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This is the Wikidata summary of the week before 2014-01-31.



  • Wikidata is at FOSDEM in Brussels, Februrary 1st-2nd

Other Noteworthy Stuff[edit]

  • Quantities released on Wikidata!
  • Wikisource phase 2 coming Februrary 25th.

Did you know?[edit]


  • Deployed quantities to wikidata! :)
  • Made patch to make wbmergeitems more reliable Bugzilla::55960
  • Wikidata edit permissions now included in wikimedia OAuth edit groups
  • Moved Diff repo to Github
  • Work put into make the frontend use backend formatters through the api
  • Refactoring of the ValueView extension
  • MergeItems special page merged as an experimental feature
  • Our easy RDF fork is now included using composer
  • Fixed wbmergeitems issues

See current sprint items for what we’re working on next.

You can view the commits currently in review here and the ones that have been merged here.

You can see all open bugs related to Wikidata here

Monthly Tasks[edit]

Anything to add? Please share! :)