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corporate domicile[edit]

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   Under discussion
Descriptionlegal home of a corporation. Alias: place of incorporation, statutory seat
Data typeItem
Domainadministrative entity
Example 1Finnkino (Q5450883)Helsinki (Q1757)
Example 2Please add more examples
Example 3MISSING
SourcePlease help locate a reliable source to be kept in the definition.
Planned userecord corporate domicile / place of incorporation for current and historical companies
See alsolocation of formation (P740), headquarters location (P159), located in the administrative territorial entity (P131)


This is an essential property in recording data about organisations.

"Place of incorporation" is currently given as an alias to location of formation (P740). The domicile may be changed, and location of formation (P740) is no longer a valid choice for the new location.

It is distinguishable from tax residence (Q1473701), which should have it's own property created. enwp: "Domicile is, in common law jurisdictions, a different legal concept to residence, though the two may lead to the same result."

The headquarters location (P159) may be different from the corporate domicile / place of incorporation.

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