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candidate name string[edit]

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Person

   Not done
Descriptionstring to store unspecified candidate name in election data; use if Wikidata item for candidate (P726) does not exist or is not known
Representshuman (Q5)
Data typeString
Domainitems for individual elections
Allowed values.*
Example 12009 Indian general election in Kolkata Dakshin Lok Sabha constituency (Q64228989) → "Leela Hans", "Jayanta Datta", "Ram Chandra Prasad", ...
Example 22004 Indian general election in Malda Lok Sabha constituency (Q64274810) → "Naresh Rishi", "Atul Chandra Mandal", "Parimal Mardi", ...
Example 31999 Indian general election in Malda Lok Sabha constituency (Q64347831) → "Budhrai Kisku", "Biswanath Guha", "Ataur Rahman", ...
Sourceas appropriate for the election at hand
Planned usefor later imports of Indian election data, use this instead of creating new empty candidate items or matching to the wrong candidate items
Expected completenessalways incomplete (Q21873886)
See alsoauthor name string (P2093)


For a lot of elections, many of the candidates for whom results are available do not immediately have items on Wikidata, yet it is still necessary for completeness to record their results in the items for the elections in which they take part. (This is similar to how, for many scientific articles, their authors may not have Wikidata items but we still mark them with author name string (P2093) for completeness.) When @Bodhisattwa: imported detailed data for the 2014 Indian general election (Q3587169) some months ago, 1) quite a few fairly empty items for candidates got made (some of which are still kind of empty, like Badri Mondal (Q64003114)), 2) there were many candidates who got matched to items for people who, on further examination, clearly could not have taken part in the election (such as, until it was corrected, the long-passed Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (Q156349)) and 3) there were many candidates who, due to similarities in name, ended up being listed inaccurately as taking part in multiple elections (such as, until it was rectified on five distinct election items, Kumar Deepak Das (Q6443477)).

Although it is possible with great effort to rectify such mistakes as I have described after they have been made automatically, this property would be used to prevent such mistakes from occurring again from the get-go unnecessarily. (It also parallels the practice of not creating author items automatically when importing articles, but instead later matching author name string (P2093)s with a tool like SourceMD.) Mahir256 (talk) 04:34, 25 September 2019 (UTC)