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Anime and Manga task force is a coordination project whose purpose is coordinate and complete Wikidata items related to anime and manga world, including —of course— manga works, anime series, lists of characters, manga chapters or anime episodes, visual novels, seiyū, etc.

Specifically, we will do:

  • Add statements about anime based on Wikipedia categories. (some bot request was pre-approved: [1]),
  • Add descriptions and labels about anime and manga in as many languages as possible (especially Japanese and English),
  • Add statements about characters (P674), soundtrack album (P406) and voice actor (P725)

Pictogram voting info.svg Info You can use AutoEdit tool to add quickly label and description on Manga and Anime task force in many languages.


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Please see Wikipedia:WikiProject Anime and manga (Q7098843).


Members can add to their user page the userbox {{User anime and manga}}.

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