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Wikidata property for items about people (Q18608871)

Wikidata property for authority control for people[edit]

see Wikidata:List of properties/human/authority control

Wikidata property for items about people with datatype 'time'[edit]

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
date of deathP570Point in timedate on which the subject diedEdgar Leopold Layard <date of death> 1900-01-01-
floruitP1317Point in timedate when the person was known to be active or alive, when birth or death not documentedWilliam Baldwin <floruit> 1547-
work period (start)P2031Point in timestart of period during which a person or group flourished (fl. = "floruit") in their professional activityVincent van Gogh <work period (start)> 1880-
work period (end)P2032Point in timeend of period during which a person or group flourished (fl. = "floruit") in their professional activityVincent van Gogh <work period (end)> 1890-07-
date of burial or cremationP4602Point in timedate on which the person was buried or cremated soon after deathBartholomeus Dolendo <date of burial or cremation> 1626-05-27-

Wikidata property for human relationships[edit]

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
fatherP22Itemmale parent of the subject. For stepfather, use "stepparent" (P3448)Jane Fonda <father> Henry Fondachild
motherP25Itemfemale parent of the subject. For stepmother, use "stepparent" (P3448)Charles, Prince of Wales <mother> Elizabeth IIchild
spouseP26Itemthe subject has the object as their spouse (husband, wife, partner, etc.). Use "unmarried partner" (P451) for non-married companionsPierre Curie <spouse> Marie Curiespouse
childP40Itemsubject has the object in their family as their offspring son or daughter (independently of their age)Kirk Douglas <child> Michael Douglasfather
childP40Itemsubject has the object in their family as their offspring son or daughter (independently of their age)Kirk Douglas <child> Michael Douglasmother
partnerP451Itemsomeone in a relationship without being married. Use "spouse" for married couples.Simone de Beauvoir <partner> Jean-Paul Sartrepartner
relativeP1038Itemfamily member (qualify with "type of kinship", P1039; for direct family member please use specific property)Moulay Ali Cherif <relative> Al Hassan Addakhilrelative
godparentP1290Itemperson who is the godparent of a given personVictoria <godparent> Alexander I of Russia-
number of childrenP1971Quantitynumber of children of the person. Mainly in cases where the full list isn't or shouldn't be added in P40.Abraham Lincoln <number of children> 4-
siblingP3373Itemthe subject has the object as their sibling (brother, sister, etc.). Use "relative" (P1038) for siblings-in-law (brother-in-law, sister-in-law, etc.) and step-siblings (step-brothers, step-sisters, etc.)Lisa Simpson <sibling> Bart Simpsonsibling
stepparentP3448Itemsubject has the object as their stepparentMarcus Aurelius Antoninus <stepparent> Antoninus Pius-

Wikidata property related to sports in individuals[edit]

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
head coachP286Itemon-field manager or head coach of a sports club (not to be confused with a general manager P505, which is not a coaching position) or personMontreal Canadiens <head coach> Michel Therrien-
position played on team / specialityP413Itemposition or specialism of a player on a team, e.g. Small ForwardJoe Thornton <position played on team / speciality> centre-
shooting handednessP423Itemwhether the hockey player passes or shoots left- or right-handedJoe Thornton <shooting handedness> left-handed shot-
dan/kyu rankP468Itemrank system used in several board games (e.g. go, shogi, renju), martial arts (e.g. judo, kendo, wushu) and some other gamesGo Seigen <dan/kyu rank> 9 dan-
doubles recordP555Stringwin/lose balance for a player in doubles tournaments-
singles recordP564Stringwin/lose balance for a player in singles tournaments-
drafted byP647Itemwhich team the player was drafted byNick Punto <drafted by> Philadelphia Phillies-
playing handP741Itemhand used to play a racket sportRafael Nadal <playing hand> left-handedness-
sponsorP859Itemorganization or individual that sponsors this itemKílian Jornet Burgada <sponsor> Salomon Group-
Elo ratingP1087Quantityquantitative measure of one's game-playing ability, particularly in classical chessMagnus Carlsen <Elo rating> 2887-
national team capsP1129Quantitytotal number of games officially played by a sportsman for national team-
number of points/goals/set scoredP1351Quantitygoals / points scored in a match or an event used as qualifier to the participant. Use P1358 for league points.-
rankingP1352Quantitythe subject's numbered position within a tournament or group of performersXu Xin <ranking> 2014-
number of winsP1355Quantitynumber of sporting matches, games or events won2014 FIFA World Cup Group A <number of wins> 3-
number of lossesP1356Quantitynumber of sporting matches, games or events lost2014 FIFA World Cup Group A <number of losses> 0-
matches/games drawn/tiedP1357Quantitynumber of matches or games drawn or tied in a league or an event2014 FIFA World Cup Group A <matches/games drawn/tied> 1-
points forP1358Quantitynumber of points in a league table or decathlon. (Use P1351 for goals/points in a match)-
number of points/goals concededP1359Quantitypoints conceded or goals against (use in league table items)2014 FIFA World Cup Group A <number of points/goals conceded> 3-
country for sportP1532Itemcountry a person or a team represents when playing a sportWayne Rooney <country for sport> England-
sport numberP1618Stringnumber worn on a player's (competitor's) uniform, equipment, etcMario Götze <sport number> 19-
acquisition transactionP1642Itemhow the player was acquired; qualifier for P54 (member of sports team)Kat Williamson <acquisition transaction> tradedeparture transaction
departure transactionP1643Itemhow the player was released or transferred from the roster; qualifier for P54 (member of sports team)Kat Williamson <departure transaction> tradeacquisition transaction
personal bestP2415Quantityan individual's best performance in a given disciplineUsain Bolt <personal best> 9.58 second-
victoryP2522Itemcompetition or event won by the subjectVerandas Willems 2015 <victory> 2015 Internationale Wielertrofee Jong Maar Moedigwinner
bowling styleP2545Itemtype of bowling employed by a cricketerSanath Jayasuriya <bowling style> left-arm orthodox spin-
race timeP2781Quantityofficially recorded time elapsed in a sports race-

Wikidata property related to burials, graves, and memorials[edit]

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
place of burialP119Itemlocation of grave, resting place, place of ash-scattering, etc, (e.g. town/city or cemetery) for a person or animal. There may be several places: e.g. re-burials, cenotaphs, parts of body buried separately.Christian Doppler <place of burial> San Michele Cemetery-
Find A Grave memorial IDP535External identifieridentifier of an individual's burial place in the Find a Grave databaseSon House <Find A Grave memorial ID> 7951199-
commemoratesP547Itemwhat the place, monument, memorial, or holiday, commemoratesold Bach-monument Leipzig <commemorates> Johann Sebastian Bach-
burial plot referenceP965Stringstring of references which identify a specific plot in a burial area, e.g. cemeteryPeter Abelard <burial plot reference> Division 7, #1-
unveiled byP1656Itemperson who unveils a statue, sculpture, memorial or plaque, etc.John F. Kennedy Memorial <unveiled by> Robert F. Kennedy-
category of people buried hereP1791ItemWikimedia category for people with a burial site within this areaSt. Vitus Cathedral <category of people buried here> Category:Burials at St. Vitus Cathedral-
commemorative plaque imageP1801Commons media fileimage of plaque or inscription commemorating or mentioning the subject. For graves, use grave picture (P1442)Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor <commemorative plaque image> Jesi Piazza Federico II.jpg-
CWGC burial ground IDP1920External identifieridentifier for a cemetery, churchyard, or memorial, in the online database of Commonwealth War Graves CommissionSt Mary's Church, Handsworth <CWGC burial ground ID> 45014-
Find A Grave cemetery IDP2025External identifieridentifier assigned to a cemetery at Find A GraveCypress Hills Cemetery <Find A Grave cemetery ID> 64319-
quantity buriedP2324Quantitynumber of remains buried or interredNational necropolis of Bois-Roger <quantity buried> 11233-
number of gravesP2351Quantitynumber of burial places In a cemetery or necropolisNational necropolis of Bois-Roger <number of graves> 8157-
IWM memorial IDP3038External identifieridentifier for a war memorial, in the UK Imperial War Museum's War Memorials RegisterBoer War Memorial <IWM memorial ID> 17351-
Oorlogsmonument IDP3638External identifieridentifier for a war memorial in the database maintained by the Dutch Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 meiThe Destroyed City <Oorlogsmonument ID> 892-
USHMM Holocaust Encyclopedia IDP3724External identifieridentifier in the Holocaust Encyclopedia of the United States Holocaust Memorial MuseumTheresienstadt concentration camp <USHMM Holocaust Encyclopedia ID> 10005424-
BillionGraves cemetery IDP4352External identifieridentifier for a burial ground, on the BillionGraves websiteCypress Hills Cemetery <BillionGraves cemetery ID> Cypress-Hills-Cemetery/248611- IDP4359External identifieridentifier for a person giving their burial place, in gravsted.dkHans Christian Andersen < ID> hcandersen-
Dutch Cemetery in Chinsurah person IDP4458External identifieridentifier for an interred person in the database of the Dutch Cemetery in Chinsurah, West BengalAda Gordon Martin <Dutch Cemetery in Chinsurah person ID> 44-
Scottish Cemetery Kolkata person IDP4512External identifierThis website contains the database of Scottish Cemetery in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The database resource was built by Presidency University in collaboration the University of St. Andrews.Thomas Jones <Scottish Cemetery Kolkata person ID> 339-
Swedish Gravestone IDP5259External identifierregister of +348 000 Swedish gravestones for +759,000 Swedish peopleIngrid Bergman <Swedish Gravestone ID> 281603-
Pietre della Memoria IDP5726External identifieridentifier on the 'Pietre della Memoria' websiteWar memorial of Brugherio <Pietre della Memoria ID> monumento-ai-caduti-di-brugherio-
ABMC person IDP5756External identifieridentifier for a person on the American Battle Monuments Commission websiteInez Crittenden <ABMC person ID> 514950-
War Memorials Online IDP5956External identifieridentifier for a war memorial on the War Memorials Online websiteWarcop War Memorial <War Memorials Online ID> 172889-

Wikidata property for items about people or organisations[edit]

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
field of workP101Itemspecialization of a person or organization; see P106 for the occupationBastian Sick <field of work> German-
award receivedP166Itemaward or recognition received by a person, organisation or creative workJehan Sadat <award received> Pearl S. Buck Awardwinner


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
sex or genderP21Itemsexual identity of subject: male (Q6581097), female (Q6581072), intersex (Q1097630), transgender female (Q1052281), transgender male (Q2449503). Animals: male animal (Q44148), female animal (Q43445). Groups of same gender use "subclass of" (P279)Cara Delevingne <sex or gender> female-
country of citizenshipP27Itemthe object is a country that recognizes the subject as its citizenNelson Mandela <country of citizenship> South Africa-
position heldP39Itemsubject currently or formerly holds the object position or public officeGeorge Washington <position held> President of the United Statesofficeholder
authorP50Itemmain creator(s) of a written work (use on works, not humans)Pride and Prejudice <author> Jane Austen-
familyP53Itemfamily, including dynasty and nobility houses. Not family name (use P734 for family name).Elizabeth II <family> House of Windsor-
member of sports teamP54Itemsports teams or clubs that the subject currently represents or formerly representedDiego Maradona <member of sports team> FC Barcelona-
ancestral homeP66Itemplace of origin for ancestors of subjectJackie Chan <ancestral home> Qingdao-
educated atP69Itemeducational institution attended by subjectBertrand Russell <educated at> University of Cambridge-
sexual orientationP91Itemthe sexual orientation of the person — use IF AND ONLY IF they have stated it themselves, unambiguously, or it has been widely agreed upon by historians after their deathAlbert Verlinde <sexual orientation> homosexuality-
noble titleP97Itemtitles held by the personBaron Sandhurst <noble title> baron-
member of political partyP102Itemthe political party of which this politician is or has been a memberEleanor Roosevelt <member of political party> Democratic Party-
native languageP103Itemlanguage or languages a person has learned from birthLeo Tolstoy <native language> Russian-
occupationP106Itemoccupation of a person; see also "field of work" (Property:P101), "position held" (Property:P39)Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio <occupation> writer-
employerP108Itemperson or organization for which the subject works or workedAlbert Verlinde <employer> Stage Entertainment Germany-
signatureP109Commons media fileimage of a person's signatureIsaac Newton <signature> Isaac Newton signature ws.svg-
movementP135Itemliterary, artistic, scientific or philosophical movement associated with this person or workMax Horkheimer <movement> Frankfurt School-
genreP136Itemcreative work's genre or an artist's field of work (P101). Use main subject (P921) to relate creative works to their topicWinter in Wartime <genre> war film-
religionP140Itemreligion of a person, organization or religious building, or associated with this subjectNarendra Modi <religion> Hinduism-
ethnic groupP172Itemsubject's ethnicity (consensus is that a VERY high standard of proof is needed for this field to be used. In general this means 1) the subject claims it him/herself, or 2) it is widely agreed on by scholars, or 3) is fictional and portrayed as such).Karl Marx <ethnic group> Jewish people-
performerP175Itemperformer involved in the performance or the recording of a musical workRent <performer> Anthony Rapp-
doctoral advisorP184Itemperson who supervised the doctorate or PhD thesis of the subjectGottfried Wilhelm Leibniz <doctoral advisor> Christiaan Huygensdoctoral student
doctoral studentP185Itemdoctoral student(s) of a professorJ. J. Thomson <doctoral student> Ernest Rutherforddoctoral advisor
official residenceP263Itemthe residence at which heads of government and other senior figures officially residepresident of Germany <official residence> Bellevue Palace-
discographyP358Itemlink to discography in artist or band pageKaty Perry <discography> Katy Perry discography-
military rankP410Itemmilitary rank achieved by a person (should usually have a "start date" qualifier), or military rank associated with a positionGuillaume Henri Dufour <military rank> general-
canonization statusP411Itemstage in the process of attaining sainthood per the subject's religious organizationJohn Paul II <canonization status> blessed-
voice typeP412Itemperson's voice type. expected values: soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass (and derivatives)Enrico Caruso <voice type> tenor-
position played on team / specialityP413Itemposition or specialism of a player on a team, e.g. Small ForwardJoe Thornton <position played on team / speciality> centre-
astronaut missionP450Itemspace mission that the subject is or has been a member of (do not include future missions)Marcos Pontes <astronaut mission> Soyuz TMA-8crew member
member ofP463Itemorganization or club to which the subject belongs. Do not use for membership in ethnic or social groups, nor for holding a position such as a member of parliament (use P39 for that).Iring Fetscher <member of> German PEN Center-
dan/kyu rankP468Itemrank system used in several board games (e.g. go, shogi, renju), martial arts (e.g. judo, kendo, wushu) and some other gamesGo Seigen <dan/kyu rank> 9 dan-
Eight Banner registerP470ItemManchu household register for people of the Qing DynastyOboi <Eight Banner register> Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner-
honorific prefixP511Itemword or expression used before a name, in addressing or referring to a personArthur Conan Doyle <honorific prefix> Sir-
academic degreeP512Itemacademic degree that the person holdsPaul Krugman <academic degree> Doctor of Philosophy-
diplomatic mission sentP531Itemlocation of diplomatic mission, i.e. consulate of A in the capital city of BUnited States of America <diplomatic mission sent> Consulate General of the United States, Frankfurt-
chivalric orderP550Itemthe chivalric order which a person belongs toCharles à Court Repington <chivalric order> Order of Saint Michael and Saint George-
residenceP551Itemthe place where the person is or has been, residentKim Dotcom <residence> Queenstown-
handednessP552Itemhandedness of the personNovak Djokovic <handedness> right-handedness-
website account onP553Itema website that the person or organization has an account on (use with P554) Note: only used with reliable source or if the person or organization disclosed it.Sascha Lobo <website account on> XING-
commander ofP598Itemfor persons who are notable as commanding officers, the units they commandedJean de Lattre de Tassigny <commander of> French Far East Expeditionary Corpscommanded by
conflictP607Itembattles, wars or other military engagements in which the person or item participatedMichel Ney <conflict> Battle of Borodino-
sportP641Itemsport in which the subject participates or belongs toGediminas Grinius <sport> ultra-trail-
family nameP734Itemsurname or last name of a personJack Bauer <family name> Bauer-
given nameP735Itemfirst name or another given name of this person; values used with the property shouldn't link disambiguations nor family namesGeorge Washington <given name> George-
influenced byP737Itemthis person, idea, etc. is informed by that other person, idea, etc., e.g. "Heidegger was influenced by Aristotle".Sergei Korolev <influenced by> Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovskii-
pseudonymP742Stringalias used by someone (for nickname use P1449)Bud Spencer <pseudonym> Bud Spencer-
electoral districtP768Itemelectoral district this person is representing. Use as qualifier for "position held" (P39)John Boehner <electoral district> Ohio's 8th congressional district-
notable workP800Itemnotable scientific, artistic or literary work, or other work of significance among subject's worksWilliam Shakespeare <notable work> Hamlet-
studentP802Itemnotable student(s) of an individualAlbert Einstein <student> Ernst G. Strausstudent of
professorshipP803Itemprofessorship position held by this academic personStephen Hawking <professorship> Lucasian Professor of Mathematics-
academic minorP811Itemminor someone studied at college/universityBarack Obama <academic minor> political science-
academic majorP812Itemmajor someone studied at college/universityBarack Obama <academic major> political science-
feast dayP841Itemsaint's principal feast daySaint Patrick <feast day> March 17-
official websiteP856URLURL of the official homepage of an item (current or former) [if the homepage changes, add an additional statement with preferred rank. Do not remove the former URL]Facebook <official website>
work locationP937Itemlocation where persons were activeFilippo Brunelleschi <work location> Florence-
inspired byP941Itemwork, human, place or event which inspired this creative work or fictional entityThe Matrix <inspired by> Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-
audio recording of the subject's spoken voiceP990Commons media fileaudio file representing the speaking voice of a person; or of an animated cartoon or other fictitious characterBill Thompson <audio recording of the subject's spoken voice> Bill Thompson speaking.ogg-
record heldP1000Itemnotable record achieved by a person or entity, include qualifiers for dates heldRenaud Lavillenie <record held> men's pole vault world record-
doctoral thesisP1026Itemthesis that someone wrote to obtain a PhD degreeJosef Niemeyer <doctoral thesis> Die Rechtsform der Kartelle mit einer als selbständige Handels-Gesellschaft organisierten Verkaufsstelle (Doppel-Gesellschaft) unter Berücksichtigung ihrer Steuerleistungspflicht-
honorific suffixP1035Itemword or expression with connotations conveying esteem or respect when used, after a name, in addressing or referring to a personPeter Taylor <honorific suffix> Officer of the Order of the British Empire-
worshipped byP1049Itemreligion or group/civilization that worships a given deityAhura Mazda <worshipped by> Zoroastrianism-
medical conditionP1050Itemany state relevant to the health of an organism, including diseases and positive conditionsPetchara Chaowarat <medical condition> spina bifida-
student ofP1066Itemperson who has taught this personAlbert Einstein <student of> Heinrich Friedrich Weberstudent
manner of deathP1196Itemcircumstances of a person's death; one of: natural causes, accident, suicide, homicide, pending investigation or special 'unknown value'. Use 'cause of death' (P509) for more immediate or underlying causes and events, e.g. heart attack, car accidentAdolf Eichmann <manner of death> capital punishment-
filmographyP1283Itemitem with a list of films a person has contributed to. Don't use to add film items. Instead, add actors as cast on items for films the participated in.Bruce Lee <filmography> Bruce Lee filmography-
instrumentP1303Itemmusical instrument that a person playsRingo Starr <instrument> drum-
officeholderP1308Itemperson who holds an officeUnited Nations Secretary-General <officeholder> António Guterresposition held
proved byP1318Itemperson who proved somethingPythagorean theorem <proved by> Pythagoras-
place of origin (Switzerland)P1321Itemlieu d'origine of a Swiss national. Not be confused with place of birth or place of residenceGustave Ador <place of origin (Switzerland)> Geneva-
professional or sports partnerP1327Itemperson a professional or athlete works withJamie Salé <professional or sports partner> David Pelletier-
eye colorP1340Itemcolor of the irises of a person's eyesLinda Evangelista <eye color> blue-green-
participant ofP1344Itemevent a person or an organization was/is a participant in, inverse of P710 or P1923Alberto Tomba <participant of> 1992 Winter Olympicsparticipant
participant ofP1344Itemevent a person or an organization was/is a participant in, inverse of P710 or P1923Alberto Tomba <participant of> 1992 Winter Olympicsparticipating team
number of victims of killerP1345Quantitynumber of victims of a serial killerEric Borel <number of victims of killer> 15-
number of matches playedP1350Quantitymatches or games a player or a team played during an event. Also a total number of matches a player officially appeared in during the whole career.Stade Toulousain <number of matches played> 877423-
proxyP1393Itemperson authorized to act for anothermonarch of Canada <proxy> Governor General of Canada-
convicted ofP1399Itemcrime a person was convicted ofMark Hofmann <convicted of> murder-
nominated forP1411Itemaward nomination received by a person, organisation or creative work (inspired from "award received" (Property:P166))Arctic Monkeys <nominated for> Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Albumnominee
languages spoken, written or signedP1412Itemlanguage(s) that a person speaks or writes, including the native language(s)Margrethe II of Denmark <languages spoken, written or signed> Danish-
affiliationP1416Itemorganization that a person or organization is affiliated withRaoul Bott <affiliation> Institute for Advanced Study-
has petP1429Itempet that a person ownsBarack Obama <has pet> Bo-
nicknameP1449Monolingual textinformal name (for a pseudonym use P742)California <nickname> The Golden State(en)-
list of worksP1455Itemlink to the article with the works of a personLeo Tolstoy <list of works> Leo Tolstoy bibliography-
birth nameP1477Monolingual textfull name of a person at birth, if different from their current, generally used name (samples: John Peter Doe for Joe Doe, Ann Smith for Ann Miller)-
monogramP1543Commons media fileimage of a person's monogramIvan VI of Russia <monogram> John III Russia Monogram.gif-
name in native languageP1559Monolingual textname of a person in their native language. Could be displayed in addition to the label, if language has a different scriptAlbert Einstein <name in native language> Albert Einstein(de)-
defenderP1593Itemperson representing the defendant, at a trialTrial of Thomas Paine <defender> Thomas Erskine, 1st Baron Erskine-
penaltyP1596Itempenalty passed at a trialTrial of Saddam Hussein <penalty> capital punishment-
consecratorP1598Itembishop who presided as consecrator or co-consecrator of this bishopFrancis <consecrator> Antonio Quarracino-
NATO code for gradeP1611ItemNATO Code for Grades of Military PersonnelGeneral of the Army <NATO code for grade> OF-10-
religious nameP1635Monolingual textname taken or used as a member of a religious community-
acquisition transactionP1642Itemhow the player was acquired; qualifier for P54 (member of sports team)Kat Williamson <acquisition transaction> tradedeparture transaction
departure transactionP1643Itemhow the player was released or transferred from the roster; qualifier for P54 (member of sports team)Kat Williamson <departure transaction> tradeacquisition transaction
index case ofP1677Itemprimary case, patient zero: initial patient in the population of an epidemiological investigationThomas Eric Duncan <index case of> Ebola virus disease in the United Stateshas index case
FachP1731Itemdescribes the special ablilites of an operatic singers voiceFritz Wunderlich <Fach> lyric tenor-
follower ofP1775Itemfor unknown artists who work in the manner of the named artist-
school ofP1780Itemfor a creative work with author with a style influenced by the known author or circle, active in the same period, but a student or follower-
courtesy nameP1782Stringname bestowed upon a person at adulthood in addition to one's given name, mostly in East Asia-
temple nameP1785Stringname bestowed to a monarch after death (East Asia)-
posthumous nameP1786Stringname given to a person after death (East Asia)-
art-nameP1787Stringtype of pseudonym traditionally adopted by writers and artists in East Asia-
draft pick numberP1836Stringoverall pick number with which a player is selected in a sports draft-
blood typeP1853Itemblood type of the human or animalAkira Ishida <blood type> O-
represented byP1875Itemexpress a relationship between a subject and their agentTyra Banks <represented by> Elite Model Management-
hair colorP1884Itemperson's hair color. Use P585 as qualifier if there's more than one value.Kristen Bell <hair color> blonde-
second family name in Spanish nameP1950Itemsecond (generally maternal) family name in Spanish names (do not use for other double barrelled names)Gabriel García Márquez <second family name in Spanish name> Márquez-
Twitter usernameP2002External identifierthis item's username on Twitter; do not include the “@” symbolNational Aeronautics and Space Administration <Twitter username> NASA-
Instagram usernameP2003External identifieritem's username on InstagramNational Aeronautics and Space Administration <Instagram username> nasa-
Facebook IDP2013External identifieridentifier for a person, product or organization in Facebook - everything after Thompson <Facebook ID> billt-
Erdős numberP2021Quantitythe "collaborative distance" between mathematician Paul Erdős and another person. Use point in time (P585) as qualifier and should be used with a source.Paul Erdős <Erdős number> 0-
LinkedIn personal profile URLP2035URLpublic autobiographic profile URL of a person at LinkedIn; not for use with companiesJoan Rivers <LinkedIn personal profile URL>
term length of officeP2097Quantitylength of time in years (unit: Q577) a person (usually a politician) is to serve in a particular office. Do not add bounds.Q6085537 <term length of office> 4 year-
net worthP2218Quantityestimated totality of wealth possessed by a personBill Gates <net worth> 77100000000 United States dollar-
NSDAP membership number (1925–1945)P2298External identifierGerhardt Preuschen <NSDAP membership number (1925–1945)> 5318725-
Roman praenomenP2358Itemstandard part of the name of a Roman, link to items for specific Roman praenomen only.Marcus Annius Verus <Roman praenomen> Marcus-
Roman nomen gentiliciumP2359Itemstandard part of the name of a Roman, link to items about the Roman gens onlyMarcus Annius Verus <Roman nomen gentilicium> Q32978828-
Roman cognomenP2365Itemstandard part of the name of a Roman, link to items about specific Roman cognomen only.Marcus Annius Verus <Roman cognomen> Verus-
Roman agnomenP2366Itemoptional part of the name of a Roman, link to items about specific Roman agnomen only.Scipio Africanus <Roman agnomen> Africanus-
organisation directed from the office or personP2389ItemChief Justice of the United States <organisation directed from the office or person> Supreme Court of the United Statesoffice held by head of the organisation
sports discipline competed inP2416Itemdiscipline an athlete competed in within a sportGebrselassie Haile <sports discipline competed in> marathon-
member of the demeP2462ItemLycurgus of Athens <member of the deme> Boutadai-
nameP2561Monolingual textname the subject is known by. If a more specific property is available, use thatGiuseppe Garibaldi <name> giuseppe(it)-
interested inP2650Itemitem of special or vested interest to this person or organisationEuropean Holocaust Research Infrastructure <interested in> the Holocaust-
source of incomeP2770Itemsource of income of an organization or personWikimedia Foundation, Inc. <source of income> donation-
totemP2831Itemin many indigenous cultures an individual or group has a particular totem (e.g. a type of animal)John Stewart Murray <totem> Siluriformes-
professional name (Japan)P2838Itemname passed down by generation assumed by a master of a traditional Japanese art or sport such as kabuki or sumoMatsumoto Kōshirō I <professional name (Japan)> Matsumoto Kōshirō-
time in spaceP2873Quantitytime in space by an astronaut or cosmonautBruce McCandless II <time in space> 18751 minute-
Skype usernameP2893StringSkype instant messenger user name-
mountP3091Itemcreature ridden by the subject, for instance a horseAlonso Quijano <mount> Rocinante-
patient ofP3205Itemwas treated or studied as a patient by this personFranziska von Posch <patient of> Franz Anton Mesmer-
Prabook IDP3368External identifieridentifier of a person in the Prabook databaseThomas Hanna <Prabook ID> 312906-
vehicle normally usedP3438Itemvehicle the subject normally usespope <vehicle normally used> popemobile-
Ameblo usernameP3502External identifierthis item's username on AmebloHaruka Tomatsu <Ameblo username> tomatsuharuka-blog-
BoardGameGeek designer IDP3505External identifierID for a game designer at BoardGameGeekKlaus Teuber <BoardGameGeek designer ID> 11- player IDP3525External identifierID for a basketball player at ACB.comMarko Todorović < player ID> 765- IDP3526External identifierID for a cricket player at wisdenindia.comIshwar Pandey < ID> Ishwar-Pandey/48800- IDP3527External identifierID for a basketball player at eurobasket.comMarko Todorović < ID> 170279- IDP3532External identifierID for an American football player in databasefootball.comHarry Sydney < ID> SYDNEHAR01- IDP3533External identifieridentifier for a basketball player at draftexpress.comMarko Todorović < ID> Marko-Todorovic-6414- IDP3536External identifieridentifier for a basketball player at euroleague.netMarko Todorović < ID> 001612- IDP3538External identifieridentifier at, a German language website which predominantly collects comprehensive statistics on the top five tiers of German footballChristian Müller < ID> christian-mueller-10319- IDP3539External identifieridentifier for American football players at NFL.comBrian Schweda < ID> 2525161-
candidacy in electionP3602Itemelection where the subject is a candidateJoonas Mäkinen <candidacy in election> Finnish municipal elections, 2012-
social classificationP3716Itemsocial class as recognized in traditional or state lawSally Hemings <social classification> enslaved person-
Telegram usernameP3789External identifierthis item's username or group on TelegramCristina Kirchner <Telegram username> CFKenTelegram-
diasporaP3833Itemdiaspora that a cultural group belongs toSino-Mauritian <diaspora> Overseas Chinese-
TV Guide person IDP3845External identifierID of a person at TVGuide.comSimone Signoret <TV Guide person ID> 174849-
Medium usernameP3899External identifierusername of the Medium account of a person or an organizationEmmanuel Macron <Medium username> EmmanuelMacron-
had as last mealP3902Itemcomponents of the last meal had by a person before deathJoe Arridy <had as last meal> ice cream-
last wordsP3909Monolingual textlast words attributed to a person before their deathJane Austen <last words> I want nothing but death.(en)-
contributed to creative workP3919Itemperson is cited as contributing to some creative or published work or series (qualify with "subject has role", P2868)John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn <contributed to creative work> Dictionary of National Biographycontributor(s) to the creative work
Patreon IDP4175External identifieridentifier for a person on PatreonAmanda Palmer <Patreon ID> amandapalmer-
Familypedia person IDP4193External identifieridentifier for a person on Familypedia, the genealogical database by WikiaEddie August Schneider <Familypedia person ID> Eddie_August_Schneider_(1911-1940)-
possessed by spiritP4292Itemitem which is spiritually possessing this itemRegan MacNeil <possessed by spirit> Pazuzu-
nominated byP4353Itemwho nominated a person for an office; can be used as a qualifierJohn Roberts <nominated by> George W. Bush-
LKL player IDP4612External identifieridentifier for a basketball player on the official website of the Lietuvos krepšinio lyga, the main league in LithuaniaTrévon Hughes <LKL player ID> trevon-hughes-
cabinetP5054Itemqualifier for "position held" (P39) to indicate the cabinet to which belongs a minister-