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Wikidata property related to politics (Q22984475)

Wikidata property about elections[edit]

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
office contestedP541Itemtitle of office which election will determine the next holder ofHong Kong Chief Executive election, 1996 <office contested> Chief Executive of Hong Kong-
candidateP726Itemperson or party that is an option for an office in an election-
successful candidateP991Itemperson(s) elected after the election2000 United States presidential election <successful candidate> George W. Bush-
votes receivedP1111Quantityqualifier stating the number of votes for a candidate in an election-
total valid votesP1697Quantityvote count for the elections (excluding invalid votes)2012 South Korean presidential election <total valid votes> 30594621-
eligible votersP1867Quantitynumber of eligible voters for a particular election2010 United Kingdom general election <eligible voters> 45597461-
ballots castP1868Quantitytotal number of ballot(s) cast, including invalid or blank ballots2010 United Kingdom general election <ballots cast> 29687604-
right to voteP2964Itempeople who have right to vote at this election, referendum, etc.Swedish general election, 2014 <right to vote> Swedish citizen + 18+ years old + sometime in the past lived in Sweden-
age of candidacyP2998Quantityminimum age at which a person can legally qualify to hold certain elected government officesAustralia <age of candidacy> 18 years old-
candidacy in electionP3602Itemelection where the subject is a candidateJoonas Mäkinen <candidacy in election> 2012 Finnish municipal elections-
Tagesschau election IDP4247External identifieridentifier of a parliamentary election in the elections archive on tagesschau.de2013 German federal election <Tagesschau election ID> 2013-09-22-BT-DE-
number of abstentionsP5043Quantitynumber of abstentions in a voting round of a election-
number of spoilt votesP5044Quantitynumber of spoilt votes in a voting round for a specfic position in a election-
number of blank votesP5045Quantitynumber of blank votes in a voting round for a specific position in a election-


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
head of governmentP6Itemhead of the executive power of this town, city, municipality, state, country, or other governmental bodyGermany <head of government> Angela Merkel-
head of stateP35Itemofficial with the highest formal authority in a country/stateFrance <head of state> François Hollande-
basic form of governmentP122Itemsubject's governmentAfghanistan <basic form of government> republic-
party chief representativeP210Itemchief representative of a party in an institution or an administrative unit (use qualifier to identify the party)Beijing <party chief representative> Guo Jinlong-
official residenceP263Itemthe residence at which heads of government and other senior figures officially residepresident of Germany <official residence> Bellevue Palace-
diplomatic relationP530Itemdiplomatic relations of the countryUnited States of America <diplomatic relation> People's Republic of China-
diplomatic mission sentP531Itemlocation of diplomatic mission, i.e. consulate of A in the capital city of BUnited States of America <diplomatic mission sent> Consulate General of the United States, Frankfurt-
allegianceP945Itemthe country (or other power) that the person, or organization, servedAlexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven <allegiance> Scotland-
Sycomore IDP1045External identifieridentifer in the Sycomore database of French MPs, National Assembly (France)Jean-Paul Virapoullé <Sycomore ID> 7400-
political ideologyP1142Itempolitical ideology of this organization or personLiberal Party <political ideology> social liberalism-
US Congress Bio IDP1157External identifieridentifier for a person on the Biographical Directory of the United States CongressTheodore Roosevelt <US Congress Bio ID> R000429-
MEP directory IDP1186External identifieridentifier for a past or present MEP in a directory of all members of the European ParliamentUma Aaltonen <MEP directory ID> 23752-
Riksdagen person-idP1214External identifieridentifier at data.riksdagen.seMaria Arnholm <Riksdagen person-id> 0758652610-
Openpolis IDP1229External identifieridentifier in Openpolis, a database of Italian politiciansVittorio Agnoletto <Openpolis ID> 1-
Swiss parliament IDP1307External identifieridentifier for a member of the Swiss Parliament since 1848Jean Guinand <Swiss parliament ID> 99-
office held by head of governmentP1313Itempolitical office that is fulfilled by the head of the government of this itemUnited Kingdom <office held by head of government> Prime Minister of the United Kingdom-
PACE member IDP1331External identifieridentifier for a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of EuropeTina Acketoft <PACE member ID> 5864-
Italian Chamber of Deputies dati IDP1341External identifieridentifier for incumbent and former deputies from the Italian Chamber of DeputiesSergio Mattarella <Italian Chamber of Deputies dati ID> 23870-
political alignmentP1387Itempolitical position within the political spectrumLeft, Ecology and Freedom <political alignment> left-wing-
number of representatives in an organization/legislatureP1410Quantitynumber of seats a political party, faction, or group has in a given legislature-
History of Parliament IDP1614External identifieridentifier on the History of Parliament websiteJohn Aislabie <History of Parliament ID> 1690-1715/member/aislabie-john-1670-1742-
China Vitae IDP1631External identifieridentifier for a person in the China Vitae databaseXi Jinping <China Vitae ID> 303-
biography at the Bundestag of GermanyP1713URLlink to the biography pages of the German parliamentAngela Merkel <biography at the Bundestag of Germany>
Journalisted IDP1714External identifieridentifier on Journalisted, an independent, not-for-profit website (by Media Standards Trust) listing the published writing of journalistsEric Pickles <Journalisted ID> eric-pickles-
Parlement & Politiek IDP1749External identifierentry of described object on Parlement & Politiek, website describing Dutch politicsMark Rutte <Parlement & Politiek ID> vg9fgoprkxw3- IDP1808External identifieridentifier on the website of the French senateGérard Larcher < ID> senateur/larcher_gerard86034e-
electorateP1831Quantityset of persons qualified to vote during electionsSan Remigio <electorate> 34079-
US Federal Election Commission IDP1839External identifieridentifier assigned by the US Federal Election Commission for federal candidates, parties, and other committeesSteny Hoyer <US Federal Election Commission ID> H2MD05155-
eligible votersP1867Quantitynumber of eligible voters for a particular election2010 United Kingdom general election <eligible voters> 45597461-
ballots castP1868Quantitytotal number of ballot(s) cast, including invalid or blank ballots2010 United Kingdom general election <ballots cast> 29687604- IDP1883External identifierPerson ID on databaseVladimir Putin < ID> 582-
office held by head of stateP1906Itempolitical office that is fulfilled by the head of state of this itemIsrael <office held by head of state> President of Israel-
Dutch Senate person IDP1959External identifieridentifier for a person on the website of the Dutch SenateRené Dercksen <Dutch Senate person ID> r_g_j_dercksen_pvv-
PolSys IDP1980External identifieridentifier for a person in the PolSys database of Norwegian politiciansWilhelm Frimann Koren Christie <PolSys ID> 10552- biography pagesP1996External identifierlink to an MP or Peer's biography on parliament.ukDavid Cameron < biography pages> commons/mr-david-cameron/1467-
Hansard (1803–2005) IDP2015External identifieridentifier of a person in the Hansard 1803-2005 database, indexing speeches in the British parliament (both Commons and Lords)Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, 5th Baronet <Hansard (1803–2005) ID> sir-watkin-wynn-1-
PublicWhip IDP2169External identifieridentifer in the PublicWhip database of British MPsTom Watson <PublicWhip ID> Tom_Watson-
Hansard (2006–March 2016) IDP2170External identifieridentifier for a British MP in Hansard (2006–March 2016)Tom Watson <Hansard (2006–March 2016) ID> 4538-
TheyWorkForYou IDP2171External identifieridentifier in the 'TheyWorkForYou' database of British MPsTom Watson <TheyWorkForYou ID> 11309-
Parliamentary record identifierP2172External identifierParliamentary record identifier for British MPsTom Watson <Parliamentary record identifier> Tom-Watson/West-Bromwich-East/517-
BBC News Democracy Live IDP2173External identifierIdentifer in the BBC News Democracy Live database of British MPsTom Watson <BBC News Democracy Live ID> 25228-
Finnish MP IDP2181External identifiercode of the entry on the Finnish parliament databaseHeidi Hautala <Finnish MP ID> 352-
Finnish Ministers database IDP2182External identifiercode of the entry on the Finnish ministers databasePekka Haavisto <Finnish Ministers database ID> 91-
C-SPAN person IDP2190External identifieridentifier for a person's appearances on C-SPANVivian Schiller <C-SPAN person ID> vivianschiller-
PolitiFact Personality IDP2267External identifierperson or group whose statements have been fact checked by PolitiFact.comBarack Obama <PolitiFact Personality ID> barack-obama-
Member of the Hellenic Parliament IDP2278External identifieran identifier for members, or former members, of the national parliament of GreeceLiana Kanelli <Member of the Hellenic Parliament ID> 5e6d3676-ad5a-44e8-a997-ffaa03024f1e-
Austrian Parliament IDP2280External identifieridentifier for an individual, in the Austrian Parliament's "Who's Who" databaseDoris Bures <Austrian Parliament ID> 00145-
electorP2319Itempeople or other entities which are qualified to participate in the subject electionFrench senate elections <elector> French Grand Elector-
Ballotpedia IDP2390External identifiertitle of corresponding article on the Ballotpedia encyclopedia of American politics2016 United States presidential election <Ballotpedia ID> Presidential_election,_2016-
Italian Senate of the Republic IDP2549External identifieridentifier for incumbent and former senators from the Italian Senate of the RepublicGaetano Mancini <Italian Senate of the Republic ID> leg=05&id=6812-
OpenSecrets people IDP2686External identifieridentifier used by Opensecrets for people involved in US electionsPaul Ryan <OpenSecrets people ID> N00004357-
elected inP2715Itemqualifier for statements in position held to link the election in which a person gained a position from, or reelection in which the position was confirmed-
DSBE IDP2985External identifieridentifier in the Diccionario Biográfico del Socialismo EspañolPablo Iglesias Posse <DSBE ID> 10698_iglesias-posse-pablo-
age of candidacyP2998Quantityminimum age at which a person can legally qualify to hold certain elected government officesAustralia <age of candidacy> 18 years old-
Ontario MPP IDP3054External identifierofficial identifier for a Member of Provincial Parliament of OntarioDalton McGuinty <Ontario MPP ID> 66-
NAQ elected person IDP3055External identifierofficial identifier of a person elected to the National Assembly of Quebec (NAQ) or one of its predecessorsRobert Dutil <NAQ elected person ID> dutil-robert-641-
Storting person IDP3072External identifieridentifier for a Norwegian parliamentarian in the official Storting databaseTrygve Bratteli <Storting person ID> TRBR-
Minnesota legislator IDP3160External identifierofficial identifier for a Minnesota legislatorBill Luther <Minnesota legislator ID> 10390-
South Dakota legislator IDP3229External identifierofficial identifier for a South Dakota legislatorGladys Pyle <South Dakota legislator ID> 2954-
French National Assembly Lobbyist IDP3281External identifieridentifier of an individual lobbyist or lobbying organisation, at the French National AssemblySNCF <French National Assembly Lobbyist ID> 2054-
biography at the Landtag of Mecklenburg-VorpommernP3290External identifierlink to the biography pages at the Landtag of Mecklenburg-VorpommernErwin Sellering <biography at the Landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern> sellering-erwin-
Flemish Parliament person IDP3297External identifieridentifier for a person on the website of the Flemish ParliamentBob Van Hooland <Flemish Parliament person ID> 2587-
Belgian Senate person IDP3298External identifieridentifier for a person on the website of the Belgian SenateGeert Van Goethem <Belgian Senate person ID> 3995-
Vote Smart IDP3344External identifieridentifies candidates in US elections for national and state government within Project Vote Smart's databasePaul Ryan <Vote Smart ID> 26344-
Verkhovna Rada MP IDP3391External identifieridentifier for a member of Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine) on the official websiteAndriy Parubiy <Verkhovna Rada MP ID> 11584-
Australian Government Organisations Register IDP3534External identifieridentifier of an Australian government organisation within the Australian Government Organisations RegisterDepartment of the Prime Minister and Cabinet <Australian Government Organisations Register ID> 106396-
Chamber of Deputies of Italy storia IDP3935External identifieridentifier of a member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Kingdom of Sardinia, Chamber of Deputies of the Kingdom of Italy, or of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy, on the Chamber of Deputies of Italy websiteGiuseppe Garibaldi <Chamber of Deputies of Italy storia ID> giuseppe-garibaldi-18070704-
Italian Senate IDP3954External identifieridentifier of a member of the Senate of the Kingdom of Sardinia or of the Senate of the Kingdom of Italy on the Italian Senate websiteAntonio Fogazzaro <Italian Senate ID> f6f751231eb7d5c54125646f005bc9ca-
parliamentary groupP4100Itemparliamentary group which a member of a parliament belongs to-
French National Assembly IDP4123External identifieridentifier for a member of the French National Assembly on the official website (do not confuse with Sycomore ID)Nathalie Appéré <French National Assembly ID> 267706-
ESEC person IDP4126External identifieridentifier of a member of the French Economic, Social and Environmental CouncilIsabelle Autissier <ESEC person ID> autissier-
National Assembly of Nigeria IDP4139External identifieridentifier for a person on the National Assembly of Nigeria website, both for Representatives and SenatorsIke Ekweremadu <National Assembly of Nigeria ID> 817-
UK Electoral Commission IDP4217External identifieridentifier issued by the Electoral Commission in the UK to identify a political partySocial Democratic and Labour Party <UK Electoral Commission ID> PP55-
candidate numberP4243Stringnumber of the candidate in an electionJoonas Mäkinen <candidate number> 147-
TSE numberP4251External identifiernumber assigned by the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court to registered political partiesSocialism and Freedom Party <TSE number> 50-
number of constituenciesP4253Quantitynumber of constituencies related to a legislative bodyKronoberg Regional Council <number of constituencies> 4-
Landtag of Liechtenstein IDP4267External identifieridentifier of a member of the Landtag of LiechtensteinKarl Schädler <Landtag of Liechtenstein ID> 137-
Riigikogu IDP4287External identifieridentifier for a member of the Estonian ParliamentTaavi Rõivas <Riigikogu ID> 47201a8e-4ae7-45fa-8659-b47930d6f99c- IDP4434External identifiernote on, a biographical dictionary edited by the Société générale de presseLaurent Wauquiez < ID> WAUQUIEZ-Laurent,136865-
Argentine Senate member IDP4453External identifieridentifier for a member of the Senate of Argentina (incumbent)-
Argentine Chamber of Deputies IDP4454External identifieridentifier for a member of the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina (only incumbent)-
Rush Parliamentary Archive IDP4471External identifierDatabase of British members of parliament, 1832-2005Henry Maitland Clark <Rush Parliamentary Archive ID> 8600-
UK Parliament thesaurus IDP4527External identifierThesaurus of subject headings maintained by the libraries of the House of Commons and House of Lords in the UK. Covers around 110,000 topics (concepts, people, places, organisations, legislation, etc), with a structured taxonomy.David Cameron <UK Parliament thesaurus ID> 299535-
Welsh assembly IDP4651External identifierIdentifier issued by the National Assembly for WalesCarwyn Jones <Welsh assembly ID> 102-
CPDOC IDP4660External identifieridentifier for a bibliographic record in the Center for Research and Documentation of Contemporary History of Brazil (CPDOC)Ulysses Guimarães <CPDOC ID> ulisses-silveira-guimaraes-
Buenos Aires legislator IDP4667External identifieridentifier for a member of the Buenos Aires City LegislatureJorge Altamira <Buenos Aires legislator ID> 520-
Oireachtas member IDP4690External identifieridentifier issued by the Oireachtas for parliament members (both Dáil and Séanad) in IrelandLeo Varadkar <Oireachtas member ID> Leo-Varadkar.D.2007-06-14-
OpenSecrets organization IDP4691External identifieridentifier used by Opensecrets for organizations involved in US electionsPerkins Coie LLP <OpenSecrets organization ID> D000036616-
Argentine deputy votations IDP4693External identifieridentifier for votations and absentism statistics of a member of the Argentine Chamber of DeputiesNéstor Pitrola <Argentine deputy votations ID> 87-
HATVP person IDP4703External identifieridentifier for a French politician on the High Authority for Transparency in Public Life websiteValérie Pécresse <HATVP person ID> pecresse-valerie-
Maitron IDP4724External identifieridentifier for a person on the online version of Le Maitron, a biographical dictionary of French labour movementJacques Chérèque <Maitron ID> 19790-
C-SPAN organization IDP4725External identifieridentifier for an organization, on C-SPANUnited States Senate <C-SPAN organization ID> 187-
member of the Assembly of Madrid IDP4797External identifieridentifier for a person in the Assembly of Madrid webpageCristina Almeida <member of the Assembly of Madrid ID> 829-
BWSA IDP4811External identifierBiographical lexicon of socialism and labor unions in the NetherlandsWillem Albarda <BWSA ID> B360917D-35A0-4F2E-816A-5B3C4B5699A1-
Bargeton IDP4906External identifieridentifier of a French prefect on the Dictionnaire biographique des préfets, said "Bargeton" (1870-1980)Georges Abadie <Bargeton ID> 20abd2454056fbb7c093f80ff7ebb1443dce74f6-
Premiers préfets IDP4944External identifieridentifier of a prefect on the online version of Les Préfets du 11 ventôse an VIII au 4 septembre 1870Jean-Baptiste d'Albertas <Premiers préfets ID> fbd1bfedae033b6f54ff2cc3269a5b91ba748a54-
Hungarian National Assembly identifierP4966External identifieridentifier for a past or present member or office-holder of the Hungarian ParliamentViktor Orbán <Hungarian National Assembly identifier> o320-
PRS Legislative Research MP IDP4978External identifieridentifier for Member of Parliaments of India tracked in PRS Legislative Research websiteParesh Rawal <PRS Legislative Research MP ID> pareshrawal-
National Governors Association biography URLP4997URLbiographical entry in the website of the National Governors AssociationEdward Irving Edwards <National Governors Association biography URL>
cabinetP5054Itemqualifier for "position held" (P39) to indicate the cabinet to which belongs a minister-
Chinese Political Elites Database IDP5142External identifieridentifer for a Chinese politician in the Chinese Political Elites DatabaseXi Jinping <Chinese Political Elites Database ID> 1138227-
Armenian Parliamentary IDP5213External identifieridentifier for a Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, in its official websiteAra Babloyan <Armenian Parliamentary ID> 1159-
Argentine biography deputy IDP5225External identifierbiography of an Argentine deputy from the Chamber of Deputies' websitePablo Sebastián López <Argentine biography deputy ID> 6826-
Party Number (Taiwan)P5296External identifieridentifier assigned to parties registered in Taiwan by the Ministry of the InteriorKuomintang <Party Number (Taiwan)> 1-
DLCM IDP5303External identifieridentifier for a past or present member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong in the Database on Legislative Council MembersHolden Chow <DLCM ID> 925- politician IDP5355External identifieridentifier for a German politician, in the databaseAngela Merkel < politician ID> 79137-
EuroVoc IDP5437External identifieridentifier for an area of government activity, in the European Union's EuroVoc thesaurusorganization <EuroVoc ID> 4189- president IDP5440External identifieridentifier of a president of the French Republic on elysee.frEmmanuel Macron < president ID> emmanuel-macron-biographie-
Biographical Articles of the Library of Congress of ChileP5442External identifierBiographical Articles of the Library of Congress of Chile ID-
House of Representatives of Morocco IDP5451External identifieridentifier for a person on the House of Representatives of Morocco websiteOmar Balafrej <House of Representatives of Morocco ID> obalafrej-
Conseil constitutionnel IDP5457External identifieridentifier of a member of the 'Conseil constitutionnel' on its websiteGeorges Abadie <Conseil constitutionnel ID> 98205-
Partis d'Arcadie IDP5727External identifieridentifier for a political party on 'Les Partis d'Arcadie'National Republican Movement <Partis d'Arcadie ID> mouvement-national-republicain-
political coalitionP5832Itemagreement for cooperation between different political parties-
Northern Ireland Assembly IDP5870External identifierIdentifier for a member of the Northern Ireland AssemblyGerry Adams <Northern Ireland Assembly ID> 1-
UOL Eleições IDP5892External identifierіdentifier for elections in Brazil containing voting data for each position per StateState elections in Acre in 2014 for Federal Deputy <UOL Eleições ID> 2014/06/AC-
member of the Portuguese parliament IDP6199External identifierid in the Portuguese Parliament DatabaseAntónio Costa <member of the Portuguese parliament ID> 156-
UK Parliament identifierP6213External identifieridentifier used by the UK Parliament linked-data systemDiane Abbott <UK Parliament identifier> 43RHonMf-
DIZIE IDP6414External identifieridentifier for a topic on the online version of the Dizionario dell'integrazione europeaAndré Voisin <DIZIE ID> voisin-andre-