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This is the Wikidata summary of the week before 2018-08-06.



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Did you know?[edit]


  • Allow to show incoming links on the graph explorer dialog on WDQS (phab:T197778)
  • Fulltext search for Lexemes and Forms (only in Lexeme namespace) has been merged (phab:T196188)
  • We are now collecting click data when completion search on Wikidata is used (phab:T196186) which would serve us to improve search relevancy
  • Fix a lot of issues with our test system (phab:T200693)
  • Disallow merging of items that link to each other in references and qualifiers (phab:T119614)
  • More work on merging Lexemes (phab:T200884)
  • Provide useful HTML title for Lexemes (phab:T195386)
  • Improve the validation and error message when a label, description or alias is too long (phab:T145932, phab:T200780)
  • Expose constraint violations to WDQS (phab:T192567)
  • Add the possibility to download result of a query from the embed mode (phab:T176797)
  • Get persistent editing of Senses done (phab:T196270) (you can try it now on the beta system)
  • Work on edit summary of Senses (phab:T196290)
  • Work on diffs of Senses (phab:T196289)

You can see all open tickets related to Wikidata here. If you want to help, you can also have a look at the tasks needing a volunteer.

Monthly Tasks[edit]