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Thank you!

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Meetup in San Francisco, October 26th[edit]

Wikidata 4th birthday meetup in SF

Meet Wikidata editors, celebrate the birthday, discover new tools, and share cake & coffee +!

  • Wednesday, October 26th, from 12:30 to 1:30 pm
  • Red Door Coffee SF (111 Minna Street)

Wikidata Birthday in Turin, October 26th[edit]

Lunch seminar regarding the state of Wikidata. Free access.

Wikidata bento in Tokyo, October 28th[edit]

Thanks everyone!

Meet up with local Wikidata editors in Roppongi Hills (Q1071084). Free, bring your own bento (Q380532).


  • Three attendees
  • We discussed OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Baidu Maps
  • We improved Nogi Shrine (Q3342690), discussed what properties and policies to use when describing Japanese religious buildings, and linked to its item from OpenStreetMap. This item can now serve as an example to vastly improve thousands of other shrine items.
  • We played with Harvest Templates, WDFIST, WikiShootMe!, Wikidata Game.

Meetup in Paris, October 29th[edit]

After its general assembly on October 29th, Wikimédia France organizes an event, open to every editor, at the Cocon Ludique bar in Paris. Free food, board games, and a Wikidata birthday cake ;)

Mandatory inscription on fr:Wikipédia:AG 2016/Soirée, only 70 places available.

  • Saturday, October 29th, from 19:00 till 23:00
  • Contacts: Sylvain and Sarah

Wiki(data)Zaterdag in Utrecht, October 29th[edit]

Eaten by many attendants!
Proof: group photo!

Meet up with local Wikidata editors on the two-weekly WikiZaterdag, together with a stroopwafel (Q267877) Wikidata (Q2013) cake (Q13276).

  • Saturday, October 29th, from 12:30 till 18:00
  • Wikimedia Netherlands office (Mariaplaats 3, 3511 LH Utrecht)
  • Contact: Sjoerd

Wikidata Hackathon in Kanpur, India, November 3rd[edit]

Wikidata 4th birthday Hackathon in Kanpur
Wikidata Hackathon attendees in Kanpur

Hosting a Wikidata Hackathon, where we do some cool hacks like making tools for working with Wikidata. Free, bring your laptop!

Meetup in Berlin, November 4th[edit]

Meet Wikidata editors, celebrate the birthday, discover new tools, play board games and eat a piece of cake!

  • Friday, November 4th, from 19:00 to 23:00
  • Wikimedia Deutschland office (Tempelhofer Ufer 24, 10963 Berlin)

Rennes, November 5th[edit]

Wikidathon: editing and importing data


  • 6 attendees (5 regular Wikimedians + 1 mapper)
  • Work on: train stations, import of a museum catalogue…

Tokyo, November 6th[edit]

Wikidathon: editing and importing data

  • Sunday, November 6th, from 15:00 to 19:00
  • Wikimedia Japan office (3-4-3 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda, Tokyo)

Event in Janakpur, November 1st[edit]

Maithili Wikimedians User Group organized a small event for celebration of wikidata's 4th birthday anniversary.