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US counties

US counties: most frequent names with named after (P138)-values

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name county
number ?ct_named ?all named after to do
Washington County, Parish 31 29 false George Washington(30) Q498286 Q61148
Madison County, Parish 20 18 false James Madison(18) Q156387 Q496132
Union County, Parish 18 7 false United States of America(4), Union(1), merge(1), merger(1) Q115344 Q485020 Q489536 Q491547 Q501078 Q501935 Q502447 Q502459 Q502707 Q512832 Q61129
Marion County 17 14 false Francis Marion(14) Q486344 Q502456 Q61173
Lee County 12 8 false Robert E. Lee(6), Henry Lee III(2) Q304065 Q485787 Q491508 Q61150
Lake County 12 8 false Lake Superior(1), Lake Michigan(2), Clear Lake(1), Reelfoot Lake(1), lake(1), Lake Erie(3), Flathead Lake(1) Q63771 Q495246 Q501029 Q32349
Johnson County 12 8 false Richard Mentor Johnson(5), Thomas Johnson(1), Benjamin Johnson(1), John Johnson(1) Q113843 Q163529 Q484268 Q495067
Marshall County 12 9 false John Marshall(8), William Rainey Marshall(1) Q377011 Q489306 Q495198
Morgan County 11 10 false Daniel Morgan(8), Fort Morgan(1), Jedediah M. Grant(1) Q493083
Scott County 11 10 false Winfield Scott(6), Abram M. Scott(1), Charles Scott(2), John Scott(1), Scott County(1) Q61135
Lawrence County 11 10 false James Lawrence(9), USS Lawrence(1) Q489099
Hamilton County 10 9 false Alexander Hamilton(8), James Hamilton(1) Q486160
Henry County 10 9 false Patrick Henry(9), Henry Dodge(3) Q492053
Brown County 9 8 false Henry Stevenson Brown(1), Joseph R. Brown(1), Jacob Brown(4), Albert G. Brown(1), Alfred Brown(1) Q485239
Benton County 9 8 false Thomas Hart Benton(7), Samuel Benton(1) Q494806
Putnam County 9 8 false Israel Putnam(8) Q503059
Cherokee County 8 7 false Cherokee Nation(1), Cherokee(6), Cherokee Nation(1) Q619609
Columbia County 8 6 false Columbia River(2), Christopher Columbus(6) Q115307 Q173867
Fulton County 8 7 false Robert Fulton(6), Hamilton Fulton(1) Q61007
Harrison County 8 7 false William Henry Harrison(4), Benjamin Harrison V(2), Albert Galliton Harrison(1) Q110904
Webster County, Parish 8 7 false Daniel Webster(7) Q491514
Randolph County 8 7 false Edmund Randolph(2), John Randolph of Roanoke(3), Randolph County(1), Peyton Randolph(1) Q498307
Howard County 7 6 false Volney Howard(1), John Eager Howard(1), Tilghman Howard(2), Benjamin Howard(1), Oliver Otis Howard(1) Q61034
Taylor County 7 6 false Zachary Taylor(4), William Robert Taylor(1), John Taylor of Caroline(1) Q490287
Richland County, Parish 7 1 false Richland County(1) Q126829 Q403310 Q496716 Q501596 Q505993 Q507028
Jones County 6 5 false John Paul Jones(1), Anson Jones(1), George W. Jones(2), Willie Jones(1) Q493040
DeKalb County 6 5 false Johann de Kalb(5) Q486398
Newton County 6 5 false John Newton(4), Isaac Newton(1) Q61370
Garfield County 6 5 false James A. Garfield(5) Q486961
Floyd County 6 4 false John Floyd(2), Charles Floyd(1), John Floyd(1) Q110528 Q486389
Hardin County 6 5 false John J. Hardin(1), John Hardin(3), Joseph Hardin, Sr.(1) Q109270
Martin County 6 5 false Morgan Lewis Martin(1), Josiah Martin(1), John T. Martin(1), John Preston Martin(1), John W. Martin(1) Q484551
Kent County 5 4 false James Kent(1), Kent(4) Q110978
San Juan County, San Juan 5 4 false San Juan River(2), San Juan Islands(1), John the Apostle(1) Q41211
York County 5 3 false York(3) Q384754 Q489648
Saline County 5 3 false Saline River(1), Saline River(1), hot spring(2) Q496045 Q61327
Houston County 5 4 false Sam Houston(3), George S. Houston(1) Q486362
Mitchell County 5 2 false John Mitchel(1), Elisha Mitchell(1) Q112442 Q376838 Q493102
White County 5 4 false Isaac White(2), Hugh Lawson White(1), James White(1), John White(1) Q389365
Van Buren County 4 3 false Martin Van Buren(3) Q61502
Lancaster County 4 3 false Lancaster(2), Lancaster County(1) Q495090
Smith County 4 2 false James Smith(1), Daniel Smith(1) Q376024 Q484681
Dawson County 4 2 false Dawson Massacre(1), William Crosby Dawson(1) Q490762 Q490784
Lamar County 4 2 false Mirabeau B. Lamar(1), Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II(1) Q490896 Q493049
Mineral County 4 2 false mineral(2) Q312473 Q370329
Russell County 4 3 false William Russell(1), William Russell(1), Gilbert C. Russell(1) Q375143
Phillips County 4 1 false William A. Phillips(1) Q312451 Q496577 Q61470
Liberty County 4 2 false liberty(1), Liberty(1) Q255943 Q487692
Wheeler County 4 1 false Joseph Wheeler(1) Q111766 Q489610 Q495356
Franklin County, Franklin, Parish 26 26 true Benjamin Franklin(24), Benjamin Cromwell Franklin(1), Franklin D. Richards(1)
Jefferson County, Parish 26 26 true Thomas Jefferson(25), Mount Jefferson(1)
Jackson County, Parish 24 24 true Andrew Jackson(21), Stonewall Jackson(2), James Jackson(1), Henry Jackson(1), J.R. Jackson(1)
Lincoln Parish, County 24 24 true Abraham Lincoln(18), Benjamin Lincoln(5), Lincoln(1)
Clay County 18 18 true Henry Clay(16), Henry Clay(1), Green Clay(1), John M. Clayton(1)
Montgomery County 18 18 true Richard Montgomery(15), Montgomeryshire(1), Montgomery County(1), John Montgomery(1), Lemuel P. Montgomery(1), Montgomery(1)
Monroe County 17 17 true James Monroe(17)
Wayne County 16 16 true Anthony Wayne(16), Wayne County(1)
Grant County, Parish 15 15 true Ulysses S. Grant(12), John Grant(1), Grant(1), Moses Grant(1), Samuel Grant(1)
Warren County 14 14 true Joseph Warren(14)
Greene County 14 14 true Nathanael Greene(16)
Carroll County 13 13 true Charles Carroll(14), William Carroll(1)
Clark County 12 12 true William A. Clark(1), William Clark(4), George Rogers Clark(5), Charles F. Clarke(1), Sam K. Clark(1), George Rogers Clark(1), Newton Clark(1)
Adams County 12 12 true John Adams(7), John Quincy Adams(4), Alva Adams(1)
Douglas County 12 12 true Stephen A. Douglas(12)
Polk County 12 12 true James K. Polk(11), William Polk(1)
Calhoun County 11 11 true John C. Calhoun(11)
Fayette County 11 11 true Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette(17)
Crawford County 11 11 true William H. Crawford(7), William Crawford(3), Samuel J. Crawford(1)
Hancock County 10 10 true John Hancock(10)
Logan County 10 10 true John A. Logan(6), Logan(1), Benjamin Logan(2), James Logan(1)
Pike County 10 10 true Zebulon Pike(10)
Perry County 10 10 true Oliver Hazard Perry(10)
Clinton County 9 9 true DeWitt Clinton(8), George Clinton(2)
Cass County 9 9 true Lewis Cass(8), George Washington Cass(1)
Shelby County 9 9 true Isaac Shelby(9)
Knox County 9 9 true Henry Knox(9)
Orange County 8 8 true William III(8), orange(3), William V(2), Orange County(1)
Butler County 8 8 true William Butler(1), William Orlando Butler(3), Andrew Butler(1), Richard Butler(3)
Boone County 8 8 true Nathan Boone(1), Daniel Boone(7)
Cumberland County 8 8 true National Road(1), Cumberland River(1), Prince William, Duke of Cumberland(5), Cumberland(1), Cumberland Mountains(1)
Jasper County 8 8 true William Jasper(8)
Mercer County 8 8 true Hugh Mercer(6), William Henry Harrison Mercer(1), John Francis Mercer(1)
Lewis County 7 7 true Morgan Lewis(1), Meriwether Lewis(6), Charles Lewis(1)
Pulaski County 7 7 true Casimir Pulaski(7)
Sullivan County 6 6 true John Sullivan(5), Daniel Sullivan(1)
Mason County 6 6 true Fort Mason(1), Charles H. Mason(1), George Mason(3), Stevens T. Mason(1)
Delaware County 6 6 true Delaware(1), Delaware River(2), Lenape(3)
Macon County 6 6 true Nathaniel Macon(6)
Livingston County, Parish 6 6 true Edward Livingston(4), Robert Robert Livingston(2)
Lafayette County, Parish 6 6 true Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette(17)
Custer County 6 6 true George Armstrong Custer(6)
Anderson County 5 5 true Kenneth Lewis Anderson(1), Joseph C. Anderson(1), Richard Clough Anderson, Jr.(1), Joseph Inslee Anderson(1), Robert Anderson(1)
Dallas County 5 5 true George M. Dallas(4), Alexander J. Dallas(1)
Clarke County 5 5 true John Clark(1), Elijah Clarke(1), James Clarke(1), Joshua G. Clarke(1), George Rogers Clark(5)
Campbell County 5 5 true John Allen Campbell(1), Arthur Campbell(1), William Campbell(1), John Campbell(1), Norman B. Campbell(1)
Henderson County 5 5 true James Pinckney Henderson(1), James Henderson(1), Richard Henderson(2), Leonard Henderson(1)
Essex County 5 5 true Essex(5)
Lyon County 5 5 true Chittenden Lyon(1), Nathaniel Lyon(4)
Caldwell County, Parish 5 5 true John Caldwell(2), Caldwell(1), Joseph Caldwell(1), Mathew Caldwell(1)
Carter County 5 5 true Zimri A. Carter(1), Thomas H. Carter(1), Landon Carter(1), William Grayson Carter(1), Ben W. Carter(1)
Decatur County 5 5 true Stephen Decatur(5)
Allen County, Parish 5 5 true William Allen(1), Ethan Allen(1), John Allen(2), Henry Watkins Allen(1)
Pierce County 5 5 true Franklin Pierce(4), Gilbert A. Pierce(1)
Sheridan County 5 5 true Philip Sheridan(5)
Ottawa County 4 4 true Odawa people(4)
Wood County 4 4 true George Tyler Wood(1), Eleazer D. Wood(1), Joseph Wood(1), James Wood(1)
Camden County 4 4 true Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden(4)
Dodge County 4 4 true Henry Dodge(3), William E. Dodge(1), Augustus C. Dodge(1)
Sherman County 4 4 true Sidney Sherman(1), William Tecumseh Sherman(3)
St. Clair County 4 4 true Lake Saint Clair(1), St. Clair River(1), Arthur St. Clair(3)
Adair County 4 4 true John Adair(3), William Penn Adair(1)
Fremont County 4 4 true John C. Frémont(4)
Linn County 4 4 true Lewis F. Linn(4)
Carbon County 4 4 true carbon(3), coal(3)
Wilson County 4 4 true James Charles Wilson(1), Hiero T. Wilson(1), David Wilson(1), Louis Dicken Wilson(1)
Somerset County 4 4 true Somerset(3), Mary, Lady Somerset(2)
Blaine County 4 4 true James G. Blaine(4)
Grundy County 4 4 true Felix Grundy(4)
Middlesex County 4 4 true Middlesex(4)
Iron County 4 4 true iron(3), iron ore(1)
Richmond County, Richmond 4 4 true Charles Lennox, 3rd Duke of Richmond(2), Richmond(2)
Sumter County 4 4 true Thomas Sumter(4)

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