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staking lock-up period[edit]

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   Under discussion
Descriptionlock-up period for delegated (staked) funds in a blockchain network
Data typeQuantity
Allowed unitsdays
Example 1COSMOS → 21 days
Example 2Tezos (Q55290870) → 0 days (this is what is meant by Liquid PoS)
Example 3MISSING


This is an important property in a PoS blockchain because it is the basis for the function of the whole system. Without a lockup period PoS would probably not work. If i understood it correctly lock-up reduces the ability to "hit and run" that causing large fluctuations in staking amounts in a short time (which makes the network vulnerable to attacks, because staking is what defines voting power of the validator) and promotes capital staking that is more long-term. Tezos is different because it implements a delay in payouts of staking rewards instead of locking the capital (like COSMOS does to my knowledge). This means you can move your money but you still wont get your staking rewards before after ~37 days from choosing a delegate.--So9q (talk) 12:15, 26 February 2020 (UTC)


  • Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose @So9q: if COSMOS meets notability rules, please create an item for it and add a third example. If not, please add 2 more. Also, how is it important? Please explain what this represents --DannyS712 (talk) 19:12, 19 March 2020 (UTC)