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country of registry[edit]

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Transportation

Descriptioncountry where a ship is or has been registered
Data typeItem
Domaintransport (Q7590)
Allowed valuescountries
Example 1Coral Mermaid (Q83637311)Panama (Q804)
Example 2MS Scandinavian Star (Q1528996)France (Q142) qualified with start time (P580)=1971, end time (P582)=1983
                                                              Bahamas (Q778) qualified with start time (P580)=1983, end time (P582)=2004
                                                              Mongolia (Q711) qualified with start time (P580)=2004, end time (P582)=2004
Example 3Norwegian Gannet (Q59220446)Norway (Q20) qualified with start time (P580)=2018
Planned usea replacement for country (P17) which now is used to describe the country of registry, but actually is a property to describe geographical placement
See alsoport of registry (P532)


At the moment country (P17) is used to describe which flag a ship is sailing under, which also reflects which country port of registry (P532) is located in. This will imply that the ship is located in this country, which is not the case. To prevent this misunderstanding I propose this new property. It could be argued that this property is not needed when we already have port of registry (P532), but in many cases the sources only provide the country of registration, not the port.