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Support for Wiktionary


How to help






Wikidata:Lexicographical data


  • Translate the pages of this project in your language
  • Add your ideas of tools and ideas of queries
  • Check how your use cases fit into the data model (see Wikidata:Lexicographical data/Layout)
  • Tell us more about your use cases
  • Tell us more about specific needs in your language
  • Create a Wikidata project on your local Wiktionary (example on English one) and add the link on the list below
  • Share any ideas you have about projects, tools, improvements that could be made using Wikidata on the talk page!
  • Identify gaps between and the Wikidata namespace approach

Ambassadors, and links to relevant local discussions[edit]

People who are familiar with both Wiktionary and Wikidata and can assist with questions. Ideally we should have at least one for each language. Please add your language, name, link to a local project...