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On Saturday, 3 November 2018, we organize a WD4AI short workshop in Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia. The workshop aims to introduce Wikidata as a knowledge graph and to explore the knowledge representation and reasoning aspects (within AI context) of Wikidata. The workshop is targeted to university students and Wikimedia Indonesia members.

  • When? Saturday, 3 November 2018. Snack, lunch, stickers, keychains, and e-certificates (subject to hands-on evaluation) will be provided. Expect for some cool T-shirts for the enthusiastic ones :)
  • Where? Auditorium, 8th Floor, Postgraduate Building (Pascasarjana) FIK UI (Google Maps, Building Photo)
  • For whom? The workshop is suitable for university students and Wikimedia Indonesia members who want to learn (more) about Wikidata, and its potential applications for AI. Around 160 people are expected to come.
  • How to participate? The workshop is *free* (by invitation). Though free, we expect highly-motivated participants, and the participants can expect highly-motivated workshop speakers.
  • How to prepare?
    • Bring your laptop! Editing Wikidata on a tablet or mobile phone is not very user friendly yet – a laptop is highly recommended. Also make sure your laptop is fully charged, as power outlets can be scarce (sorry!).
    • Important: If you don't have a Wikidata account yet (same account as on Wikipedia), please create one before the event. You can do that here: Special:CreateAccount

The workshop will be given in Indonesian.


Times Programme
0800–0845 Registration
0900–0915 WD4AI Opening: Fariz Darari (Lecturer at Fasilkom UI & Wikidataist)
0915–0930 Motivational Speech from Biyanto Rebin (Chair of Wikimedia Indonesia)
0930–1030 Intro to Wikidata: Raisha Abdillah (Technical Staff at Wikimedia Indonesia & Wikidataist)
1030–1045 Snack break
1045–1145 Ontology in Wikidata: Adila A. Krisnadhi (Senior Lecturer at Fasilkom UI & Semantic Web Researcher)
1145–1200 Door prize, Wikidata 6th birthday photo session, Closing

Organizing team[edit]



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