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Wikidata hands-on tutorial at SWIB18 (Q51758120) in Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation head office (Q45248169) in the afternoon (13-19) of November 26th 2018.

Adding your own stuff to Wikidata[edit]


The Wikidata hands-on tutorial will introduce to usage and collaboration in Wikidata with focus on data import and mapping of existing data sets with Wikidata. Basic concepts of Wikidata, how it can be edited and queried are first explained with exercises. We will then work on connecting a common example dataset to the central database. Typical tools - such as Mix'n'match or QuickStatements - and workflows are shown and tested. The focus of the workshop not only on technical aspects but on questions of data modeling, data provenance, references, and policies. Basic experience with Wikidata, Wikipedia, and SPARQL is helpful but not required. Participants are asked to create a Wikimedia account in advance and to bring a laptop with them.

Tutors: Jakob Voss (Q15303972) and Joachim Neubert (Q41073560)

Maximum number of participants: 16


Please make sure to have

  • a Wikimedia account (to log into Wikidata and other Wikis of the Wikimedia foundation) and
  • a computer with OpenRefine installed.

If possible, also set up a command line with NodeJS installed.

Workshop draft curriculum[edit]

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