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detail of painting[edit]

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   Under discussion
Descriptionimage shows a detail of this painting
Data typeItem
Allowed valuesitems for paintings
Example 1File:Napoleon III visiting Genoa in 1859-Theodore Gudin-MnM 2003.28.1-IMG 6330.JPGNapoleon III in Genoa (Q66091522)
Example 2File:Joaquim Lobo da Silveira auf dem Wiener Kongress.PNGThe Congress of Vienna (Q66120851)
Example 3MISSING
See alsodepicts (P180), digital representation of (P6243), extracted from (P7009), part of (P361), main subject (P921)


Somehow these should be linked together. Here is a suggestion for an approach. I think it's preferable over P180 with some convoluted qualifier, P6243 (as it's not the full view), P7009 (as it's not necessarily generated from the other file), maybe P361. --- Jura 18:53, 2 August 2019 (UTC)