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This page helps you to understand the various possibilities to display results on Wikidata Query. The query example page contains many good examples you can try!

After running a query, you can choose with the "Display" button which result view you want to display. Depending on your query and the data type, some of the views will be available.

Table (default)[edit]

Shows the result data as table. It is the default view for results and can display every data type.

Will map every variable from the SPARQL select clause to a formatted table column.

Image Grid[edit]

Image Grid Try Out

Shows the result data as a grid with images.

Every grid item has a big picture and opens the gallery when clicking on it.

Contents an item is the formatted row data.

Variable Тип данных Mapping Описание
* Commons Media Grid Item Image columns will create a grid item.

Rows containing no image will be ignored.


Shows the result data as map with Open Street Map data.

Variable Тип данных Mapping Описание
* Coordinate Map Marker Columns will create a marker on the map.

Content of that marker is the formatted row data.

?layer Map Marker Layer Creates a colored map layer that allows filtering.

Line, Bar, Scatter and Area Chart[edit]

Shows one of these chart types.

Variable Тип данных Mapping Описание
* Номер





First will be X-axis, second Y-axis
* Метка Category / Legend Item (optional) Will only be used after the above are mapped
* Метка Storyboard / Animation (optional) Will only be used after the above are mapped

Bubble Chart[edit]

Bubble Chart Try Out

Shows a bubble chart where the size and the color of the bubble can configured.

When an item is provided a bubble is linked to

Variable Data Type Mapping
* Метка Bubble Label
* Номер Bubble Size
* Элемент Bubble Link (optional)
?rgb Цвет Bubble Color (optional)

Tree Map[edit]

Tree Map Try Out

Shows a zoomable tree map.

Variable Тип данных Mapping Описание
* Метка Метка 1st label in a row will be 1st level in tree map.

2nd label will be 2nd level.

3rd label will be 3rd level etc..

* Элемент Link (optional)


Shows a expandable tree.

Tree Try Out
Variable Data Type Mapping Description
* Item Node ID First item will be a root node the following items in the same row will be nested.
* Label Node Label (optional) Labels will be appended to current node.
* Number Node Label (optional)
* Commons Media Item image


Timeline Try Out

Shows a explorable timeline.

Variable Тип данных Mapping Описание
* DateTime Item Point in Time

Item End Point in Time

First date in a row sets the item position in the timeline.

If a second date is present a start and end date will be set.

* Commons Media Item image


Dimensions Try Out

Shows dimension and their links.

It also allows filtering them by selecting an axis fraction.

Variable Тип данных Mapping Описание
* Метка Dimension Every column in the result row is mapped to a dimension
* Номер
* DateTime


Graph browsing Abraham Lincoln Try Out

Shows an interactive graph that allow hierarchically ordering and exploring items.

Variable Тип данных Mapping Описание
* Элемент Node ID First item in a row will have an arrow pointing to the items in the same row
* Метка Node Label (optional)
* Commons Media Node Image (optional)
?rgb Цвет Node Color (optional)
* Номер Node Size (optional)
?edgeLabel Label Edge Label (optional)
Graph Try Out

Дополнительная информация[edit]

RDF Data Type Mapping[edit]

RDF Type RDF Data Type Constraint Тип данных
URI String starts with
URI String starts with
Commons Media
Literal DateTime
Literal Coordinate

Literal Has no RDF Data Type Label
Literal Has property
Literal String matches


There is special formatting for the following data types:

Тип данных Формат
Entity Ссылка на

Label is shortened to wd:Qxx

Explore an item (magnify icon)

DateTime MM DD, YYYY

Tooltip shows raw ISO timestamp

Commons Media Ссылка на

Displaying Gallery ( image icon )

Mobile / Responsive[edit]

Result views are made to work on different devices and resolutions. Their appearance may change depending on the space they can use.

Embed Mode[edit]

Result views can be linked or embedded via iframes. You can get the regarding link or code by clicking Link in the above menu. See the difference: link to a query и link to a result or the embed code:

<iframe style="width:80vw; height:50vh;" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0" src="">

Download results[edit]

Download results buttons

There are several ways to export the results of a query.

JSON, TSV and CSV are three different open-standard formats to download the data.

You can also download some of the graphic views as a SVG file: this feature works with all the views except table, image grid, timeline, graph builder, map, and graph.

Default View[edit]

The default view can be change for each SPARQL query by using a comment:


For example: