has to add (or translate) the description in their own words. We do not pre-fill any text.

How have you tried to minimise spam and vandalism?[edit]

We only allow users who have previously made 3+ good (i.e., not reverted) Wikidata description edits through the app access to the feature. There is a 24-hour waiting period between the third good edit and access to the Suggested Edits feature in order to give time for patrollers to catch any vandalism.

If edits made through the Suggested Edits feature subsequently get reverted (but not if the edits are merely fixed or amended by other community members), users will lose access to Suggested Edits. This is a bit of a blunt instrument right now - we will refine the thresholds in future to ensure that we are not unnecessarily removing access to Suggested Edits from editors who are acting in good faith.

For users who have made 50+ good edits through the feature, we will suggest Wikidata descriptions that they can translate from one language into another, if the user has multiple languages enabled in the app.

How was this feature announced?[edit]

Announcements of the feature were posted in Tech News 2019/09, Tech News 2019/18, and on Wikidata Project Chat.

Who can I contact if there are any issues?[edit]

Contact the Android team on Phabricator, through the Talk page for the feature, or via email at