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DOI formatter[edit]

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Generic

   Done: DOI formatter (P8404) (Talk and documentation)
Descriptiona formatter string that will create an DOI
Data typeString
Example 1Electronic Enlightenment ID (P3429) → 10.13051/ee:bio/$1
Example 2American National Biography ID (P4823) → 10.1093/anb/9780198606697.article.$1
Example 3RfC ID (P892) → 10.17487/RFC$1
Example 4IUPAC Gold Book ID (P4732) → 10.1351/goldbook.$1
Example 5Crossref funder ID (P3153) → 10.13039/$1
Example 6EIDR identifier (P2704) → $1
Example 7JSTOR article ID (P888) → 10.2307/$1 (partial)
Example 8Zenodo ID (P4901) → 10.5281/zenodo.$1 (partial)
See alsoformatter URL (P1630), URN formatter (P7470), ARK formatter (P8054)


Note we may need a qualifier for "partial" formatter that does not work for all entries. GZWDer (talk) 18:42, 23 June 2020 (UTC)


@GZWDer, Salgo60: ✓ Done DOI formatter (P8404) Pamputt (talk) 14:13, 4 July 2020 (UTC)