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Yellow background color indicates data namespaces, while the others are meta namespaces available on the wikidata server.

Underlined namespaces are aliases for the non-underlined namespace they are listed with.

Index Prefix Title example Purpose Associated discussion namespace
-2 Media Alias for direct links to media files. You can not create or delete these.
-1 Special Special:SpecialPages Mediawiki automatic generated content. You can not edit these.
0 (None) Q1 Main name space, for items. 1 Talk:
2 User: User:userid User pages 3 User talk:
4 Wikidata:
Wikidata:Glossary Policies, guidelines, portals, wikiproject pages. 5 Wikidata talk:
Project talk:
6 File: Media description pages (currently not used) 7 File talk:
8 MediaWiki: User interface customization. Protected by default. 9 MediaWiki talk:
10 Template: Template:Welcome Templates 11 Template talk:
12 Help: Help:Contents Help pages 13 Help talk:
14 Category: Category description pages 15 Category talk:
120 Property:
Property:P17 Property definition pages 121 Property talk:
122 Query: Query:U1 Query definition pages. 123 Query talk:
1198 Translations: Translations:Wikidata:Introduction/2/en Used by the translation interface 1199 Translations talk: