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geographic reference of noble title[edit]

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Person

Descriptionlocation associated with the title
Data typeItem
Domainvalues of noble title (P97)
Allowed valuesgeographic locations
Example 1Prince of Orange (Q549449)Principality of Orange (Q2281221)
Example 2Baron Sandhurst (Q4862782)Sandhurst (Q995488)
Example 3Duke of Beaufort (Q1245377)Château de Beaufort (Q2968472)
Example 4Baron Robinson (Q65944878)Kielder Forest (Q6405248), Adelaide (Q5112)
See alsonamed after (P138), owner of (P1830), applies to jurisdiction (P1001), location (P276)


Maybe there is a better description or term for this, but the type of association may vary from one country to another and from one century to the next. I think it would be an improvement over named after (P138), owner of (P1830), applies to jurisdiction (P1001) and possibly others. (Add your motivation for this property here.) --- Jura 09:05, 21 July 2019 (UTC)