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external type[edit]

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   Under discussion
Description(qualifier only) main type of entry in external database (i.e. which separating those items into a limited number of broad categories, like P107 formerly did)
Data typeItem
Example 1Jehan Sadat (Q212190) GND ID (P227) 118604740 <external type> person (Q215627)
Example 2Nature (Q180445) Microsoft Academic ID (P6366) 137773608 <external type> magazine (Q41298)
Example 3(normal rank) Microsoft Academic ID (P6366) formatter URL (P1630)$1 <external type> magazine (Q41298) (The current value will be perferred rank)
Example 4Leonardo da Vinci (Q762) IMDb ID (P345) nm1827914 <external type> personal name (Q1071027)
Robot and gadget jobsYes


For example Wikidata:Property_proposal/J-GLOBAL_ID contains multiple different types of entries using the same ID scheme. Microsoft Academic now uses a new URL scheme (though the old one still works currently); if the old scheme no longer work we will be able to migrate data to new properties easily using this qualifier.

Questions: Should we create new items dedicated to the external types? GZWDer (talk) 10:23, 27 December 2019 (UTC)