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character designer[edit]

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   Under discussion
DescriptionPerson in charge for developing the style and personality of a character in a video game, anime, manga and other creative works
Representscharacter designer (Q1062952)
Data typeItem
Domainseries of creative works (Q7725310)
Allowed valuesQxxxxx
Allowed unitsName of the person who designed the characters
Example 1Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Q96677963)Yō Yoshinari (Q8057649)
Example 2Neon Genesis Evangelion (Q662)Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Q282121)
Example 3Metal Gear Solid (Q6582527)Yoji Shinkawa (Q509721)
Planned useAssign value for this Property


I've noticed that there is no property for assigning character designers for animated shows, and figured that this one may become useful. CrystallineLeMonde (talk) 23:35, 27 June 2020 (UTC)