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Flanders Architecture Institute - Archive ID[edit]

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Data typeExternal identifier
Example 1BE/653717/0006-PS
Example 2BE/653717/0006-PS/0188
Example 3BE/653717/0006-PS/0189
Example 4BE/653717/0016-ENG


The Flanders Architecture Institute bases in Antwerp manages a collection of archives, models, photos and drawings that documents the history of building and designing in the Flanders region and Brussels. More information about the contents of this collection can be retrieved at

Starting from 2019 we give access to this collection with the website We want to optimize the retrievability and usability of our collection by publishing the archive and objectdata on Wikidata and sharing our public domain images om Mediawiki Commons. With this operation, we want to enrich the data about architects and designers in Wikidata and provide useful links to archival material and building information, such as the information that for example has been uploaded by the Flemish organization of Immovable Heritage. ~~~~  – The preceding unsigned comment was added by WimLo (talk • contribs) at 27 November 2019‎ (UTC).


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