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Welcome to the Country Subdivision Task Force
English: The task force for creating, populating, and maintaining all of the various subdivisions of the world's countries.
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Any geographically based political division within a country is covered by this task force. While most specifically focused on Official political and administrative entities, there may be several other items which fit within the same mold even if they are not most strictly a type of country subdivision.


Entities are identified as being in a class (or category) of entity. Thus the first group of entities defined by this task force are the classes (called subclasses when in context of another class they are a member of). These are currently being developed at Wikidata:Administrative territorial entity.

Each class of administrative territorial entity should be a sub-subclass of political territorial entity (Q1048835). Some examples of these trees are:

For a depiction of this tree, see Wikidata:Country subdivision task force/Subclasses tree.

Each type of subdivision should also be in a subclass specific to its country. These parent items are generally in the format "administrative territorial entity of X" and are subclasses of administrative territorial entity of a single country (Q15916867). For example:

For a list of which items should be in each countries Wikidata:Political geography task force/List of subdivisions.

Individual subdivisions are assigned classes using country (P17) and instance of (P31).


main page: Properties

Several properties are useful for country subdivisions. While the most important are listed in the task force properties page, more can be found on the list of properties for administrative territorial entities.


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