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PersonalData.IO entity ID[edit]

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Generic

Descriptionidentifier for an entity in the database
Data typeExternal identifier
Domainitem, see below for some indications
Allowed values[1-9]\d*
Example 1Zeynep Tüfekçi (Q23759736)2415
Example 2National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (Q1115586)2441
Example 3MuckRock (Q17148446)2626
Example 4Amnesty International (Q42970)2203
Example 5Mailchimp (Q6735673)2353
Example 6The age of surveillance capitalism: the fight for a human future at the new frontier of power (Q75804726)2323
Example 7Geneva (Q71)16
Example 8General Data Protection Regulation (Q1172506)449
Example 9data controller (Q59859818)989
Example 10right of access to personal data (Q60520997)51
Planned usethis property would like items between PersonalData.IO and Wikidata, enhancing the range of properties accessible through Wikidata's query engine, and enhancing the quality of the data available on Wikidata.
Number of IDs in source3000 (growing, not all appropriate for inclusion in Wikidata)
Expected completenessalways incomplete (Q21873886)
Formatter URL$1


PersonalData.IO (Q59695802) initiated the Wikidata:WikiProject_PersonalData, focused on understanding the economic ecosystem around personal data. Not everything was appropriate to store on Wikidata, so we spun off our own instance of Wikibase at The idea of this property is now to join what it makes sense to join, such as entities of type:

The list of relevant data types is relatively open ended, which is why we didn't really specify it in this proposal. Note that not all entities hosted on will be appropriate for Wikidata.

We expect to be the converse to the property listed here.


Proposed Pdehaye (talk) 14:44, 23 December 2019 (UTC)

  • Symbol support vote.svg Support. Nomen ad hoc (talk) 16:45, 23 December 2019 (UTC).
  • Symbol support vote.svg Support. ·addshore· talk to me! 09:34, 24 December 2019 (UTC)
  • Symbol support vote.svg SupportEnvlh (talk) 10:34, 24 December 2019 (UTC)
  • I think Q should be part of ID.--GZWDer (talk) 18:06, 26 December 2019 (UTC)
    • I was on the fence myself. That would match what was eventually done for Wikibase Registry ID (P6307) (even if its original proposal was done without the Q). Happy to do the ID with the Q, but I am wary of now changing what has been proposed, and unsure what the procedure is in such cases. (Note also that this would unfortunately hit into a bug of QuickStatements' heuristics at recognizing item IDs as Wikidata's) Pdehaye (talk) 23:29, 27 December 2019 (UTC)
      • I agree with GZWDer. It's fine to adjust a proposition during the procedure, it's even the goal of this discussion. The complete value of a PersonalData.IO ID is with Q, so it should be included in the values of this property. The format of a value shouldn't depend of an external tool, especially in the case of a bug in this tool.— Envlh (talk) 19:19, 31 December 2019 (UTC)
  • Symbol support vote.svg Support LaMèreVeille (talk) 22:03, 26 December 2019 (UTC)
  • @Pdehaye, Nomen ad hoc, Addshore, Envlh, GZWDer, LaMèreVeille: ✓ Done --Tinker Bell 00:11, 1 January 2020 (UTC)