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Wikidata property for an identifier (Q19847637)

Wikidata property for authority control[edit]

see Wikidata:List of properties/Wikidata property for an identifier/authority control

Wikidata property for a multi-source identifier[edit]

ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
ISBN-13P212External identifieridentifier for a book (edition), thirteen digitLa Fraternité de l'Anneau <ISBN-13> 978-2-267-02700-6-
inventory numberP217Stringidentifier for a physical object or a set of physical objects in a collectionThe Night Watch <inventory number> SK-C-5-
ticker symbolP249Stringidentifier for a publicly traded share of a particular stock on a particular stock market or that of a cryptocurrencyMicrosoft <ticker symbol> MSFT-
postal codeP281Stringidentifier assigned by postal authorities for the subject area or buildingBern <postal code> 3000-
station codeP296Stringgeneric identifier for a railway station, when possible, use specific property on certain coding system (e.g. P1378 for China Railway TMIS codes)Reuchenette-Péry Station <station code> REU-
licence plate codeP395Stringdistinguishing signs or parts of license plate associated with the subject. For countries: international licence plate country code or distinguishing sign of vehiclesQatar <licence plate code> Q-
local dialing codeP473Stringidentifier dedicated to subject city by the area communication networkMilan <local dialing code> 02-
catalog codeP528Stringcatalog name of an object, use with qualifier P972The Night Watch <catalog code> 2016-
runwayP529Stringname (direction) of runway at airport/airfield/airstripOulu Airport <runway> 12/30-
website usernameP554Stringusername on a website that the person or organization has an account on (only use as qualifier of P553)Eric Schmidt <website username> ericschmidt-
yard numberP617Stringidentifier of a ship assigned by its builder (shipyard)Costa Concordia <yard number> 6122-
street numberP670Stringnumber in the street address. To be used as a qualifier of Property:P669 "located on street"White House <street number> 1600-
International Standard Identifier for LibrariesP791Stringidentifier for a library or related organizationLibrary of Congress <International Standard Identifier for Libraries> US-DLC-
military designationP798Stringofficially assigned designation for a vehicle in military serviceAero Commander 500 <military designation> U-9-
pennant numberP879Stringthe number or designation associated with individual warships, often painted on the hull-
ISINP946Stringidentifier for a securityNew World Resources <ISIN> GB00B42CTW68-
burial plot referenceP965Stringstring of references which identify a specific plot in a burial area, e.g. cemeteryPeter Abelard <burial plot reference> Division 7, #1-
located at street addressP969Stringfull street address that the subject is located at. Include building number through to post code. Use also P669 if the street is known as a separate elementWhite House <located at street address> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20500 U.S.-
legal citation of this textP1031Stringlegal citation of legislation or a court decisionMiranda v. Arizona <legal citation of this text> 384 U.S. 436-
GewässerkennzahlP1183Stringa number to hydrographically order rivers and streams, use more specific properties where possiblePfreimd <Gewässerkennzahl> CZ/4-01-02-001-
file extensionP1195Stringidentifier for a file format (e.g. txt for a text file) used as suffix to the file name, don't use dot at starttext file <file extension> txt-
series ordinalP1545Stringposition of an item in its parent series, generally to be used as a qualifier. Different from "rank"B <series ordinal> 2-
route numberP1671Stringnumber of a railway linePlaue–Themar railway line <route number> KBS 566-
Pokémon browser numberP1685Stringa Pokémon identification numberPichu <Pokémon browser number> R-001-
road numberP1824Stringnumber assigned to a stretch of public roadwayInterstate 69 <road number> I-69-
anti-virus aliasP1845Stringalias issued by anti-virus companies to classify malware-
street keyP1945Stringidentification number for a specific street within the street cadastre of a municipalityAugustastraße <street key> 2046-
EXIF modelP2009Stringstring as it appears in the EXIF generated by a cameraSony Alpha 550 <EXIF model> DSLR-A550-
EXIF makeP2010Stringstring of the manufacturer as it appears in the EXIF generated by a specific digital camera modelSony Alpha 550 <EXIF make> SONY-
Florentine musea catalogue IDP2242External identifieridentifier for artworks from the catalogue of the national Florentine museaPortrait of Cosimo il Vecchio <Florentine musea catalogue ID> 00099590-
mobile network codeP2259Stringcode for mobile networks defined by ITU-T Recommendation E.212China Mobile <mobile network code> 00-
call signP2317Stringshort form identifier for a radio operator or broadcaster and (as flag signal) previous for watercraftsMercury-Redstone 3 <call sign> Freedom 7-
article IDP2322Stringidentifier for an article in an online publicationEcological guild evolution and the discovery of the world's smallest vertebrate. <article ID> e29797-
production codeP2364Stringproduction code of a television episodeKif Gets Knocked Up a Notch <production code> 4ACV01-
serial numberP2598Stringan identifier for a specific object among the same product. Not a product code or model numberJohn F. Kennedy assassination rifle <serial number> C 2766-
rating certificate IDP2676Stringreference certificate identifier of content rating decisionsStar Wars: The Force Awakens <rating certificate ID> 50155-
trunk prefixP3238Stringa digit or digits to be dialled before a telephone number to initiate a telephone call for the purpose of selecting an appropriate telecommunications circuit by which the call is to be routedGermany <trunk prefix> 0-
Polish cultural heritage register numberP3424External identifierreference in a Polish cultural heritage registerQ11746560 <Polish cultural heritage register number> R/488/56-
LoC and MARC vocabularies IDP4801External identifieridentifier for an item in one of the controlled vocabularies maintained by the Library of Congressglobe <LoC and MARC vocabularies ID> resourceTypes/glo-

Wikidata property for an international standard identifier[edit]

ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
ISBN-13P212External identifieridentifier for a book (edition), thirteen digitLa Fraternité de l'Anneau <ISBN-13> 978-2-267-02700-6-
ISNIP213External identifierInternational Standard Name Identifier for an identity. Format: 4 blocks of 4 digits separated by a space, first block is 0000.Norway <ISNI> 0001 2197 5163 0000 0001 2197 5163-
ISINP946Stringidentifier for a securityNew World Resources <ISIN> GB00B42CTW68-
ISBN-10P957External identifieridentifier for a book (edition), ten digitHamlet, Prince of Denmark <ISBN-10> 0-521-22151-X-
ISBN publisher prefixP3035External identifierpart of an ISBN(-13) specific to a publisherScottish Academic Press <ISBN publisher prefix> 978-0-7073-
ISBN identifier groupP3097External identifierISBN prefix for countries or languagesEnglish <ISBN identifier group> 978-0-
International Standard Audiovisual NumberP3212External identifierunique identifier for audiovisual works and related versions, similar to ISBN for booksSlack Bay <International Standard Audiovisual Number> 0000-0003-F322-0000-E-0000-0000-W-

Wikidata property for ontology mapping[edit]

ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
equivalent propertyP1628URLequivalent property in other ontologies (use in statements on properties, use property URI)-
equivalent classP1709URLequivalent class in other ontologies (use property URI)bus stop <equivalent class>
formatter URI for RDF resourceP1921Stringformatter URL for RDF resource: URI template from which "$1" can be automatically replaced with the effective property value on items (it is the URI of the resources, not the URI of the RDF file describing it)-
external superpropertyP2235URLall resources related by this property are also related to that property from an external vocabulary-
external subpropertyP2236URLall resources related by the property from external vocabularies are also related to this property-
exact matchP2888URLused to link two concepts, indicating a high degree of confidence that the concepts can be used interchangeablysoil <exact match>
narrower external classP3950URLmore specific subclass included in other ontology but not in Wikidatacollector <narrower external class>
mapping relation typeP4390Itemqualifier to more precisely define the relation of the item to the external identifier using SKOSOverseas countries and territories <mapping relation type> close match-

Wikidata property for an identifier having a checksum[edit]

ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
ISBN-13P212External identifieridentifier for a book (edition), thirteen digitLa Fraternité de l'Anneau <ISBN-13> 978-2-267-02700-6-
ISSNP236External identifierInternational Standard Serial Number (print or electronic)The Guardian <ISSN> 0261-3077-
ORCID iDP496External identifieridentifier for a personMike Taylor <ORCID iD> 0000-0002-1003-5675-
ISINP946Stringidentifier for a securityNew World Resources <ISIN> GB00B42CTW68-
ISBN-10P957External identifieridentifier for a book (edition), ten digitHamlet, Prince of Denmark <ISBN-10> 0-521-22151-X-
ISMNP1208External identifierInternational Standard Music NumberThree Bagatelles <ISMN> 979-0-001-11903-0-
ISWCP1827External identifieridentifier for musical works, adopted as international standard ISO 15707Symphony No. 9 <ISWC> T-905.029.737-5-
EDRPOU codeP3125External identifierUkrainian state registry legal entity identifierNaftogaz <EDRPOU code> 20077720-
FANTOIR codeP3182External identifierunique code to identify French thoroughfares and placesrue Duguesclin <FANTOIR code> 3502382660T-
UAI codeP3202External identifierofficial identifier of a French educational establishmentLycée Henri-IV <UAI code> 0750654D-
International Standard Audiovisual NumberP3212External identifierunique identifier for audiovisual works and related versions, similar to ISBN for booksSlack Bay <International Standard Audiovisual Number> 0000-0003-F322-0000-E-0000-0000-W-
FR SIRET numberP3215External identifiernumber of a French establishment or companyWikimedia France <FR SIRET number> 48179646400024-
IPI base codeP3453External identifierthe international code for a legal entity or artist for copyright administration around Interested Parties InformationPablo Picasso <IPI base code> I-001068130-6-
FirmenbuchnummerP5285External identifierAustrian company register IDVerbund <Firmenbuchnummer> 76023z-

Wikidata property to identify databases[edit]

ID Data type Description Examples Inverse IDP4824External identifieridentifier in the register of organization databases org-id.guideSIRENE < ID> FR-RCS-
OpenDOAR IDP5332External identifieridentifier in the Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR)Riunet <OpenDOAR ID> 1560-


ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
ISO 639-1 codeP218External identifiertwo-letter identifier for a language or family of languages defined in ISO 639-1 standardJapanese <ISO 639-1 code> ja-
ISO 639-2 codeP219External identifieridentifier for a language or macrolanguage or language family language, defined in ISO 639-2 standard, 3-letter technical or bibliographical  codeJapanese <ISO 639-2 code> jpn-
ISO 639-3 codeP220External identifieridentifier for a language defined in ISO 639-3Japanese <ISO 639-3 code> jpn-
ISO 639-6 codeP221External identifieridentifier for a language per ISO 639-6Cantonese <ISO 639-6 code> yyef-
ICAO airport codeP239Stringfour-character alphanumeric identifier for designating airports (for airlines, see P230)Pierrefonds Airport <ICAO airport code> FMEP-
GOST 7.75–97 codeP278External identifieridentifier for a language according to GOST 7.75–97-
EE breed numberP303External identifierbreed identification number per the EE list of the breeds of fancy pigeons (ELFP)Danish Suabian <EE breed number> 0404-
DOIP356External identifierserial code used to uniquely identify digital objects like academic papersEcological guild evolution and the discovery of the world's smallest vertebrate. <DOI> 10.1371/JOURNAL.PONE.0029797-
aircraft registrationP426Stringidentifier assigned to an individual aircraft by civil aircraft registrySpirit of St. Louis <aircraft registration> N-X-211-
country calling codeP474Stringidentifier for a country - dialed on phone after the international dialing prefix (precede value by +)Greece <country calling code> +30-
CELEX numberP476External identifieridentifier for European legal texts in EUR-Lex databaseTreaty of Lisbon <CELEX number> 12007L/TXT-
Wine AppDB-IDP600External identifieridentifier for an application in the AppDB of WineHQIrfanView <Wine AppDB-ID> 163-
MedlinePlus IDP604External identifierhealth information from U.S. government agencies, and health-related organizationsmyocardial infarction <MedlinePlus ID> 000195-
PDB structure IDP638External identifieridentifier for 3D structural data as per the PDB (Protein Data Bank) databaseHydroxysteroid 11-beta dehydrogenase 1 <PDB structure ID> 4P38-
ZVG numberP679External identifieridentifier of GESTIS databasebenzene <ZVG number> 10060-
Neurolex IDP696External identifieridentifier in the Neurolex databasecone cell <Neurolex ID> sao1103104164-
Dodis IDP701External identifieridentifier in the dodis database (Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland 1945-1969), see Q661051Henri Guisan <Dodis ID> P495-
Ensembl Transcript IDP704External identifiertranscript ID issued by Ensembl databaseRELN <Ensembl Transcript ID> ENST00000428762-
Dana 8th editionP714External identifiermineral classification Dana 8th editiondiamond <Dana 8th edition>
Minor Planet Center observatory codeP717External identifierobservational data for minor planets (asteroids) and cometsSimeiz Observatory <Minor Planet Center observatory code> 094-
BGS Lexicon IDP732External identifieridentifier for a stratigraphic unit given by the British Geological SurveyOld Red Sandstone <BGS Lexicon ID> ORS-
DPLA IDP760External identifieridentifier for books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records that have been digitised throughout United States-
Air Ministry specification IDP799Stringidentifier for an aircraft specification issued by the United Kingdom Air MinistryFirefly II <Air Ministry specification ID> F.20/27-
arXiv IDP818External identifieridentifier of a document in arXiv pre-print archiveA catalogue of multiplicity among bright stellar systems <arXiv ID> 0806.2878-
Meteoritical Bulletin Database IDP824External identifieridentifier for a meteorite in the database of the Meteoritical SocietyNorthwest Africa 7034 <Meteoritical Bulletin Database ID> 54831-
OEIS IDP829External identifieridentifer on the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer SequencesFermat number <OEIS ID> A000215-
GSS code (2011)P836External identifiernine-character UK Government Statistical Service code, introduced in 2011 to replace older ONS codesBolton <GSS code (2011)> E08000001-
IMSLP IDP839External identifieridentifier for a page on the International Music Score Library Project-
UBIGEO codeP844External identifieridentifier for a geographical location in Peru used by the National Statistics InstituteCusco <UBIGEO code> 08-
BMLOP865External identifieridentifier per Bayerisches Musiker-Lexikon Online (Q47191)Lorenz Hauslaib <BMLO> h1795-
ROME Occupation Code (v3)P867External identifierROME Code for a given occupation in France (V3, 1 letter, 4 digits)librarian <ROME Occupation Code (v3)> K1601-
State Water Register Code (Russia)P884External identifieridentifier of a body of water in RussiaQ4114311 <State Water Register Code (Russia)> 17040200112117600008474-
LIRP886External identifieridentifier in the Lexicon istoric retic (LIR), Romansh variant of Historical Dictionary of SwitzerlandRom <LIR> 2639-
zbMATH work IDP894External identifieridentifier in the zbMath databaseGrothendieck's Tôhoku paper <zbMATH work ID> 0118.26104-
United States Army and Air Force aircraft designationP897Stringidentifier for a US Army and Air Force aircraft until 1962Beech 18 <United States Army and Air Force aircraft designation> C-45-
HDS IDP902External identifieridentifier in HDS/HLS/DHS/DSS: Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (Q642074), a national encyclopediaVacallo <HDS ID> 2247-
South African municipality codeP911External identifieridentifier for a municipality in South AfricaCity of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality <South African municipality code> JHB-
GRAU indexP917External identifierindex of Russian (and Soviet) weapons and rockets-
National Library of Israel IDP949External identifieridentifier for authority control used at the National Library of IsraelDouglas Adams <National Library of Israel ID> 000163846-
code for weekend and holiday homes (Sweden)P980External identifieridentifier for a for weekend or holiday home in Sweden, assigned by Statistics SwedenHyndevad <code for weekend and holiday homes (Sweden)> F2240-
DMOZ IDP998External identifiercategory path at Open Directory ProjectAfrica <DMOZ ID> Regional/Africa/-
ARICNSP999External identifieridentifier for stars in ARICNSGliese 849 <ARICNS> 01809-
CNO-11 occupation codeP1022External identifierSpanish classification of occupations CNO-11 maintained by the Spanish INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística)librarian <CNO-11 occupation code> 2912-
Portuguese Job Code CPP-2010P1052External identifierastronomer <Portuguese Job Code CPP-2010> 2111.2-
CODENP1159External identifierCODEN bibliographic codeNature <CODEN> NATUAS-
GewässerkennzahlP1183Stringa number to hydrographically order rivers and streams, use more specific properties where possiblePfreimd <Gewässerkennzahl> CZ/4-01-02-001-
US National Archives IdentifierP1225External identifieridentifier for the United States National Archives and Records Administration's online catalogAbraham Lincoln <US National Archives Identifier> 10580370-
Openpolis IDP1229External identifieridentifier in Openpolis, a database of Italian politiciansVittorio Agnoletto <Openpolis ID> 1-
Linguist list codeP1232External identifieridentifier for a language per Linguist listAlipur Sign Language <Linguist list code> 1kt-
Parsons codeP1236External identifieridentifier for melodic contours of musicSilent Night <Parsons code> *udduuddurdurdurudddudduruddduddurudduuddduddd-
International Standard Recording CodeP1243External identifieridentifierEnquanto Houver Sol <International Standard Recording Code> BRBMG0300729-
OmegaWiki Defined MeaningP1245External identifier"Defined Meaning" on the site OmegaWikiapple <OmegaWiki Defined Meaning> 5781-
ABS ASCL codeP1251External identifierAustralian Standard Classification of Languages ID for languagesDravidian languages <ABS ASCL code> 51-
AUSTLANG codeP1252External identifieridentifier for a language in the Australian Indigenous Languages DatabaseNgan’gityemerri language <AUSTLANG code> N157*-
RundataP1261External identifierdatabase about runestones, mainly in Sweden, but stones in all of Europe, Greenland and U.S. can be found here-
Norway Database for Statistics on Higher education publisher IDP1271External identifieridentifierWalter de Gruyter <Norway Database for Statistics on Higher education publisher ID> 18493-
Norway Import Service and Registration Authority publisher codeP1275External identifieridentifierWalter de Gruyter <Norway Import Service and Registration Authority publisher code> 355-
KDG Komponisten der GegenwartP1287External identifieridentifier on the Munzinger ArchivSalvatore Sciarrino <KDG Komponisten der Gegenwart> 17000000532-
KLfG Critical Dictionary of foreign contemporary literatureP1289External identifierDavid Lodge <KLfG Critical Dictionary of foreign contemporary literature> 18000000676-
Royal Aero Club Aviator's Certificate IDP1293External identifieridentifier-
IRS Employer Identification NumberP1297External identifiernumber given to businesses by the United States Internal Revenue ServiceGoogle <IRS Employer Identification Number> 77-0493581-
bibcodeP1300External identifierbibcode for a journalCelestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy <bibcode> CeMDA-
Terminologia Anatomica 98 IDP1323External identifierTerminologia Anatomica (1998 edition) human anatomical terminology identifiertibia <Terminologia Anatomica 98 ID> A02.5.06.001-
phone numberP1329Stringtelephone number in standard format (RFC3966), without 'tel:' prefixWhite House <phone number> [tel:+1-202-456-1414 +1-202-456-1414]-
EPSG CRSP1338External identifieridentifier for coordinate reference systems per European Petroleum Survey Group Geodetic Parameter DatasetSWEREF99 <EPSG CRS> 4619-
National Cancer Institute IDP1395External identifieridentifier at
Linguasphere codeP1396Stringidentifier for a language from Linguasphere ObservatoryPatagonian Welsh <Linguasphere code> 50-ABA-abf-
Encyclopædia Britannica Online IDP1417External identifieridentifer for an article in the online version of Encyclopædia BritannicaAlfred Hitchcock <Encyclopædia Britannica Online ID> biography/Alfred-Hitchcock-
Jewish Encyclopedia ID (Russian)P1438Stringidentifier on the Electronic Jewish Encyclopedia (Elektronnaja Evrejskaja Entsiklopedia)Christopher Columbus <Jewish Encyclopedia ID (Russian)> 12170-
Patientplus IDP1461Stringidentifier of disease at Patient UKAsperger syndrome <Patientplus ID> Asperger's-Syndrome.htm-
WALS lect codeP1466External identifieridentifier for a languageMartu Wangka <WALS lect code> mwa-
WALS genus codeP1467External identifieridentifier for a language genusHarakmbut languages <WALS genus code> harakmbet-
WALS family codeP1468External identifieridentifier for a language familyGuaicuruan languages <WALS family code> guaicuruan-
Executive Order numberP1555External identifieridentifier for an executive order of the USExecutive Order 6102 <Executive Order number> 6102-
MalaCards IDP1583External identifieridentifier in the Malacards database of diseasesHuntington disease <MalaCards ID> huntingtons_disease- codeP1627External identifieridentifier for a language in ethnologue.comPolish < code> pol-
YouTube video IDP1651External identifieridentifier of a video on YouTube; for channels use P2397; for playlists use P4300Michael Jackson's Thriller <YouTube video ID> sOnqjkJTMaA-
DOI prefixP1662External identifieridentifier specific to a DOI registrantPublic Library of Science <DOI prefix> 10.1371-
Chess Games IDP1665External identifieridentifier on the website Chess Games ( Caruana <Chess Games ID> 76172-
Florentine musea Inventario 1890 IDP1726External identifiernational florentine musea inventory from 1890 identifierCharity <Florentine musea Inventario 1890 ID> 2157-
Steam Application IDP1733External identifieridentifier for an application available from the Steam distribution platformVVVVVV <Steam Application ID> 70300-
Merck Index monographP1738External identifierURL stem of page in The Merck Index OnlineD-ribofuranose (closed ring structure, relative stereochemistry) <Merck Index monograph> mono1500008328-
GTAA IDP1741External identifieridentifier for GTAA, a thesaurus used in audiovisual archives (NISV, EYE)André van Duin <GTAA ID> 95024-
NCI Thesaurus IDP1748Stringidentifier in the United States National Cancer Institute Thesaurus, vocabulary for clinical care, translational and basic research, etcCornelia de Lange syndrome <NCI Thesaurus ID> C75016-
Art UK collection IDP1751External identifieridentifier for art collections, in the UKHereford Museum and Art Gallery <Art UK collection ID> hereford-museum-and-art-gallery-637-
National Pipe Organ Register IDP1763External identifieridentifier in the (United Kingdom) National Pipe Organ RegisterChurch Of St George <National Pipe Organ Register ID> N06500-
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System IDP1771External identifieridentifier for colleges and universities in the United StatesValparaiso University <Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System ID> 152600-
ISO 639-5 codeP1798External identifieridentifier for a language family per ISO 639-5Greek <ISO 639-5 code> grk-
Wikimedia database nameP1800External identifieridentifier for a Wikimedia project databaseEnglish Wikipedia <Wikimedia database name> enwiki-
Open Food Facts food additive idP1820Stringrepresents a food additive on Open Food Factscarmine <Open Food Facts food additive id> e120-cochineal-
Open Food Facts food category IDP1821External identifierrepresents a food category on Open Food Factsapple juice <Open Food Facts food category ID> apple-juices-
IPI name numberP1828External identifieridentifier for the name of a composer, author and other relevant partiesBrian May <IPI name number> 00087038166-
Gaoloumi IDP1837External identifieridentifier for a building in the Gaoloumi databaseMaxdo Centre <Gaoloumi ID> 760-
PSS-archi IDP1838External identifieridentifier for a building in the PSS-archi databaseEiffel tower <PSS-archi ID> FR-75056-19-
US Federal Election Commission IDP1839External identifieridentifier assigned by the US Federal Election Commission for federal candidates, parties, and other committeesSteny Hoyer <US Federal Election Commission ID> H2MD05155-
VIOLIN IDP1925External identifieridentifier in the VIOLIN database for vaccines and related subjectsInfluvac <VIOLIN ID> 597-
ClinVar Variation IDP1929External identifieridentifier in the ClinVar database for human genomic variationNM 000492.3(CFTR):c.1521 1523delCTT (p.Phe508delPhe) <ClinVar Variation ID> 7105-
Mapillary IDP1947External identifierID for a photo on Mapillary, a service for crowdsourcing map photosRudolf de Novarra <Mapillary ID> _zlxQH0P9_sKuJjE9_NuBA-
Biblioteca Nacional de Chile catalogue numberP1966External identifiercatalogue number for books (editions), periodical, magazine, map, photography and other media in the Biblioteca Nacional de ChileEl Marino <Biblioteca Nacional de Chile catalogue number> 000512382-
Twitter usernameP2002External identifierthis item's username on Twitter; do not include the “@” symbolNational Aeronautics and Space Administration <Twitter username> NASA-
Instagram usernameP2003External identifieritem's username on InstagramNational Aeronautics and Space Administration <Instagram username> nasa-
LinkedIn personal profile URLP2035URLpublic autobiographic profile URL of a person at LinkedIn; not for use with companiesJoan Rivers <LinkedIn personal profile URL> IDP2074External identifierID in the Swedish database about medical topicstrichinosis < ID> 3911-
AcademiaNet IDP2080External identifieridentifier in the AcademiaNet database for excellent female scientistsAngelika Schwabe-Kratochwil <AcademiaNet ID> 1033605-
Guthrie codeP2161External identifierGuthrie code of a Bantu languageKirundi <Guthrie code> JD.62- IDP2192External identifierSirionó < ID> 2730-
mobile network codeP2259Stringcode for mobile networks defined by ITU-T Recommendation E.212China Mobile <mobile network code> 00-
mix'n'match catalogue IDP2264External identifierID of the catalogue corresponding to the property in the mix'n'match tool-
Hederich encyclopedia article IDP2272External identifierentry in Hederich’s encyclopedia of mythology, 3rd edition (1770), via
Heidelberg Academy for Sciences and Humanities member IDP2273External identifierentry in the list of members of the Heidelberg Academy for Sciences and HumanitiesGerhard Ebeling <Heidelberg Academy for Sciences and Humanities member ID> 1-
Magdeburger Biographisches LexikonP2277External identifierbiographical article about people from the Magdeburg areaFranz Karl Achard <Magdeburger Biographisches Lexikon> 0504-
NSDAP membership number (1925–1945)P2298External identifierGerhardt Preuschen <NSDAP membership number (1925–1945)> 5318725-
Swedish Olympic Committee athlete IDP2323External identifierentry in the bibliographic database of the Swedish Olympic Committee (Swedish: Sveriges Olympiska Kommitté, SOK)Anna Lindberg <Swedish Olympic Committee athlete ID> a/anna-lindberg-
issued byP2378Itemorganisation that issues or allocates an identifierNorwegian organization number <issued by> Brønnøysund Register Centre-
Ballotpedia IDP2390External identifiertitle of corresponding article on the Ballotpedia encyclopedia of American politicsUnited States presidential election, 2016 <Ballotpedia ID> Presidential_election,_2016-
WikiPathways IDP2410Stringdescribes in which biological pathways a biological entity occursGlycerophospholipid Biosynthetic Pathway <WikiPathways ID> WP2533-
Theatricalia theatre IDP2468External identifieridentifier for a theatre, in the databaseBirmingham Repertory Theatre <Theatricalia theatre ID> 7c-
Railways Archive event IDP2478External identifierEvent ID in the Railways Archive databaseaccident at Parkside <Railways Archive event ID> 1-
NCES District IDP2483External identifieridentifier for a school district or education agency in the United StatesLos Angeles Unified School District <NCES District ID> 0622710-
NCES School IDP2484External identifierIdentifier for a school in the United StatesGrafton High School <NCES School ID> 550561002248-
OM institution IDP2493External identifieridentifier of primary and secondary schools at the Hungarian Ministry of EducationVarga Katalin Secondary School <OM institution ID> 035990-
UCSC Genome Browser assembly IDP2576External identifieridentifier of a UCSC's release of a genomeGenome assembly GRCh38 <UCSC Genome Browser assembly ID> hg38-
Statistics Indonesia ethnicity codeP2589External identifierethnicity code in Indonesia by Statistics IndonesiaAbai <Statistics Indonesia ethnicity code> 0514 1-
BPS language codeP2590External identifierlanguage code in Indonesia issued by Statistics IndonesiaOrya <BPS language code> 1094 5-
ISO 4063 process numberP2766External identifieridentifier for a process, in the ISO-approved classification scheme for welding & soldering processesshielded metal arc welding <ISO 4063 process number> 111-
ASF KID Cave Tag NumberP2792External identifierunique identifier for caves within the Karst Index Database of the Australian Speleological FederationMammoth Cave <ASF KID Cave Tag Number> 6WI-38-
3DMet IDP2796External identifieridentifier of chemical compounds in 3DMet databasegamma-glutamylcysteine <3DMet ID> B01305-
HowLongToBeat IDP2816External identifieridentifier of a video game at the website HowLongToBeatTomb Raider <HowLongToBeat ID> 10469-
Joint Electronics Type Designation Automated System designationP2832External identifierunclassified designator for United States military electronic equipmentAN/MPQ-64 Sentinel <Joint Electronics Type Designation Automated System designation> AN/MPQ-64-
band numberP2865External identifieridentifier of First Nation in CanadaBeaver First Nation <band number> 445-
miRBase pre-miRNA IDP2870External identifieridentifier for pre-miRNAs in miRBase, the reference database for microRNAshsa-mir-127 <miRBase pre-miRNA ID> MI0000472-
miRBase mature miRNA IDP2871External identifieridentifier for mature miRNAs in miRBase, the reference database for microRNAshsa-miR-127-3p <miRBase mature miRNA ID> MIMAT0000446-
Minitel codeP2878External identifieraccess code of a service on the Minitel VideotexCrédit Mutuel <Minitel code> 3615 CMUT-
UMLS CUIP2892External identifierNLM Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) controlled biomedical vocabulary unique identifiervemurafenib <UMLS CUI> C3192263-
Skype usernameP2893StringSkype instant messenger user nameAndrea James <Skype username> [skype:%5Bskype%3Aandreajeanjames%20andreajeanjames%5D [skype:andreajeanjames andreajeanjames]]-
fax numberP2900Stringtelephone number of fax lineMaison de Victor Hugo <fax number> [tel:+33-1-42-72-06-64 +33-1-42-72-06-64]-
Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers identifierP2931External identifieridentifier for triangle centers used in the Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers, founded by Clark Kimberlingde Longchamps point <Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers identifier> X(20)-
Pleiades category identifierP2938External identifiercategory (former place type) identifier in the Pleiades gazetteertumulus <Pleiades category identifier> tumulus-
Dailymotion channel IDP2942External identifieridentifier of the Dailymotion channel of a person, or organizationUnion of Democrats and Independents <Dailymotion channel ID> TV-udi-
EU River Basin District codeP2965External identifierunique code for an EU River Basin DistrictEider <EU River Basin District code> DE9500-
QUDT unit IDP2968External identifieridentifier for unit of measure definition according to QUDT ontologymeter <QUDT unit ID> Meter-
Snapchat usernameP2984External identifierthis item's username on SnapchatArnold Schwarzenegger <Snapchat username> arnoldschnitzel-
aircraft registration prefixP2986External identifiernational prefix used in civil aircraft registration numbersAustria <aircraft registration prefix> OE-
GOST 7.67 cyrillicP2988External identifiercountry codes in Cyrillic from the GOST standards committee- abandoned objects IDP3003External identifieridentifier of abandoned objects from zanikleobce.czLežáky < abandoned objects ID> 3191-
Marine Regions Geographic IDP3006External identifieridentifier for marine geographic objects, in the databaseAtlantic Ocean <Marine Regions Geographic ID> 1906-
Indonesian ethnicity codeP3034External identifiercode for ethnic groups in Indonesia, defined in Ensiklopedi Suku Bangsa di IndonesiaAcehnese people <Indonesian ethnicity code> 001-
USGS earthquake IDP3196External identifieridentifier for an earthquake or other seismic event, in the United States Geological Survey database2014 South Napa earthquake <USGS earthquake ID> nc72282711-
Auñamendi IDP3218External identifieridentifier of an item in Auñamendi EncyclopaediaEstanislao de Urquijo y Landaluce <Auñamendi ID> 135044-
Encyclopædia Universalis IDP3219External identifieridentifer for an article in the online version of Encyclopædia UniversalisAlfred Hitchcock <Encyclopædia Universalis ID> alfred-hitchcock-
DocCheck Flexikon En IDP3291External identifierIdentifier for an article in the English section of DocCheck Flexikon wikiInterosseous membrane <DocCheck Flexikon En ID> Interosseus_membrane-
DocCheck Flexikon De IDP3292External identifierIdentifier for an article in the German section of the DocCheck wikiDorsal radiocarpal ligament <DocCheck Flexikon De ID> Ligamentum_ulnocarpale_dorsale- IDP3324External identifierQ27531974 < ID> 53186_1-
CIViC variant IDP3329External identifierIdentifier used in the CIViC database to identify specific variant-
ACM Digital Library citation IDP3332External identifierunique identifier for a bibliographic record in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Digital LibraryProceedings of the 25th International Conference on World Wide Web <ACM Digital Library citation ID> 2872427-
ACM Digital Library event IDP3333External identifierunique identifier of an event or conference series of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)International World Wide Web Conference <ACM Digital Library event ID> RE334-
Merck Index reaction IDP3378External identifieridentifier for a chemical reaction, in the Merck IndexZincke–Suhl reaction <Merck Index reaction ID> 485-
GeneDB IDP3382External identifiergene identifier in GeneDB-
JTWC tropical cyclone IDP3399External identifieridentifier for a tropical cyclone, issued by the Joint Typhoon Warning CenterTyphoon Haiyan <JTWC tropical cyclone ID> 31W-
The Vogue List IDP3404External identifieridentifier for an actor of the fashion scene in the database maintained by Vogue ParisDaphne Guinness <The Vogue List ID> daphne-guinness/610-
Saccharomyces Genome Database IDP3406External identifieridentifier for a genetic element in the Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD)UTP11 <Saccharomyces Genome Database ID> S000001582-
Arch Linux packageP3454External identifiername of the official Arch Linux packageGIMP <Arch Linux package> gimp-
CircleIDP3455External identifierunique ID to an internet engineer's articlesPaul Vixie <CircleID> 620-
ATP tennis tournament IDP3456External identifierIndian Wells Masters <ATP tennis tournament ID> indian-wells/404-
CNC authorization numberP3458External identifierauthorization number to operate a movie theater in FranceLe Grand Rex <CNC authorization number> 311-
FAMA work IDP3462External identifieridentifier for written work in medieval LatinOn the Five Sevens <FAMA work ID> 268369-
Fedora packageP3463External identifiername of the official Fedora packageGIMP <Fedora package> gimp-
Israeli CBS municipal IDP3466External identifierThe Israeli municipal code (Hebrew סמל) is an outline encoding used by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics to finely fine-tune their statistics. It's a unique identifier given to each municipality in Israel.Jerusalem <Israeli CBS municipal ID> 3000-
Inventario Sculture - Polo Museale FiorentinoP3467External identifieridentifier of an artwork in the inventory of sculptures of Florentine museumsDavid <Inventario Sculture - Polo Museale Fiorentino> 1076-
National Inventors Hall of Fame IDP3468External identifieridentifier for an inductee in the United States National Inventors Hall of FameFrances Arnold <National Inventors Hall of Fame ID> 490-
WTA tennis tournament IDP3469External identifierIndian Wells Masters <WTA tennis tournament ID> indian-wells-
Woodland Trust wood IDP3470External identifieridentifier for a wood recorded by the Woodland TrustHackfall <Woodland Trust wood ID> 4375/hackfall-
WikiSkripta IDP3471External identifieridentificator for articles on wikiskripta.euurinary bladder <WikiSkripta ID> 26947-
VICNAMES Place IDP3472External identifieridentifier for a place in Victoria, Australia, in the VICNAMES databaseMelbourne <VICNAMES Place ID> 101986-
Ubuntu packageP3473External identifiername of the official Ubuntu packageGIMP <Ubuntu package> gimp-
SANU member IDP3475External identifierIdentifier for a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and ArtsNikola Tesla <SANU member ID> 564-
PSA World Tour IDP3476External identifierPSA World Tour squash player identifierCamille Serme <PSA World Tour ID> 7866-
Nihon Tarento Meikan IDP3477External identifieridentifier of person in Nihon Tarento MeikanKyoko Fukada <Nihon Tarento Meikan ID> W98-0550-
base Mémoire referenceP3480External identifierreference in the base Mémoire for a French iconographic heritage elementQ27955128 <base Mémoire reference> APTCF08162-
Parks & Gardens UK Record IDP3481External identifieridentifier for an open space, in the Parks & Gardens UK database.Lost Gardens of Heligan <Parks & Gardens UK Record ID> 1683-
Europeana Fashion creator IDP3482External identifieridentifier for a creator on Europeana Fashioncarven <Europeana Fashion creator ID> Carven-
Ameblo usernameP3502External identifierthis item's username on AmebloHaruka Tomatsu <Ameblo username> tomatsuharuka-blog-
VGMDb organization IDP3511External identifieridentifier for a record label, game developer, or other organization in the Video Game Music databaseNBCUniversal Entertainment Japan LLC <VGMDb organization ID> 1286-
Rfam IDP3523External identifieridentifier in the database of non-coding RNA (ncRNA) families and other structured RNA elementsSmall nucleolar RNA SNORA58 <Rfam ID> RF00418- IDP3538External identifieridentifier at, a German language website which predominantly collects comprehensive statistics on the top five tiers of German footballChristian Müller < ID> christian-mueller-10319-
Cultureel Woordenboek identifierP3569External identifieridentifier for a concept in the Dutch Cultureel Woordenboek ('Cultural Dictionary')Sisyphus <Cultureel Woordenboek identifier> mythologie/sisyfos-
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures IDP3587External identifieridentifier of an information security vulnerabilityLinux kernel <Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures ID> CVE-2016-10147-
archival creator authority record at the Archives nationalesP3599External identifieridentifier of the Archives Nationales (French National Archives)Léon Blum <archival creator authority record at the Archives nationales> FRAN_NP_050200-
Borden CodeP3611External identifierunique identifier of a archeological site in CanadaPort Toulouse <Borden Code> BjCf-03-
DigDag IDP3614External identifieridentifier of a place, in the Digital Atlas of Denmark's historical-administrative geographyFaxe Municipality <DigDag ID> 121041-
CWE IDP3624External identifieridentifier of a software weakness type identified in the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) listbuffer overflow <CWE ID> 120-
British Museum thesaurus IDP3632External identifieridentifier in the British Museum thesaurusAlhambra <British Museum thesaurus ID> x56901-
PDB ligand IDP3636External identifieridentifier for small molecules and ligands in the Protein Data Bank (PDB)vemurafenib <PDB ligand ID> 032-
Oorlogsmonument IDP3638External identifieridentifier for a war memorial in the database maintained by the Dutch Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 meiThe Destroyed City <Oorlogsmonument ID> 892-
Uniform Type IdentifierP3641External identifieridentifier used on software provided by Apple Inc. to uniquely identify a given class or type of itemplain text <Uniform Type Identifier> public.plain-text-
IPv4 routing prefixP3761Stringrange of IPv4 addressesUniversity of Oxford <IPv4 routing prefix>
Telegram usernameP3789External identifierthis item's username or group on TelegramCristina Kirchner <Telegram username> CFKenTelegram-
IPv6 routing prefixP3793Stringrange of IPv6 addressesUniversity of Oxford <IPv6 routing prefix> 2001:630:440::/44-
INEGI municipality IDP3801External identifieridentifier for a municipality in Mexico published by INEGI-
Wormbase Gene IDP3860External identifierIdentifier for a genetic element in Wormbasedaf-2 <Wormbase Gene ID> WBGene00000898-
ZFIN Gene IDP3870External identifierIdentifier for a genetic element in the Zebrafish Model Organism Database-
Medium usernameP3899External identifierusername of the Medium account of a person or an organizationEmmanuel Macron <Medium username> EmmanuelMacron-
VIVC grape variety IDP3904External identifieridentifier in Vitis International Variety CatalogueRiesling <VIVC grape variety ID> 10077-
Reactome IDP3937External identifierIdentifier used in Reactome to uniquely identify a biological pathwayCitric acid cycle (TCA cycle) <Reactome ID> R-HSA-71403-
CETS numberP3968External identifierCouncil of Europe treaty numberEuropean Landscape Convention <CETS number> 176-
The Arabidopsis Information Resource AccessionP4018External identifierIdentifier for an object (e.g. clone, gene, genetic marker, sequence, etc.) in TAIRUVR8 <The Arabidopsis Information Resource Accession> Gene:2163985-
Global Terrorism Database IDP4089External identifieridentifier in the Global Terrorism Database by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START)Q28953322 <Global Terrorism Database ID> 201209190018-
Atlas of Hillforts IDP4102External identifieridentifier in the Atlas of Hillforts databaseBarbury Castle <Atlas of Hillforts ID> 0387-
URN-NBNP4109External identifierURI in the urn:nbn: namespace as specified by RFC 3188Semiautomatische Katalogisierung und Normdatenverknüpfung mit Zotero im Index Theologicus <URN-NBN> urn:nbn:de:kobv:11-100238157-
Crunchyroll IDP4110External identifieridentifier for an anime or drama topic on CrunchyrollRe:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. <Crunchyroll ID> rezero-starting-life-in-another-world--
danskefilm TV Christmas calendarP4111External identifieridentifier for a TV Christmas calendar in danskefilm.dkJul i Valhal <danskefilm TV Christmas calendar> 53-
danskfilmogtv person IDP4112External identifieridentifier for a person in danskfilmogtv.dkLars Trier <danskfilmogtv person ID> 10965-
FRED time-series IDP4113External identifieridentifier for an economic data set provided by St. Louis Fed's Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED)Federal funds rate <FRED time-series ID> FEDFUNDS-
ADK member IDP4114External identifierAkademie der Künste in Berlin member IDHermann Hesse <ADK member ID> 50060-
INSPIRE IDP4115External identifieruniversal identifier from Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE), used across EU databasesBiała Góra <INSPIRE ID> PL.ZIPOP.1393.N2K.PLH120061-
openAIP IDP4121External identifieridentifier of an aerodrome, in the openAIP (open aeronautical information platform) databaseFrankfurt Airport <openAIP ID> 152331-
Patrimonioculturale-ER IDP4133External identifieridentifier for a cultural heritage site in Emilia-Romagna region in Italy, in the Patrimonioculturale-ER open data portalSanta Maria in Vado <Patrimonioculturale-ER ID> 810-
file format identification patternP4152Stringpattern or string which is used to identify a file as having a particular known formatGraphics Interchange Format <file format identification pattern> 47 49 46 38 39 61-
Michelin Voyages IDP4161External identifieridentifier for a place in the website Michelin VoyagesEurope <Michelin Voyages ID> europe-
IEDB Epitope IDP4168External identifieridentifier for an Epitope in the Immune Epitope Databasephosphocholine <IEDB Epitope ID> 115009-
Patreon IDP4175External identifieridentifier for a person on PatreonAmanda Palmer <Patreon ID> amandapalmer-
Familypedia person IDP4193External identifieridentifier for a person on Familypedia, the genealogical database by WikiaEddie August Schneider <Familypedia person ID> Eddie_August_Schneider_(1911-1940)-
IBM graphic character set global IDP4197External identifieridentifier of a character set assigned by IBMGB 2312 <IBM graphic character set global ID> 01081-
ROARMAP IDP4203External identifieridentifier in the Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates and PoliciesNIH Public Access Policy <ROARMAP ID> 491-
Italian National Earthquake Center IDP4207External identifieridentifier for an earthquake in the Italian National Earthquake Centre database2017 Ischia earthquake <Italian National Earthquake Center ID> 16796811-
danskfilmogtv title IDP4209External identifieridentifier for a film or TV episode or series in danskfilmogtv.dkPelle the Conqueror <danskfilmogtv title ID> 10827-
Bashkir encyclopedia (Bashkir version) IDP4210External identifierEncyclopedia-
Bashkir encyclopedia (Russian version) IDP4211External identifierBashkir Encyclopedia-
PACTOLS thesaurus IDP4212External identifieridentifier in the PACTOLS archaeology thesaurus by FRANTIQfibula <PACTOLS thesaurus ID> pcrt1tSmMf0Tw8-
nLab IDP4215External identifiername of a page in nLabcategory of sets <nLab ID> Set-
UK Electoral Commission IDP4217External identifierIdentifier issued by the Electoral Commission in the UK to identify a political partySocial Democratic and Labour Party <UK Electoral Commission ID> PP55-
National Criminal Justice IDP4221External identifieridentifier for a publication, report, article or audiovisual product, in the United States' National Criminal Justice Reference Service databaseMeasures of Gun Ownership Levels for Macro-Level Crime and Violence Research <National Criminal Justice ID> 203876-
United Nations Treaty Series Volume NumberP4222External identifiervolume number within the United Nations Treaty SeriesUnited Nations Treaty Series Volume 1234 <United Nations Treaty Series Volume Number> 1234-
PatientLikeMe condition IDP4233External identifieridentifier for a condition on PatientsLikeMe, a website where patients can share health informationrestrictive lung disease <PatientLikeMe condition ID> 610-
PatientLikeMe treatment IDP4235External identifieridentifier for a treatment on PatientsLikeMe, a website where patients can share health informationsalbutamol <PatientLikeMe treatment ID> 153-
PatientLikeMe symptom IDP4236External identifieridentifier for a symptom on PatientsLikeMe, a website where patients can share health informationinsomnia <PatientLikeMe symptom ID> 1-
TSE numberP4251External identifiernumber assigned by the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court to registered political partiesSocialism and Freedom Party <TSE number> 50-
Banglapedia (Bengali version) IDP4254External identifieridentifier for a Bengali article on Banglapedia, the national online encyclopedia of Bangladesh-
Cinémathèque québécoise work identifierP4276External identifierCinémathèque québécoise identifier for a workÀ tout prendre <Cinémathèque québécoise work identifier> 23-
Nominis given name IDP4284External identifiergiven name ID in Nominis databasePierre <Nominis given name ID> 239/Pierre-
UK National Fruit Collection IDP4288External identifieridentifier of a fruit (plant) variety or cultivar, in the United Kingdom National Fruit CollectionNorfolk Royal Russet <UK National Fruit Collection ID> 4270-
musée de Bretagne identifiant collections IDP4313External identifieridentifier for an object in the collection of the Brittany Museum, Francecoin of Anne of Brittany <musée de Bretagne identifiant collections ID> FLMjo217037-
GARD rare disease IDP4317External identifieridentifier for a rare disease in the United States National Institutes of Health's Genetic and Rare Diseases (GARD) Information Center databaseC1q nephropathy <GARD rare disease ID> 12136-
LOINC IDP4338External identifieridentifier for medical observations, measurements, and documents in the Regenstrief Institute's Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC), a database of internationalized medical terminologyPatient Health Questionnaire <LOINC ID> 69723-5-
Store norske leksikon IDP4342External identifieridentifier of an article in the online encyclopedia
QEdu IDP4344External identifieridentifier for a Brazilian educational institution, in the QEdu databaseColégio São Luís <QEdu ID> 190587- IDP4359External identifieridentifier for a person giving their burial place, in gravsted.dkHans Christian Andersen < ID> hcandersen-
Enciclopédia Itaú Cultural IDP4399External identifierItaú Cultural Encyclopaedia is a virtual reference work that gathers information on visual arts, art and technology, literature, theater, cinema, dance and music produced in BrazilRoberto Burle Marx <Enciclopédia Itaú Cultural ID> pessoa1461/burle-marx-
Google DoodleP4431External identifierGoogle Doodle celebrating this entity or eventFather's day <Google Doodle> fathers-day-2017-
The Coptic Library IDP4436External identifieridentifier of author or subject in The Coptic LibraryShenouda III of Alexandria <The Coptic Library ID> popeshenouda2-
DAHR Artist IDP4457External identifieridentifier for an artist in the Discography of American Historical Recordings (DAHR)Adolfo Leandro Carabelli <DAHR Artist ID> 46725-
Ecole des chartes thesis abstract IDP4465External identifieridentifier for the abstract of the diploma thesis of an archivist paleographer (graduate student) at the Ecole Nationale des ChartesLa mise en archives du trésor des chartes (XIIIe-XIXe siècle) <Ecole des chartes thesis abstract ID> 2007/potin-
Humble Store IDP4477External identifieridentifier for an application sold on the Humble StoreStardew Valley <Humble Store ID> stardew-valley-
INDUCKS character IDP4479External identifieridentifier for a character of the Disney UniverseDonald Duck <INDUCKS character ID> DD-
INDUCKS publication IDP4480External identifieridentifier for printed publications of the Disney UniversePKNA <INDUCKS publication ID> it/PKNA-
INDUCKS publisher IDP4482External identifieridentifier for publishers of printed publications related to the Disney UniverseDell Comics <INDUCKS publisher ID> Dell-
INDUCKS story IDP4483External identifieridentifier for a comic book story related to the Disney UniverseQ4009205 <INDUCKS story ID> PKNA 22-2P I PKNA 22-2P-
INDUCKS issue IDP4484External identifieridentifier for an issue of a printed publication of the Disney UniverseQ1923825 <INDUCKS issue ID> 3 nl/MINIP 3-
Camera Decision IDP4487External identifieridentifier for a camera, on the Camera Decision websiteNikon D3100 <Camera Decision ID> Nikon-D3100-
Xenopus Anatomical Ontology IDP4495External identifieridentifier for an anatomical structure in the Xenopus Anatomical Ontology, a controlled vocubulary for describing Xenopus anatomy and embryological developmentbrain <Xenopus Anatomical Ontology ID> XAO_0000010-
NACE codeP4496Stringcode in the statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community (NACE)Marine aquaculture <NACE code> 03.21-
Formal Public IdentifierP4506Stringstring that identifies uniquely an item using a Formal Public Identifier according to the ISO/IEC 9070:1991 standardHTML 4.0 <Formal Public Identifier> -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN-
National Monuments of Namibia Site ReferenceP4509External identifierreference number used for National Monuments of Namibia by the National Heritage Council of Namibiapetrified forest, Khorixas <National Monuments of Namibia Site Reference> 0041950-
ctext work IDP4517External identifieridentifier for a work, in the ctext database. ctext is a database of pre-modern texts in Chinese languages (works and editions have separate identifiers)-
UK Parliament thesaurus IDP4527External identifierThesaurus of subject headings maintained by the libraries of the House of Commons and House of Lords in the UK. Covers around 110,000 topics (concepts, people, places, organisations, legislation, etc), with a structured taxonomy.David Cameron <UK Parliament thesaurus ID> 299535-
NVE Drainage Basin (REGINE) IDP4528External identifieridentifier for water system areas in Norway by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy DirectorateGlommavassdraget <NVE Drainage Basin (REGINE) ID> 002.Z-
Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Trial IDP4532External identifierіdentifier for trials in the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft database.trial of Agnes Naismith <Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Trial ID> T/LA/1189-
EThOS thesis IDP4536External identifieridentifier of a doctoral thesis, in the British Library's EThOS databaseProperties of expanding universes <EThOS thesis ID>
Spider Ontology IDP4537External identifieridentifier for the Spider Ontology which provides a controlled vocabulary for spider comparative biology including anatomical parts (e.g. leg, claw), behavior (e.g. courtship, combing) and products (i.g. silk, web, borrow)brain <Spider Ontology ID> SPD_0000623-
IBTrACS cyclone IDP4540External identifieridentifier for a tropical cyclone, issued by the World Data Center for MeteorologyHurricane Alma <IBTrACS cyclone ID> 1970138N12281-
NIOSH Publication NumberP4596External identifieridentifier for an official publication of the US National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH)Community health nursing for working people <NIOSH Publication Number> 70-10253-
FAPESP institution IDP4597External identifieridentifier for institutions funded by the Brazilian research education and innovation foundation, FAPESPFaculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences <FAPESP institution ID> 1533-
FAPESP researcher IDP4598External identifieridentifier for researchers funded by the Brazilian research education and innovation foundation, FAPESP-
FoodEx2 codeP4637External identifieridentifier within the FoodEx2 (version 2 of the EFSA Food classification and description system for exposure assessment) food taxonomyTête de Moine <FoodEx2 code> A02XN-
ESCO skill IDP4644External identifieridentifier for a Skill, in the European multilingual database ESCO v1sales pitch <ESCO skill ID> 0c0488b3-fca5-4deb-865b-8dc605c3d909-
ESCO Occupation IDP4652External identifieridentifier for an occupation, in the European multilingual database ESCO v1call centre agent <ESCO Occupation ID> 0ededdc2-050a-4ec3-8e70-6295105fcd19-
Flathub IDP4655External identifierID of an application on Flathub, the Flatpak repository.GNOME Builder <Flathub ID> org.gnome.Builder-
Sjukvårdsrådgivningen Category IDP4670External identifieridentifier for a disease or medical condition, in the Swedish government's 'Sjukvårdsrådgivningen' databasebronchiectasis <Sjukvårdsrådgivningen Category ID> Bronkiektasier---forstorade-luftror-
Hall of Light Amiga database IDP4671External identifieridentifier in the database of Amiga video games Hall of LightAmegas <Hall of Light Amiga database ID> 3258-
MAVISE TV channel IDP4676External identifieridentifier for a TV channel in the MAVISE database of the European Audiovisual ObservatoryRTL Klub <MAVISE TV channel ID> 337-
MAVISE on-demand audiovisual service IDP4677External identifieridentifier for an on-demand audiovisual service in the MAVISE database of the European Audiovisual ObservatoryRTL XL <MAVISE on-demand audiovisual service ID> 265-
Nintendo of America Game Store IDP4685External identifieridentifier for software sold on the Nintendo of America Game StoreWii Play <Nintendo of America Game Store ID> 4SpUUl3-7XKbSPJqBG_aHrThj_sGyJHL-
Canal-U channel IDP4699External identifierID of a channel on Canal-U, the online video library of French Higher EducationMuséum national d'histoire naturelle <Canal-U channel ID> mnhn-
Cairn journal IDP4700External identifieridentifier for a journal in CairnActes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales <Cairn journal ID> revue-actes-de-la-recherche-en-sciences-sociales-
GSMArena phone IDP4723External identifieridentifier for a telephone model on GSMArenaNokia 3310 <GSMArena phone ID> 192-
IBM code page IDP4734External identifieridentifier of a code page of characters assigned by IBMEBCDIC 1047 <IBM code page ID> 01047-
IBM coded character set IDP4735External identifieridentifier of a coded character set assigned by IBMUTF-8 <IBM coded character set ID> 1209-
IBM graphic character global IDP4736External identifieridentifier of a character/grapheme in the IBM graphic character identification systemexclamation mark <IBM graphic character global ID> SP020000-
Elhuyar ZTH IDP4746External identifierElhuyar Science and Technology Dictionary has a wide range of terms in four languages (en, es, fr, eu) that can easily be linked to and from <Elhuyar ZTH ID> 026029-
Manus Online IDP4752External identifieridentifier for a manuscript held by an Italian libraryCodex Trivulzianus <Manus Online ID> 217763-
V Live channel IDP4756External identifieridentifier for the V Live channel of a person, musical group or organisationThe Boyz <V Live channel ID> DE341F-
LTI Korea Library IDP4760External identifieridentifier for a Korean writer, book, and event in Literature Translation Institute of Korea Library ( Un <LTI Korea Library ID> 9-
Australian honours IDP4766External identifierID for an instance of an Australian honour being awarded to an Australian citizen-
MobyGames company IDP4773External identifieridentifier for a company at MobyGamesBethesda Softworks <MobyGames company ID> bethesda-softworks-llc-
MAC Address Block Large IDP4776Stringunique identifier of an organisation registered with the IEEEMicrosoft <MAC Address Block Large ID> 0050F2-
LoC and MARC vocabularies IDP4801External identifieridentifier for an item in one of the controlled vocabularies maintained by the Library of Congressglobe <LoC and MARC vocabularies ID> resourceTypes/glo-
BVPB authority IDP4802External identifieridentifier of an author, topic or place in Biblioteca Virtual del Patrimonio BibliográficoLeopoldo Alas <BVPB authority ID> 24174-
Gaming-History identifierP4806External identifieridentifier for the Gaming-History videogame databaseMissile Command <Gaming-History identifier> 1644-
Royal Academy new identifierP4808External identifiernew (2018) identifier for a person (or sometimes a thing) in the collections and archives of the Royal Academy, LondonLawrence Alma-Tadema <Royal Academy new identifier> lawrence-alma-tadema-ra-
Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture control numberP4814External identifiercontrol number for a work, in 'Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture'The Burghers of Calais <Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture control number> 04920028 IAS 04920028-
Lemon 64 identifierP4816External identifieridentifier in the Lemon 64 database of Commodore 64 videogamesAttack of the Mutant Camels <Lemon 64 identifier> 172-
Panoptikum identifierP4818External identifieridentifier in the Panoptikum podcast databaseRadiolab <Panoptikum identifier> 249-
Swimrankings meet IDP4827External identifierProperty for swimmeets from swimrankings.net2017 European Short Course Swimming Championships <Swimrankings meet ID> 605459-
Swiss Enterprise Identification NumberP4829External identifiergovernment identifier ("UID") for a business entity in SwitzerlandOmega SA <Swiss Enterprise Identification Number> CHE-101.391.643-
World Sailing regatta IDP4832External identifierProperty for sailing regattas ID from sailing.com2006 Star World Championships <World Sailing regatta ID> 8453-
Sailboatdata IDP4833External identifieridentifier for a sailboat design on sailboatdata.comMelges 24 <Sailboatdata ID> 2892-
Deutsche Synchronkartei series IDP4834External identifieridentifier for a TV series in the synchronisation (dubbing) database Deutsche SynchronkarteiSherlock <Deutsche Synchronkartei series ID> 19608- IDP4835External identifieridentifier for a television series, at TheTVDB.com30 Rock < ID> 79488-
CATO IDP4838External identifierID in Kazakhstan's Classifier of administrative-territorial objectsKaraganda <CATO ID> 351010000-
Directory of Czech publishers IDP4840External identifieridentifier of a Czech publisher, in the Czech National Library databaseArgo <Directory of Czech publishers ID> 000011652-
ASHRAE refrigerant numberP4842External identifieridentifier of a refrigerant assigned in ANSI/ASHRAE standard 34ammonia <ASHRAE refrigerant number> 717-
Bulbapedia articleP4845External identifierarticle name on Bulbapedia, a Pokémon encyclopedia-
Lemon Amiga identifierP4846External identifieridentifier in the Lemon Amiga database of Amiga videogamesSpindizzy Worlds <Lemon Amiga identifier> 989-
CPC-Power identifierP4847External identifieridentifier in the CPC-Power database of Amstrad CPC videogamesDefender of the Crown <CPC-Power identifier> 699- IDP4848External identifieridentifier for a library in the databaseBeinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library < ID> 9266-
International Numbering System numberP4849External identifierunique identifier of a food additive in the International Numbering Systemcitric acid <International Numbering System number> 330-
JECFA database IDP4852External identifieridentifier of a flavour, food additive, contaminant, toxicant or veterinary drug in the JECFA databasecitric acid <JECFA database ID> 3594-
JMPR database IDP4853External identifieridentifier of a pesticide in the JMPR databasediphenylamine <JMPR database ID> DIPHENYLAMINE-
Uppslagsverket Finland IDP4854External identifieridentifier of an article in the online encyclopedia Uppslagsverket FinlandFrej Fyhrqvist <Uppslagsverket Finland ID> FyhrquistFrej-
AtariAge identifierP4857External identifieridentifier in the AtariAge database of Atari videogamesMissile Command <AtariAge identifier> 639-
Atari Legend identifierP4858External identifieridentifier in the Atari Legend database of Atari videogamesZombi <Atari Legend identifier> 3322-
Atarimania identifierP4859External identifieridentifier in the Atarimania database of Atari videogamesZombi <Atarimania identifier> 10934-
BMI work IDP4860External identifierregistration identifier for a composition at BMIBeat It <BMI work ID> 94886-
Amazon author pageP4862External identifierAuthor identifier on Amazon.comDeepak Chopra <Amazon author page> B004KNMPSI-
Operabase IDP4869External identifieridentifier for an opera artist in OperabaseBéatrice Uria-Monzon <Operabase ID> 2463-
GEPRIS project IDP4870External identifierIdentifier of a project in GEPRIS database of funded research projectsCollaborative Research Centre 1002: "Modulatory Units in Heart Failure" <GEPRIS project ID> 193793266-
AFL Tables umpire IDP4888External identifierID for a VFL/AFL umpire at afltables.comShane McInerney <AFL Tables umpire ID> Shane_McInerney-
MuIS person or group IDP4889External identifieridentifier for a person or group in the Estonian museum database MuISJuhan Muks <MuIS person or group ID> 42860-
ACE work IDP4894External identifierregistration identifier for a composition at ASCAPForever <ACE work ID> 360327451-
Brooklyn Museum Exhibition IDP4899External identifierid of an exhibition in the Brooklyn Museum's "opencollection" subwebsiteConverging Cultures: Art & Identity in Spanish America <Brooklyn Museum Exhibition ID> 1048-
Zenodo IDP4901External identifierID of a work in Zenodo repositoryTwo-photon excitation with pico-second fluorescence lifetime imaging to detect nuclear association of flavanols. <Zenodo ID> 1038611-
New Georgia Encyclopedia IDP4903External identifieridentifier of a topic in the online New Georgia EncyclopediaGeorgia Dome <New Georgia Encyclopedia ID> sports-outdoor-recreation/georgia-dome-
Ready64 identifierP4916External identifieridentifier in the Ready64 database of Commodore 64 videogamesAttack of the Mutant Camels <Ready64 identifier> 576-
Gamebase64 identifierP4917External identifieridentifier in the Gamebase64 database of Commodore 64 videogamesAttack of the Mutant Camels <Gamebase64 identifier> 280-
Plus/4 World identifierP4919External identifieridentifier in the Plus/4 World database of Commodore videogamesZombi <Plus/4 World identifier> Zombie- tournament IDP4921External identifierID about a specific snooker tournament at the database2018 World Grand Prix < tournament ID> 631-
CueTracker tournament IDP4924External identifierID about a specific snooker tournament at the databaseWorld Snooker Championship <CueTracker tournament ID> world-championship-
PRotein Ontology IDP4926External identifierIdentifier for an entry in the PRotein Ontology (PRO)TP53 ser-15 phosphorylated <PRotein Ontology ID> PR:000049515- work IDP4932External identifieridentifier for a song or composition from Todotango.comMi Buenos Aires querido < work ID> 223-
The Big Cartoon DataBase IDP4933External identifierID of a film in Big Cartoon DataBaseThe Legend of the Titanic <The Big Cartoon DataBase ID> 140816-
Small Monuments of Plzeň Catalogue IDP4935External identifieridentifier for small monuments in Pilsen, Czech RepublicQ38048160 <Small Monuments of Plzeň Catalogue ID> 174-
Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms IDP4946External identifierID in the Library of Congress controlled vocabulary for demographic groupsteenager <Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms ID> dg2015060011-
DDB IDP4948External identifieridentifier for items in Deutsche Digitale BibliothekEhemalige Zigarrenfabrik <DDB ID> HUAXICEVI5K7I7VYDE4DBJ4QRHACRE27-
Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms IDP4953External identifierID in the Library of Congress controlled vocabulary for genres and formsrock opera <Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms ID> gf2017026056-
BDH edition IDP4956External identifieridentifier of an edition on the Biblioteca Digital Hispánica, including the prefix "bdh"Historia y bibliografía de la prensa sevillana <BDH edition ID> bdh0000147203- equipment IDP4959External identifieridentifier for an equipment in Paris on the websiteButte-aux-Cailles swimming pool < equipment ID> piscine-de-la-butte-aux-cailles-2927-
Generation MSX identifierP4960External identifieridentifier in the Generation MSX database of MSX videogamesArkanoid <Generation MSX identifier> 887- identifierP4961External identifieridentifier in the database of Master System video gamesPrince of Persia < identifier> 269-
Abandonia identifierP4962External identifieridentifier in the Abandonia database of DOS video gamesMaupiti Island <Abandonia identifier> 626-
SPLASHP4964External identifiera hashed identifier for mass spectracaffeine <SPLASH> splash10-0002-0900000000-b112e4e059e1ecf98c5f-
Behind The Voice Actors video game IDP4965External identifieridentifier for video games on the website Behind The Voice ActorsCriminal Girls 2: Party Favors <Behind The Voice Actors video game ID> Criminal-Girls-2-Party-Favors-
Wikitribune categoryP4973External identifiername of a topic (category) on WikitribuneAsia <Wikitribune category> asia-
Thésaurus de la désignation des objets mobiliers IDP4979External identifierID in the Thésaurus de la désignation des objets mobiliersbayonet <Thésaurus de la désignation des objets mobiliers ID> 6412-
Thésaurus de la désignation des œuvres architecturales et des espaces aménagés IDP4980External identifieridentifier for terms in this French architectural thesauruschurch building <Thésaurus de la désignation des œuvres architecturales et des espaces aménagés ID> 90- place IDP4986External identifieridentifier for a place on the Guide du routard websiteCirque de Cilaos < place ID> 4144-
RKDlibrary IDP4989External identifierrecord for a publication held by the RKD-Netherlands Institute for Art History in the HagueThe temptations of Flora : Jan van Huysum (1682-1749) <RKDlibrary ID> 139938-
Biographical Dictionary of Georgia IDP4991External identifieridentifier for a person, in the Biographical Dictionary of GeorgiaJumber Jikia <Biographical Dictionary of Georgia ID> 00002033-
METAR codeP5001External identifierMETeorological Aerodrome Reportovercast <METAR code> OVC-
Orthodox Encyclopedia IDP5002External identifieridentifier for an entry on the official website of the Orthodox EncyclopediaEuclid <Orthodox Encyclopedia ID> 187138-
National Thesis Number (France)P5005External identifieridentifier usually assigned by the dissertation's library for a published thesis in FranceConditions générales de santé dans les favelas de Rio de Janeiro <National Thesis Number (France)> 1982STR1M019-
DNV GL Vessel register IDP5006External identifieridentifier for a ship, in the DNV GL Vessel registerMS Freedom of the Seas <DNV GL Vessel register ID> 25177-
Digital Typhoon typhoon IDP5015External identifieridentifier for general information of a typhoon in Digital TyphoonTyphoon Haiyan <Digital Typhoon typhoon ID> 201330-
Digital Typhoon cyclone IDP5016External identifieridentifier for general information of a cyclone in South-West Pacific in Digital TyphoonCyclone Debbie <Digital Typhoon cyclone ID> 201724-
Brockhaus Enzyklopädie online IDP5019External identifieridentifier for an article in the online version of Brockhaus EnzyklopädieUniverse <Brockhaus Enzyklopädie online ID> weltall-
Animated Knots IDP5031External identifieridentifier for a type of knot, in the Animated Knots websitebowline <Animated Knots ID> bowline-
Rosetta Code IDP5047External identifieridentifier for a page on rosettacode.orgDijkstra's algorithm <Rosetta Code ID> Dijkstra's_algorithm-
Church of Sweden IDP5048External identifieridentifier in the database of dioceses, pastorates and church buildings of SwedenYtterlännäs new church <Church of Sweden ID> adalsbygden/ytterlannas-kyrka-
Harvard designationP5049External identifieridentifier for a pre-1963 spacecraftSputnik 1 <Harvard designation> 1957 Alpha 2-
DOAB publisher IDP5062External identifieridentifier in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)OpenEdition Press <DOAB publisher ID> 1147-
ILI IDP5063External identifierInterlingual Index identifierdog <ILI ID> i46360-
World of Physics identifierP5064External identifieridentifier for an entity or concept, in Eric Weisstein's 'World of Physics'Big Bang <World of Physics identifier> BigBang-
Flanders Arts Institute person IDP5068External identifieridentifier of a person in the Flanders Arts Institute database for performing artsIvo van Hove <Flanders Arts Institute person ID> 1878230-
JAAF athlete IDP5073External identifieridentifier for athletes in Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) database and websiteAsuka Cambridge <JAAF athlete ID> aska_cambridge-
Polish Athletics Federation IDP5075External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Polish Athletics Federation websiteKarol Hoffmann <Polish Athletics Federation ID> 8062-
Römpp online IDP5076External identifieridentifier for an article in the online version of RömppEarth <Römpp online ID> RD-05-01501-
Russian Athletics IDP5077External identifieridentifier for athletes in the English version of the Russian Athletics database and websiteIvan Ukhov <Russian Athletics ID> 135-
Athletics Canada IDP5078External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Athletics Canada websiteShawnacy Barber <Athletics Canada ID> 459003-
NVE Lake Database IDP5079External identifierNational identifying number given by NVE for every lake in norway with a minimum size of 2500 square meterBrusdalsvatnet <NVE Lake Database ID> 1982-
Store medisinske leksikon IDP5082External identifieridentifier of an article in the online encyclopedia
Yahoo Answers categoryP5084External identifiercategory at Yahoo Answershealth <Yahoo Answers category> 396545018-
Pschyrembel Online IDP5085External identifieridentifier for an article in Pschyrembel Online-
FIPS 5-2 alpha code (US states)P5086External identifiertwo-letter identifier for US states and other associated areas per former FIPS 5-2 standardMichigan <FIPS 5-2 alpha code (US states)> MI-
FIPS 5-2 numeric code (US states)P5087External identifiertwo-digit identifier for US states and other associated areas per former FIPS 5-2 standardMichigan <FIPS 5-2 numeric code (US states)> 26-
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy IDP5088External identifieridentifier for an article in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophyinfinity <Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy ID> infinite-
ARRS race IDP5090External identifieridentifier for races held by ARRS (Association of Road Racing Statisticians)2017 London Marathon <ARRS race ID> 239235-
ISC event IDP5092External identifierentry in the International Seismological Centre Online Event Bibliography1906 San Francisco earthquake <ISC event ID> 16957905-
road number (Estonia)P5093External identifieridentifier for a road in the Estonian Road RegisterAruvalla–Jägala road <road number (Estonia)> 11310-
HPIP IDP5094External identifieridentifier of an entity of Portuguese influence, including geographic/toponymic, onomastic, original author, chronological references, etc.Church of Saint Francis of Assisi <HPIP ID> 790-
Logainm IDP5097External identifieridentifier for a placename page on the Placenames Database of Ireland (Logainm) siteDublin <Logainm ID> 1375542-
Il mondo dei doppiatori IDP5099External identifieridentifier for a creative work or person at Il mondo dei doppiatoriThe Lion King <Il mondo dei doppiatori ID> film/ilreleone-
New Zealand Gazetteer place IDP5104External identifieridentifier for a place in the New Zealand GazetteerAuckland <New Zealand Gazetteer place ID> 54693-
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures IDP5106External identifieridentifier for an entry in the Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structuresquicksort <Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures ID> quicksort-
Behind The Voice Actors character IDP5107External identifieridentifier of a character from the website http://www.behindthevoiceactors.comRei Ayanami <Behind The Voice Actors character ID> Evangelion/Rei-Ayanami-
HanCinema film IDP5108External identifieridentifier for a films in the HanCinema databaseMiracle in Cell No. 7 <HanCinema film ID> Miracle_in_Cell_No.7-
Italian School IDP5114External identifierThis property describes the school identifier used by Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research for identifying italian schoolsD. Buzzati Limana <Italian School ID> BLMM816023-
All About Jazz musician IDP5121External identifieridentifier for a musician or musical group at All About Jazz websiteMiles Davis <All About Jazz musician ID> 6144-
Ontario public library IDP5122External identifieridentifier in the Ontario public library statisticsGreater Sudbury Public Library <Ontario public library ID> L0470-
Swedish Literature Bank book IDP5123External identifieridentifier for an book in the Swedish Literature BankAniara <Swedish Literature Bank book ID> MartinsonH/titlar/Aniara-
WikiCFP event IDP5124External identifieridentifier for an event in WikiCFP, an online database for scientific meetingsThirty-second Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems <WikiCFP event ID> 67106-
WikiCFP conference series IDP5127External identifieridentifier for a conference series, in WikiCFPConference on Neural Information Processing Systems <WikiCFP conference series ID> 2212-
amateur radio callsignP5143External identifiercallsign assigned to licensed Amateur Radio operatorJames Martel Reneau <amateur radio callsign> N4REN-
Bugs! album IDP5144External identifieridentifier for an album on Bugs! music siteMADE <Bugs! album ID> 20071604-
Bugs! artist IDP5145External identifieridentifier for an artist on Bugs! music siteLogic <Bugs! artist ID> 80204640-
e-MEC entryP5148External identifierentry for a Brazilian institution of higher learning in the Ministry of EducationUNICURITIBA <e-MEC entry> MTQxOQ==-
Ester IDP5149External identifieridentifier for an item in the E-Katalog ester.eeErinnerungen an das Dorpater Burschenleben <Ester ID> b2753844-
KKBOX album IDP5153External identifieridentifier for an album on KKBOX music siteViews <KKBOX album ID> bbCgSTo6Yl-BmX0FvIZU0091-
KKBOX artist IDP5154External identifieridentifier for an artist on KKBOX music siteColdplay <KKBOX artist ID> 3a3WUrH7okmfKgbq0F0pC08I-
Norwegian war sailor register ship-IDP5156External identifieridentifikation number for ship in the Norwegian war sailor registerQ16177427 <Norwegian war sailor register ship-ID> 4073-
OnsOranje match IDP5157External identifieridentifier for a match in the database of OnsOranjeUEFA Women's Euro 2017 Final <OnsOranje match ID> 8506/wedstrijd/29978-
The New Fund for Cinema and Television (Israel) IDP5159External identifierID for movies backed by the New Fund for Cinema and Television (Israel)Wadi Grand Canyon <The New Fund for Cinema and Television (Israel) ID> 366-
Thesaurus For Graphic Materials IDP5160External identifieridentifier for indexing visual (graphic) materials by subject and genre/format, maintained by the United States Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Divisionabbey <Thesaurus For Graphic Materials ID> tgm000016-
OnsOranje tournament IDP5162External identifieridentifier for a tournament in the database of OnsOranjeUEFA Women's Euro 2017 <OnsOranje tournament ID> 1466-
Odnoklassniki IDP5163External identifieridentifier for a person or organization in OdnoklassnikiOpera Software <Odnoklassniki ID> opera-
Flanders Arts Institute organisation IDP5164External identifieridentifier of an organisation in the Flanders Arts Institute database for performing artsKOPERGIETERY <Flanders Arts Institute organisation ID> 369434-
Norsk pop- og rockleksikon IDP5165External identifieridentifier of an article in the online biographic encyclopedia Norsk pop- og rocklexiconHauk Aabel <Norsk pop- og rockleksikon ID> hauk_aabel-
Norwegian fjord catalog IDP5170External identifieridentificator for fjords and sea areas in NorwayGrytafjorden <Norwegian fjord catalog ID>
Rockipedia album IDP5171External identifieridentifier of an artists or bands album release in the online service RockipediaQuiet Exit <Rockipedia album ID> quiet_exit-5078-
Rockipedia artist IDP5172External identifieridentifier of an artist biography or a band article in the online service RockipediaAndraé Crouch <Rockipedia artist ID> andrae_crouch-85130-
Rockipedia area IDP5173External identifieridentifier of an area, an artisis homested, in the online service RockipediaKarasjok <Rockipedia area ID> karasjok-3050-
Rockipedia label IDP5174External identifieridentifier of a music label in the online service RockipediaKirkelig Kulturverksted <Rockipedia label ID> kirkelig_kulturverksted-1298-
KIT Linked Open Numbers IDP5176External identifieridentifier for a natural number in the KIT, general proxy for natural numbers. Format: \d+42 <KIT Linked Open Numbers ID> 42-
Victorian Heritage Register IDP5177External identifieridentifier in Victorian Heritage Register, AustraliaSt Michael's Uniting Church <Victorian Heritage Register ID> H0004-
JMA Seismic Intensity Database IDP5182External identifieridentifier for an earthquake event in Japan Meteorological Agency Seismic Intensity Database2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami <JMA Seismic Intensity Database ID> 175313- club IDP5183External identifieridentifier for an ice hockey team in the database of Eurohockey.comGCK Lions < club ID> 1789-gck-lions-
Daum Encyclopedia IDP5184External identifieridentifier for content in the Daum EncyclopediaBrexit <Daum Encyclopedia ID> 47XXXXXXX123-
British Library system numberP5199External identifierNine digit identifier for an edition of a book held by the British LibraryEngland Delineated (5th edition) <British Library system number> 000033859-
ISO 3950 codeP5209External identifieridentifier for a tooth per ISO 3950right permanent maxillary central incisor <ISO 3950 code> 11-
GONIAT paper IDP5214External identifieridentifier for a taxonomic paper about Paleozoic ammonoids, in the GONIAT databaseCarboniferous ammonoids from Akiyoshi (molluscan paleontology of the Akiyoshi Limestone Group-IV) <GONIAT paper ID> lit00000000000000000000000001050-
Armenian Cinema IDP5218External identifieridentifier for a work or person, in the Armenian Cinema database of the Armenian Association of Film Critics and Cinema JournalistsMen <Armenian Cinema ID> features_and_shorts/257-
BMRB IDP5219External identifieridentifier of a compound in, an NMR spectra databaseethanol <BMRB ID> bmse000297-
ICSC IDP5220External identifieridentifier of a compound in the International Chemical Safety Card databaseethanol <ICSC ID> 0044-
B.R.A.H.M.S. artist IDP5226External identifieridentifier for a musician in the B.R.A.H.M.S. database, by the IRCAMDanielle Arrigoni <B.R.A.H.M.S. artist ID> danielle-arrigoni-
Carnegie Hall event IDP5227External identifieridentifier for an event in the Carnegie Hall Linked Open Data (LOD) databaseThe Governor's Vrouw <Carnegie Hall event ID> 54598-
Carnegie Hall work IDP5229External identifieridentifier for a work in the Carnegie Hall Linked Open Data (LOD) databaseThe Governor's Vrouw <Carnegie Hall work ID> 96674-
Chromosome numbers of the Flora of Germany database IDP5231External identifiernumerical identifier in the "Chromosome numbers of the Flora of Germany" databaseIsatis tinctoria <Chromosome numbers of the Flora of Germany database ID> 7095-
D&B Hoovers company profileP5232External identifieridentifier for a company in the D&B Hoovers databaseVivaldi Technologies <D&B Hoovers company profile> vivaldi_technologies_as.776cc66357fe4df3-
Filmow IDP5233External identifieridentifier at the Filmow database of films and TV shows13 Reasons Why, season 2 <Filmow ID> 13-reasons-why-2a-temporada-t233906-
SpectraBase Compound IDP5234External identifieridentifier of a compound in, a database with spectraethanol <SpectraBase Compound ID> Kn46yonbI3b-
Cité de la Musique-Philharmonie de Paris work IDP5235External identifieridentifier for a musical work in the Cité de la Musique-Philharmonie de Paris databaseBoléro <Cité de la Musique-Philharmonie de Paris work ID> 0824129-
Songfacts song IDP5241External identifieridentifier for a song on the Songfacts websiteDreams <Songfacts song ID> the-cranberries/dreams-
ARWU university IDP5242External identifieridentifier for an university on the Academic Ranking of World Universities websiteLille University of Science and Technology <ARWU university ID> LILLE-1-University---Science-and-Technology-
myschool IDP5245External identifieridentifier of a school in Australia, in the site, a government source of compiled dataHaberfield Public School <myschool ID> 41022-
Giant Bomb IDP5247External identifieridentifier at the Giant Bomb database of video games, fictional characters and voice actorsHalo 2 <Giant Bomb ID> 3030-7110-
IAB codeP5250External identifiercode for an Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) segmentatheism <IAB code> 457-
Corago opera IDP5251External identifieridentifier for an opera on the Corago websiteCarmen <Corago opera ID> Z000001339- movie IDP5253External identifieridentifier for a movie at FilmTv.itCops and Robbers < movie ID> 3303- TV series IDP5255External identifieridentifier for a TV serie at FilmTv.itGrey's Anatomy < TV series ID> 125752-
OpenCorporates corporate groupingP5256External identifiercompanies grouped together at OpenCorporatesJio <OpenCorporates corporate grouping> Jio Reliance Jio-
Czech Geomorphological Unit CodeP5258External identifieridentifier assigned to geomorphological units (regions) in CzechiaBohemian Massif <Czech Geomorphological Unit Code> 1-
iTunes App Store developer IDP5260External identifieridentifier for an iOS app developer on the iTunes App StoreGoogle <iTunes App Store developer ID> 281956209-
Les Enfoirés participant IDP5261External identifieridentifier for a participating celebrity in the Enfoiréthèque, the database of Les Enfoirés websiteTina Arena <Les Enfoirés participant ID> arena-
Les Enfoirés song IDP5262External identifieridentifier for a song in the Enfoiréthèque, the database of Les Enfoirés websiteAlors on danse <Les Enfoirés song ID> 998-
Finnish national bibliography corporate name IDP5266External identifierFinnish national bibliography corporate names database covers the recommended forms of corporate and creator names that the National Library of Finland has produced in the process of tagging the national bibliography.Kone <Finnish national bibliography corporate name ID> 38203A-
MonDO IDP5270External identifieridentifier for a disease in the Monarch Disease Ontologymultiple sclerosis <MonDO ID> MONDO:0005301-
OED Online IDP5275External identifieridentifier for an entry in the online version of Oxford English Dictionary-
FirmenbuchnummerP5285External identifierAustrian company register IDVerbund <Firmenbuchnummer> 76023z-
StadiumDB identifierP5288External identifiersportsarenas/stadium databaseBislett Stadion <StadiumDB identifier> nor/bislett_stadion-
World Stadium Database identifierP5289External identifiersportsarenas/stadium databaseOlympic Stadium <World Stadium Database identifier> olympic-stadium-stadium-amsterdam-in-holland- IDP5290External identifieridentifier at the database of video gamesSonic CD < ID> 24557-
Party Number (Taiwan)P5296External identifieridentifier assigned to parties registered in Taiwan by the Ministry of the InteriorKuomintang <Party Number (Taiwan)> 1-
Webb-site organization IDP5300External identifieridentifier for an organization on "Webb-site Who's Who"Tencent <Webb-site organization ID> 20290-
Protected Buildings Register in Finland Building IDP5313External identifierBuilding ID in the Protected Buildings Register maintained by the Finnish Heritage AgencyAlavus Church <Protected Buildings Register in Finland Building ID> 305221-
Swedish National Archive IDP5324External identifieridentifier for an archive for a person/organisation/event... stored at the National Archive of Sweden1912 Summer Olympics <Swedish National Archive ID> SE/RA/730226- IDP5327External identifieridentifier for television series on fernsehserien.deThe 100 < ID> the-100-
OCLC work IDP5331External identifieridentifier for a work-level item in the OCLC linked data systemA Morbid Taste for Bones <OCLC work ID> 20626614-
Bérose IDP5333External identifieridentifier for a person, a journal or an institution on the website of the Bérose online encyclopediaAdolf Ellegard Jensen <Bérose ID> Jensen-Adolf-Ellegard-1899-1965-
Rom Galil settlement IDP5334External identifierID of a settlement in the Galilee settlement database, Rom GalilEvron <Rom Galil settlement ID> 240-
Or Movement settlement IDP5335External identifierthe ID of a settlement in the Or Movement database for the Negev and the Galilee-
Or Movement regional council IDP5336External identifierthe ID of a regional council in the Or Movement database for the Negev and the Galilee-
PC Engine Software Bible IDP5345External identifieridentifier in the PC Engine Software Bible database of PC Engine videogamesThe NewZealand Story <PC Engine Software Bible ID> New_Zealand_Story-
The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction IDP5357External identifieridentifier for an entry on the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction websiteNorman Matson <The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction ID> matson_norman-
MobyGames group IDP5360External identifieridentifier of a group in the MobyGames databaseMario Kart <MobyGames group ID> mario-kart-series-
YouTube Gaming game IDP5367External identifieridentifier for a video game on YouTube GamingMinecraft <YouTube Gaming game ID> UCPIAZ-E6VsIegksYc0BfUJg-
Encyclopædia Universalis author IDP5369External identifieridentifier of an author on the online version of Encyclopædia UniversalisAntoine Compagnon <Encyclopædia Universalis author ID> antoine-compagnon-
GAMECIP media format IDP5371External identifieridentifier of a media format in the thesaurus of the Game Metadata and Citation Project3½-inch floppy disk <GAMECIP media format ID> 1037-
GAMECIP platform IDP5379External identifieridentifier of a computer game platform in the thesaurus of the Game Metadata and Citation ProjectDreamcast <GAMECIP platform ID> 1053-
EGROKN IDP5381External identifieridentifier for a monument in the Unified state register of objects of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture) of the peoples of the Russian FederationChinese Theatre in Tsarskoe Selo‎ <EGROKN ID> 781510319380066-
Behind The Voice Actors franchise IDP5382External identifieridentifier of a franchise on the websiteMetal Gear <Behind The Voice Actors franchise ID> Metal-Gear-
IGN video game IDP5385External identifierExternal identifier for video games at IGNRage 2 <IGN video game ID> rage-2-
Behind The Voice Actors tv show IDP5387External identifieridentifier of a television show on the websiteSteins;Gate <Behind The Voice Actors tv show ID> Steins-Gate-
Norwegian Polar Institute place name IDP5391External identifieridentifier of a location in the Norwegian Polar Institute's "Place names in Norwegian polar areas" databaseKjerulfbreen <Norwegian Polar Institute place name ID> 732e9972-4393-50da-9f48-2fb1b591345e-
Canadian Encyclopedia article IDP5395External identifieridentifier for articles in the Canadian Encyclopedia (subjects are always with respect to Canada; e.g. "Norwegians"→"Norwegian Canadians")Canada at the 1936 Winter Olympics <Canadian Encyclopedia article ID> canada-at-the-1936-olympic-winter-games-
TDKIV term IDP5398External identifieridentifier for a term used by the Czech Terminology Database of Library and Information Science (TDKIV) produced by the National Library of the Czech Republicgraphical user interface <TDKIV term ID> 000000022-
GeoNLP IDP5400External identifieridentifier for a place in JapanYaesu <GeoNLP ID> UQvqiI-
Common Procurement VocabularyP5417External identifiertaxonomy established for the EU for goods and services; it has the advantage of being massively multilingual, and public domain (EU legislation)driver's license <Common Procurement Vocabulary> 22454000-
GS1 Global Product Classification brick codeP5420External identifierThe brick code is used to classify products in the GS1 Global Product Classificationfortified wine <GS1 Global Product Classification brick code> 10000273-
Lega Serie A team IDP5424External identifieridentifier of a soccer team in the Lega Serie A websiteTorino Football Club <Lega Serie A team ID> torino- venue IDP5432External identifieridentifier for a music venue at sSetlist.fmRoyal Albert Hall < venue ID> 53d63779-
Gfycat user IDP5434External identifieruser name for an entity on Gfycat.comIGN <Gfycat user ID> IGN-
Language Council of Norways termwiki IDP5445External identifierIdentifier for a term in the Norwegian language, as given by an entry in the Language Council of Norways termwiki. This is a terminology database for academic disciplines. The terms are usually given as Bokmål, Nynorsk, and English <Language Council of Norways termwiki ID> Verk-
MyHeritage Surname IDP5452External identifierstring identifying a surname (family name) at the MyHeritage genealogy websiteFarquharson <MyHeritage Surname ID> farquharson-
Logicielsmoto identifierP5453External identifieridentifier in the Logicielsmoto database of Thomson softwareL'Aigle d'or <Logicielsmoto identifier> 9-
TasteAtlas IDP5456External identifieridentifier for an item at Taste Atlaspizza <TasteAtlas ID> pizza-
Conseil constitutionnel IDP5457External identifieridentifier of a member of the 'Conseil constitutionnel' on its websiteGeorges Abadie <Conseil constitutionnel ID> 98205-
Guide to Pharmacology Target IDP5458External identifiertarget identifier of the Guide to Pharmacology databaseDRD1 <Guide to Pharmacology Target ID> 214-
GlyphWiki IDP5467External identifieridentifier of GlyphWiki, in which glyphs of Han characters are managed <GlyphWiki ID> u4e00-j-
SBN books IDP5485External identifieridentifier for books issued by National Library Service (SBN) of ItalyOn the astronomical causes which may influence geological phaenomena <SBN books ID> IT\ICCU\MOD\0578992-
artist-info location IDP5490External identifieridentifier in the artist-info location database of exhibition recordsKestnergesellschaft <artist-info location ID> 56-
GameSpot IDP5494External identifieridentifier at the GameSpot database of video gamesSuper Mario 64 <GameSpot ID> super-mario-64-
Mormon Literature and Creative Arts Database Works IDP5495External identifierEnder's Game <Mormon Literature and Creative Arts Database Works ID> enders-game-
IPHAN IDP5500External identifierThe IPHAN identifier for a historic place or goodChurch of the Magi <IPHAN ID> 230-
Brenda Tissue Ontology IDP5501External identifierreticulate body <Brenda Tissue Ontology ID> BTO:0001172-
WorldCat Registry IDP5505External identifieridentifier for a library, library consortium or similar institution in the Worldcat RegistryEdward Boyle Library <WorldCat Registry ID> 119145-
artist-info exhibition IDP5507External identifierіdentifier in the artist-info database for exhibition recordsArmory Show <artist-info exhibition ID> 69th-Regiment-Armory-Id363342-
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Inventory identifierP5517External identifierHôtel de ville de Saint-Étienne <Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Inventory identifier> IA42000040-
Belgian Heritage in Brazil IDP5528External identifieridentifier for notorious individuals, companies and artworks associated to the Belgian heritage in BrazilPortrait of Joaquim Pires Pereira de Almeida <Belgian Heritage in Brazil ID> painting/joaquim-pires-de-almeida-
Altmetric IDP5530External identifieridentifier assigned to a scientific or academic article by, to track the citation metricsReference ranges for estradiol, progesterone, luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone during the menstrual cycle <Altmetric ID> 13113080-
Central Index KeyP5531External identifierCitigroup <Central Index Key> 0000831001-
Swedish place name register SOFIP5536External identifierthis is a register of names found over time for old places in a parish that is managed by the Swedish Institute for Language and Folklore - SOFIQ10532246 <Swedish place name register SOFI> 1ex001/304209c1-
archINFORM ID (locations)P5573External identifieridentifier for a location on the archINFORM websiteBrandenburg <archINFORM ID (locations)> 2708-
CAGE codeP5574External identifieridentifier for a supplier to government agenciesD&B Hoovers <CAGE code> 1V038- Airline identifierP5579External Airline identifierMiddle East Airlines < Airline identifier> 3489-
Norwegian National Road DataBase IDP5580External identifierDatabase ID in the Norwegian National Road DataBaseQ17770287 <Norwegian National Road DataBase ID> 82287527-
NATO Stock NumberP5581External identifier13-digit numeric code identifying an object used by NATO member country armed forcesdesk <NATO Stock Number> 7110-01-482-1192-
QS World University IDP5584External identifieridentifer for an educational institution, in the QS World University databaseMassachusetts Institute of Technology <QS World University ID> massachusetts-institute-technology-mit-
SMS Power identifierP5585External identifieridentifier of a video game in the SMS Power database of Sega 8-bit console gamesAlex Kidd in Miracle World <SMS Power identifier> AlexKiddInMiracleWorld-SMS-
Times Higher Education World University IDP5586External identifierTimes Higher Education World University Ranking Website's university identifierMassachusetts Institute of Technology <Times Higher Education World University ID> massachusetts-institute-technology- identifierP5590External identifieran identifier in the database of Oric computer programsL'Aigle d'or < identifier> 11-
U-Multirank university IDP5600External identifieridentifier for a university, on the U-Multirank websiteMassachusetts Institute of Technology <U-Multirank university ID> massachusetts-institute-of-technology-
archINFORM keyword IDP5604External identifieridentifier for a keyword on the archINFORM websiteparish church <archINFORM keyword ID> 2484-
Marvel character IDP5621External identifieridentifier for a character on the websiteAnt-Man <Marvel character ID> 1010801-
AniDB character IDP5648External identifieridentifier for a character in AniDB databaseNanachi <AniDB character ID> 89866-
MuIS collection IDP5656External identifieridentifier for a collection in the Estonian museum database MuISTartu Art Museum's watercolor collection <MuIS collection ID> 419-
VGMdb product IDP5659External identifieridentifier for a product (game, franchise, video) in the Video Game Music databaseMario franchise <VGMdb product ID> 1-
Hoopla IDP5680External identifieran audiobook, film, music album, comic, ebook, or television series on HooplaMy Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks <Hoopla ID> 11195435-
ITU-R RecommendationP5686External identifieridentifier of an ITU-R RecommendationBT.709 <ITU-R Recommendation> BT.709-
ITU-T RecommendationP5688External identifieridentifier of an ITU-T RecommendationG.711 <ITU-T Recommendation> G.711-
Transport Canada LIDP5699External identifierunique identifier assigned by Transport Canada for airports, heliports, train stations or other transport/travel-related points of interestTahsis Water Aerodrome <Transport Canada LID> CAL9-
PAM IDP5718External identifieridentifier for a person or organization on the 'Portail des Arts de la Marionnette' websiteAnne Bitran <PAM ID> anne-bitran-
National Medal of Arts winner IDP5719External identifieridentifier for a National Medal of Arts winner on the United States' National Endowment for the Arts websiteMaya Angelou <National Medal of Arts winner ID> maya-angelou-
Pietre della Memoria IDP5726External identifieridentifier on the 'Pietre della Memoria' websiteWar memorial of Brugherio <Pietre della Memoria ID> monumento-ai-caduti-di-brugherio-
Moegirlpedia Chinese Article EntryP5737External identifierLink to entry of Chinese articles on Moegirlpedia-
SR NumberP5743External identifierNumber for each law in the Systematic Compilation of Federal Legislation of SwitzerlandSwiss Federal Constitution <SR Number> 101-
KERIS school IDP5744External identifieridentifier for a school in the information system by KERISDongnae Girls' High School <KERIS school ID> C100000397-
ASINP5749External identifieridentifier for a product on websitesSotke mut <ASIN> B073HWQBJP-
EU project RCNP5755External identifierRecord Control Number for project under EU Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development)European Holocaust Research Infrastructure <EU project RCN> 194942-
Petit Futé site IDP5760External identifieridentifier for a tourist site on the Petit Futé websiteBarichara <Petit Futé site ID> v54097-
NDB identifier for airport beaconsP5762External identifierNDB identifier for airport beaconsAnnecy – Haute-Savoie – Mont Blanc Airport <NDB identifier for airport beacons> AT-
Osservatorio culturale del Cantone Ticino IDP5768External identifierOsservatorio culturale del Cantone Ticino ID for a cultural institutionQ3664826 <Osservatorio culturale del Cantone Ticino ID> 2-
CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency IDP5777External identifieridentifier for a cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCapBitcoin <CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency ID> bitcoin-
CPAN projectP5779External identifiername of a project in CPANTemplate Toolkit <CPAN project> Template::Toolkit-
cpcrulez IDP5780External identifieridentifier in the cpcrulez database of Amstrad CPC videogamesContra <cpcrulez ID> gryzor-
EU Research Participant IDP5785External identifierID of organization in EU's Framework Programs for ResearchOntotext <EU Research Participant ID> 997893806-
Ski Jumping Hill Archive IDP5787External identifieridentifier for a ski jumping hill on the Ski Jumping Hill Archive websiteQ15132520 <Ski Jumping Hill Archive ID> 1480-
IGDB game IDP5794External identifieridentifier for a game on the Internet Game DatabaseDevil May Cry 5 <IGDB game ID> devil-may-cry-5-
IGDB platform IDP5795External identifieridentifier for a platform on the Internet Game DatabaseiOS <IGDB platform ID> ios-
AustLII IDP5799External identifieridentifier in the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) online databaseWik Peoples v Queensland <AustLII ID> au/cases/cth/HCA/1996/40- topic IDP5801External identifieridentifier for a research topic on the websiteDutch Empire < topic ID> Dutch_Empire-
VOR/DME identifier for airport beaconsP5803External identifierVOR/DME identifier for airport beaconsParis-Charles de Gaulle Airport <VOR/DME identifier for airport beacons> CGN-
SNOMED CT identifierP5806External identifieridentifier in the SNOMED CT catalogue codes for diseases, symptoms and proceduresosteoporosis <SNOMED CT identifier> 64859006-
MusicBrainz release IDP5813External identifieridentifier for a release in the MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia (edition)Between the Buttons <MusicBrainz release ID> d05b1707-2885-4261-b0f0-4a8a23513523-
IANA service nameP5814External identifiername of a web service defined in Q47470786Echo Protocol <IANA service name> echo-
ArhivX LODP5821External identifierLinked object dataVojin Bakić <ArhivX LOD> 10385-
World Travel Awards IDP5835External identifieridentifier for a nominee on the World Travel Awards <World Travel Awards ID> 33332-
Nintendo GameIDP5838External identifierSix-alphanumeric-character Nintendo GameID for a specific gameSuper Smash Bros. Melee <Nintendo GameID> GALE01-
NPR podcast IDP5840External identifieridentifier for a podcast on National Public Radio (NPR)Stay Tuned with Preet <NPR podcast ID> 551791730-
iTunes podcast IDP5842External identifieridentifier for a podcast in iTunesStay Tuned with Preet <iTunes podcast ID> 1265845136-
Gynopedia place IDP5843External identifieridentifier for a place (city, region or country) on the Gynopedia wiki about sexual and reproductive health careBahrain <Gynopedia place ID> Bahrain-
AnimeClick anime IDP5845External identifierSteins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu <AnimeClick anime ID> 4230-
AnimeClick novel IDP5846External identifierSword Art Online <AnimeClick novel ID> 14463-
AnimeClick character IDP5847External identifierSon Gokū <AnimeClick character ID> 5986-
Ex-USSR internal airport codeP5851External identifierAirport code similar to IATA codes but only for Russian and CEI airports-
AnimeClick drama IDP5860External identifierErased <AnimeClick drama ID> 19390-
CharacTour character IDP5863External identifierNeo <CharacTour character ID> Neo.The-Matrix-
LakeNet IDP5866External identifiernumber of a lake in Global Lake DatabaseLake Kariba <LakeNet ID> 8360-
MobyGames platform IDP5868External identifieridentifier for a platform in MobyGamesDreamcast <MobyGames platform ID> dreamcast-
re3data repository IDP5874External identifieridentifier for a data repository in the re3data registryWorld Atlas of Language Structures <re3data repository ID> r3d100010155-
ResearchGate publication IDP5875External identifierID of a publication in ResearchGateThe Cardiidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia) of tropical northern Australia: A synthesis of taxonomy, biodiversity and biogeography with the description of four new species <ResearchGate publication ID> 321796168-
Dapodikdasmen IDP5884External identifieridentifier for a school in IndonesiaSMA Negeri 68 Jakarta <Dapodikdasmen ID> 6093B02AD005D6E4A6CA-
Microsoft Store app IDP5885External identifieridentifier for a application in Microsoft StoreTaobao <Microsoft Store app ID> 9NBLGGH6C2CD-
Arkivportalen agent IDP5887External identifieridentifier for an actor (person or institution) in Arkivportalen, a website for Norwegian archivesKirke- og undervisningsdepartementet <Arkivportalen agent ID> no-a1450-01000000246774-
Arkivportalen archive IDP5888External identifieridentifier for an archive in Arkivportalen, a website for Norwegian archivesThe Münich collection <Arkivportalen archive ID> no-a1450-01000001525623-
UOL Eleições IDP5892External identifierіdentifier for elections in Brazil containing voting data for each position per StateState elections in Acre, Brazil in 2014 for the Federal Deputy <UOL Eleições ID> 2014/06/AC-
Uralonet IDP5902External identifier-
Álgu IDP5903External identifier-
Comic Vine IDP5905External identifieridentifier at the Comic Vine database of comic books, fictional characters, people, films and television series/episodesBatman <Comic Vine ID> 4005-1699-
DxOMark IDP5906External identifierDxomark article identifier for smartphones and camerasCanon EOS 4000D <DxOMark ID> canon-eos-4000d-sensor-review-temptingly-affordable-
HKCAN IDP5909External identifierHong Kong Chinese Authority Name IDJohn Ching Hsiung Wu <HKCAN ID> 11-
Oqaasileriffik online dictionary IDP5912External identifierID in the online dictionary of Oqaasileriffik-
IANA Root Zone Database IDP5914External identifierIdentifier in IANA's Root Zone Database of delegation details for top-level Internet <IANA Root Zone Database ID> com-
Spotify show IDP5916External identifieridentifier for a show or podcast on SpotifyUp First <Spotify show ID> 2mTUnDkuKUkhiueKcVWoP0-
ANZSRC FoR IDP5922External identifierAustralia and New Zealand Standard Research Classification 2008 identifier for a field of researchmedical and health science <ANZSRC FoR ID> 11- series IDP5925External identifieridentifier for TV series on Moviepilot.deImposters < series ID> Imposters-
Ġabra lexeme IDP5928External identifieridentifier for a lexeme in the Ġabra lexicon-
Open Food Facts ingredient IDP5930External identifieridentifier of a food ingredient on Open Food Factsolive oil <Open Food Facts ingredient ID> olive-oil-
tweet IDP5933External identifieridentifier of a status on TwitterOscar tweet <tweet ID> 440322224407314432- IDP5936External identifieridentifier in the database of computing platforms old-computers.comAmiga 500 Plus < ID> 1260-
Oudnederlands Woordenboek GTB IDP5937External identifierID of entry in Oudnederlands Woordenboek on Geïntegreerde Taalbank-
Vroegmiddelnederlands Woordenboek GTB IDP5938External identifierID of entry in Vroegmiddelnederlands Woordenboek on Geïntegreerde Taalbank-
Middelnederlandsch Woordenboek GTB IDP5939External identifierID of entry in Middelnederlandsch Woordenboek on Geïntegreerde Taalbank-
North America PlayStation Store IDP5944External identifieridentifier for a game available on the PlayStation StoreGrand Theft Auto V <North America PlayStation Store ID> UP1004-CUSA00419_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL-
São Paulo: os estrangeiros e a construção da cidade IDP5950External identifierThe database "São Paulo: os estrangeiros e a construção da cidade" is a research project supported by Q5508997 for creative work on Q174 in public GLAM institutions in the city.Vista aérea do Jardim Paulista. São Paulo/SP <São Paulo: os estrangeiros e a construção da cidade ID> 00004-MP-00-
Museu Nacional IDP5954External identifieronline catalog ID for Museu NacionalBayani <Museu Nacional ID> etnologia/kumbukumbu/etnafr0054-
Sekolah Kita IDP5955External identifieridentifier for a school in Indonesia (early childhood education, primary education, and secondary education)Q12511117 <Sekolah Kita ID> 60908879-2FF5-E011-8C64-F73890011EB9-
Europe PlayStation Store IDP5971External identifieridentifier for a game available on the PlayStation Store (EU region)Grand Theft Auto V <Europe PlayStation Store ID> EP1004-CUSA00411_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL-
Encyclopedia Virginia IDP5981External identifieridentifier of a topic in the online Encyclopedia VirginiaEastern Chickahominy <Encyclopedia Virginia ID> Eastern_Chickahominy_Tribe-
Getty Iconography Authority IDP5986External identifieridentifier from the Getty Iconography AuthorityShiva <Getty Iconography Authority ID> 901000021-
Deezer show IDP5988External identifieridentifier for a show or podcast on DeezerLes Chemins de la philosophie <Deezer show ID> 50793-
Techopedia IDP6009External identifieridentifier for an entry in the technology dictionaryterabit <Techopedia ID> 13416/terabit-tb-
Encyclopedia of Alabama IDP6010External identifieridentifier for a subject on the Encyclopedia of Alabama websiteJohn Abercrombie <Encyclopedia of Alabama ID> h-3659-
Internet Pinball Database IDP6011External identifieridentifier for pinball machines at the Internet Pinball DatabaseEight Ball Deluxe <Internet Pinball Database ID> 762-
Encyclopedia of Appalachia IDP6013External identifieridentifier for a subject on the Encyclopedia of Appalachia websiteautoharp <Encyclopedia of Appalachia ID> 28-
Handbook of Texas IDP6015External identifieridentifier for a subject in the Handbook of Texas OnlineFate Bell Shelter <Handbook of Texas ID> bbf01-
Tennessee Encyclopedia IDP6016External identifieridentifier for a subject on the Tennessee Encyclopedia websiteCades Cove <Tennessee Encyclopedia ID> cades-cove-
IGF entrant IDP6032External identifieridentifier of an entrant in the Independent Games Festival80 Days <IGF entrant ID> 80-days-
Larousse IDP6058External identifieridentifier for a subject on the 'Encyclopédie Larousse'Honoré de Balzac <Larousse ID> personnage/wd/107350-
DCMOTO identifierP6068External identifieridentifier in the DCMOTO database of Thomson MO/TO softwareL'Aigle d'or <DCMOTO identifier> l-aigle-d-or-
GameFAQs platform IDP6078External identifieridentifier of a gaming platform in GameFAQs databaseDreamcast <GameFAQs platform ID> dreamcast-
The Guardian article IDP6085External identifiershortened URL for an article in the GuardianVienna Philharmonic and the Jewish musicians who perished under Hitler <The Guardian article ID> 3eca4-
Caselaw Access Project case IDP6090External identifieridentifier for single case in Caselaw Access ProjectBurnet v. Logan <Caselaw Access Project case ID> 6936836-
MGG Online IDP6091External identifierstable identifier for an entry on the MGG Online websiteLarry Coryell <MGG Online ID> 47511-
B3Kat dataset IDP6123External identifierentry ID in B3Kat, the joint union catalogue of the Bavarian Library Network (Bibliotheksverbund Bayern - BVB) and the Cooperative Library Network Berlin-Brandenburg (KOBV)Q27713917 <B3Kat dataset ID> BV002532154-
VD 18 IDP6135External identifierpublication ID in the bibliography of 18th century printed material in the German speaking areasJournal der practischen Heilkunde <VD 18 ID> 90294076-
SWH Release IDP6138External identifieridentifier of a software source code release in the Software Heritage ArchiveGensim <SWH Release ID> swh:1:rel:6e803c4480a88b40909632c9fefce5faa042f10a;origin=
DanNet 2.2 word IDP6140External identifieridentifier for part of the URI for a word in the DanNet resource-
BoardGeekGame game publisher IDP6160External identifieridentifier for a publisher on the BoardGeekGame websiteBRIO <BoardGeekGame game publisher ID> 389-
Luding game publisher IDP6162External identifieridentifier for a publisher on the Luding websiteCheapass Games <Luding game publisher ID> 1146-
Depósito Legal IDP6164External identifieridentifier for a publication in SpainDiccionari biogràfic d'Olot <Depósito Legal ID> Gi. 1590-2015-
Corpus typographique français IDP6165External identifieridentifier for a typeface on the Corpus typographique français websiteAntique Olive <Corpus typographique français ID> Olive%22 Antique Olive-
System16 identifierP6170External identifieridentifier in the System16 database of arcade game systemsSega Titan Video <System16 identifier> 711-
Sega Saturn game IDP6172External identifierserial number of a game release on the Sega SaturnRadiant Silvergun <Sega Saturn game ID> T-32902G-
Dimensions Publication IDP6179External identifierunique identifier for a work in the Dimensions databaseBurn injuries from the london suicide bombings: a new classification of blast-related thermal injuries. <Dimensions Publication ID> 1105497016-
Disney A to Z IDP6181External identifierID of article in online version of Disney A to ZMickey Mouse <Disney A to Z ID> mickey-mouse-
GameFAQs company IDP6182External identifieridentifier of a company in the GameFAQs databaseKonami <GameFAQs company ID> 10626-
LEGO set IDP6187External identifierunique identifier of a LEGO setMillennium Falcon <LEGO set ID> 75192-
NSW State Archives and Records Authority Agency IDP6190External identifieridentifier for current and historic government agencies in New South Wales, Australia, allocated by the State Records AuthorityCity of Gosford <NSW State Archives and Records Authority Agency ID> 3814-
Badgames IDP6197External identifieridentifier of a video game from the website Badgames.itOverwatch <Badgames ID> overwatch-
Geolex IDP6202External identifierID for every stratigraphic unit in the United States of America (USA) given by the United States Geological SurveySquantum Member <Geolex ID> Squantum_3930-
Defined Term IDP6205External identifieridentifier for a definition in dictionary-
LIGA profileP6210External identifierbackground information on organizations, political parties, biographies of famous peopleAlla Mazur <LIGA profile> persons/alla-mazyr-
BIBSYS work IDP6211External identifieridentifier for works in BIBSYSDen lille prinsen <BIBSYS work ID> 999424905504702202-
UK Parliament identifierP6213External identifieridentifier used by the UK Parliament linked-data systemDiane Abbott <UK Parliament identifier> 43RHonMf-
OpenTrials IDP6220External identifieridentifier for OpenTrials database over clinical trialsAURORA trial <OpenTrials ID> ac696657-880c-4b6d-9cce-07b3271a2de2-
DIR3 IDP6222External identifierofficial identifier of a public Spanish organizationAyuntamiento de Toledo <DIR3 ID> L01451685-
RegiowikiAT identifierP6228External identifieridentifier of a page in the Austria regional wiki RegiowikiATSalzburg <RegiowikiAT identifier> 14-
Discord Store game SKUP6229External identifieridentifier for a game available on the Discord StoreParkasaurus <Discord Store game SKU> 508008071411400724-
IEC commemorative monument of Catalonia IDP6239External identifieridentifier of a commemorative monument or relevant structure in Catalonia in the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC) [Institute for Catalan Studies] databaseMemorial of the Battle of the Ebro <IEC commemorative monument of Catalonia ID> 1193-
Meteorological Service of Canada climate site IDP6242External identifierThe climate ID is a 7 digit number assigned by the Meteorological Service of Canada to a site where official weather observations are taken, and serves as a permanent, unique identifier.ACTIVE PASS <Meteorological Service of Canada climate site ID> 7060400-
Volksbund IDP6244External identifierGerman War Graves Commission cemetery identificationViéville German military cemetery <Volksbund ID> vieville-sous-les-cotes-
PomBase systematic IDP6245External identifierIdentifier for a coding gene in the Schizosaccharomyces pombe model organism database PomBasePom1 <PomBase systematic ID> SPAC2F7.03c-
LEGO design IDP6247External identifierunique identifier of a LEGO brick design-
LEGO element IDP6248External identifierunique identifier of a LEGO brick design with a specific colour-
iTunes music movie IDP6250External identifieridentifier for a concert film or other music-related film in iTunesThe 1989 World Tour Live <iTunes music movie ID> 1240041949-