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Nobel Laureate API ID[edit]

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Data typeExternal identifier
Allowed values[1-9]\d*
Example 1Marie Curie (Q7186)6
Example 2Karl Landsteiner (Q84405)321
Example 3Ivar Giaever (Q192688)98
Number of IDs in source942
Formatter URL$1
See alsoNobel prize ID (P3188)


The Nobel Foundation has a JSON based REST API with details on Nobel Laureates. This is different from the existing Nobel prize ID (P3188). Popperipopp (talk) 14:02, 22 January 2020 (UTC)


  • Pictogram voting comment.svg Comment I suggest renaming to “Nobel Laureate ID” (or “Nobel API Laureate ID” or else) as the API also holds entries about the prizes − although the prizes themselves do not have an ID, I think it would be clearer :) Jean-Fred (talk) 18:15, 22 January 2020 (UTC)
I agree! Popperipopp (talk) 12:32, 23 January 2020 (UTC)