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(Telegram nicknames)

  • Arthur Smith
  • Ash_Crow
  • Auregann
  • Constanza_Veron
  • Csisc1994
  • DiFronzo
  • Hogü-456
  • Jan_ainali
  • lucaswerkmeister
  • mahir256
  • Melderick
  • Nightrose
  • pharosofalexandria
  • salgo60
  • Sam Alipio
  • Scott_WUaS
  • Tpt93
  • Zsolt Ero


2020-04-07T16:01:22 <Léa ~ Auregann> Alright! Welcome to the Wikidata & Wikibase office hour :)
2020-04-07T16:01:38 <Lucas Werkmeister> 🎉
2020-04-07T16:01:42 <Lydia Pintscher> Hey! :)
2020-04-07T16:01:45 <Melderick> 👍
2020-04-07T16:01:49 <Premeditated> Hello!
2020-04-07T16:02:03 <Sam Alipio> howdy😎
2020-04-07T16:02:06 <Léa ~ Auregann> During the first 30min, @Nightrose Sam and I will present you what happened in the Wikidata development team since the last meeting (January 22nd)
2020-04-07T16:02:08 <Scott GK MacLeod> Hi Lydia, Houcemeddine, Denny and Wikidatans:
Regarding Denny Vrandecic's recent Tweet which Lydia @nightrose re-Tweeted -

Wikidata query - people affected by COVID-19

- am wondering how extensive this list of 'people affected by COVID-19' could become in Wikidata / Wikibase. (Only notable people, or any sufferer in hospitals, testing centers?) And in what ways could MIT OCW-centric wiki World University and School begin to use such a Wikidata list with pictures to structure our matriculating students' lists from all ~200 countries and in all 7,1117 known living languages, as well as even WUaS's planned electronic health records for our planned online Medical Schools and teaching hospitals in all ~200 countries' official and main languages? (WUaS donated ourselves for co-development to Wikidata in 2015 and received WUaS Miraheze MediaWiki in 2017 as a consequence, as you may know). How extensive could the list of 'people affected by COVID-19' could become in Wikidata / Wikibase? Thank you.
2020-04-07T16:02:11 <T PT> Hi!
2020-04-07T16:02:31 <Léa ~ Auregann> Then during the remaining 30min we'll have time for all of your questions :)
2020-04-07T16:02:33 <Ash Crow> Hi
2020-04-07T16:02:37 <Arthur Smith> Thanks for doing this here this time!
2020-04-07T16:02:45 <Léa ~ Auregann> The meeting is recorded by our usual friendly bot and will be shared on wiki later
2020-04-07T16:03:13 <Léa ~ Auregann> Now, let's start with what happened around development of Wikidata and Wikibase over the past few months :)
2020-04-07T16:03:19 <Jan Ainali> /me waves to future readers
2020-04-07T16:03:25 <Magnus Sälgö> /me
2020-04-07T16:03:27 <Lydia Pintscher> Yay :)
2020-04-07T16:03:30 <Premeditated> /me
2020-04-07T16:03:38 <Houcemeddine Turki> Hello
2020-04-07T16:03:42 <Lydia Pintscher> So a lot of stuff has happened since the beginning of the year.
2020-04-07T16:03:48 <Jan Ainali> /me
2020-04-07T16:03:53 <Lydia Pintscher> Let's start with improvements to references.
2020-04-07T16:04:26 <Lydia Pintscher> When you make an edit to a value now without also changing the reference you'll get a little warning icon that tells you that you might want to also change the reference.
2020-04-07T16:04:39 <Lydia Pintscher> It's similar to the thing you see when you encounter a constraint violation.
2020-04-07T16:04:50 <Lydia Pintscher> We're still looking for feedback about that here:
2020-04-07T16:05:16 <Lydia Pintscher> Another thing was much more under the hood but hopefully also really nice for you:
2020-04-07T16:05:36 <Lydia Pintscher> we reduced the loading time of items on wikidata and pages on Commons significantly.
2020-04-07T16:05:42 <Lydia Pintscher> You can read up about it here:
2020-04-07T16:06:25 <Lydia Pintscher> Equally under the hood and unfortunately considerably more painful (sorry!) was the migration away from the wb_terms database table.
2020-04-07T16:06:43 <Lydia Pintscher> This was necessary for many reasons and you can read up on the whole project here:
2020-04-07T16:07:08 <Lydia Pintscher> This will help us keep up with the growth of Wikidata that we're seeing now for at least a while.
2020-04-07T16:08:09 <Lydia Pintscher> Something that will hopefully make Wikipedians happy is that we're making good progress on the first part of the Wikidata Bridge.
2020-04-07T16:08:26 <Lydia Pintscher> It will allow Wikipedia editors to edit Wikidata directly from their wiki instead of having to go to Wikidata.
2020-04-07T16:08:29 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Something that will …" Yay!!!
2020-04-07T16:08:53 <Lydia Pintscher> The first version will be super minimal but hopefully still already useful to a small to medium-size Wikipedia.
2020-04-07T16:09:08 <Lydia Pintscher> After that we'll continue building it out based on their and your feedback.
2020-04-07T16:09:09 <Jan Ainali> That makes me as a wikimedian happy :)
2020-04-07T16:09:16 <Lydia Pintscher> You can follow along and test here:
2020-04-07T16:09:25 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Jan Ainali> "That makes me as a w…" ❤
2020-04-07T16:10:11 <Lydia Pintscher> Something that we had already developed for the WikidataCon but that we only properly announced at the beginning of the year is the language dashboard:
2020-04-07T16:10:25 <Lydia Pintscher> It helps you get an overview of all things language on Wikidata.
2020-04-07T16:11:26 <Lydia Pintscher> For something more behind the scenes again: We're working on the fundamentals of a design system for Wikidata and Wikibase. It'll help the developers more easily create consistent components that make up Wikidata's user interface. So look forward to more consistency in the future.
2020-04-07T16:12:08 <Lydia Pintscher> On the research side we've looked seriously into the query builder topic and everything around how people create and use queries. for maintaining data
2020-04-07T16:12:10 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "For something more b…" Pre-empting Snøhetta. Bold!
2020-04-07T16:12:15 <Lydia Pintscher> :D
2020-04-07T16:12:19 <Lydia Pintscher> not quite the same :P
2020-04-07T16:12:34 <Jan Ainali> :)
2020-04-07T16:12:40 <Lydia Pintscher> You can find the research results here:
2020-04-07T16:13:00 <Lydia Pintscher> and it'd be lovely to get your input here:
2020-04-07T16:13:20 <Lydia Pintscher> And with that I'll hand over to Sam for the Wikibase news
2020-04-07T16:13:34 <Sam Alipio> greetings from the wonderful world of wikibase 👽
2020-04-07T16:13:57 <Sam Alipio> We started working on Federated Properties: this MVP will make it possible to configure your new Wikibase to remotely access Wikidata’s properties to make local statements, instead of creating your own properties from scratch.
2020-04-07T16:14:15 <Sam Alipio> Any updates the community makes to Wikidata properties will be reflected automatically in Wikibases with this feature enabled!
2020-04-07T16:14:50 <Sam Alipio> As an MVP, this is a minimal version of what will eventually be a full-fledged feature
2020-04-07T16:15:12 <Sam Alipio> We will use it to learn as much as we can about federation between wikibases, and between wikibases and Wikidata!
2020-04-07T16:15:53 <Léa ~ Auregann> Thanks Lydia & Sam! Now, let's have a quick overview of what happened outside of development things
2020-04-07T16:16:19 <Léa ~ Auregann> The community got itself 4 new (or not so new) admins this quarter: Fralambert, Kostas20142, DannyS712, Mike Peel, welcome on board!
2020-04-07T16:16:43 <Léa ~ Auregann> As you know, plenty of big Wikimedia events have been cancelled or postponed: the Wikimedia hackathon, Queering Wikipedia, Wikidata Days in Portugal, Wikimania, WikiCite Cologne...
2020-04-07T16:16:50 <Léa ~ Auregann> However, some other events will take place remotely: the Wikimedia Summit, the Wikidata Wochenende (editathon in German), the Celtic Knot (focused on small languages), etc.
2020-04-07T16:17:00 <Léa ~ Auregann> Also, plenty of cool remote events are organized by the community at the moment! Thank you so much <3 Introductions to Wikidata, live editing and querying in various languages… keep them going, feel free to experiment, and don’t forget to announce them and links when it’s done in the Weekly Summary :)
2020-04-07T16:17:22 <Léa ~ Auregann> => (subtle hint)
2020-04-07T16:18:02 <Léa ~ Auregann> Now I can't summarize all the cool things that are happening in the community, but I just wanted to address some special thanks to people working on the COVID19 project to keep data relevant and updated
2020-04-07T16:18:26 <Léa ~ Auregann> As always, we had a bunch of new tools or cool updates for existing tools, let me mention a few of them
2020-04-07T16:18:37 <Léa ~ Auregann> Wikidata knowledge imbalance dashboard
2020-04-07T16:18:44 <Léa ~ Auregann> EqualStreetNames.Brussels shows streets in Brussels named after men and women, visualized with data from OpenStreetMap and Wikidata
2020-04-07T16:18:51 <Léa ~ Auregann> Cradle can now generate forms based on Schemas. example for human:
2020-04-07T16:18:57 <Léa ~ Auregann> Knowledge Grapher is a new tool to create Wikidata knowledge graphs without needing any knowledge of Wikidata Query or SPARQL code
2020-04-07T16:19:04 <Léa ~ Auregann> Wikidata Complete uses machine learning algorithms to read Wikipedia, identify facts and import them into Wikidata after manual check
2020-04-07T16:19:57 <Léa ~ Auregann> This time, we'll keep our "nice to read" section quite short, because you probably have many other things going on at the moment :) but it's worth mentioning the paper "Wikidata as a knowledge graph for the life sciences"
2020-04-07T16:20:13 <Léa ~ Auregann> and of course, we collect interesting Wikidata-related articles and posts every week in the newsletter
2020-04-07T16:20:56 <Léa ~ Auregann> Also: I just noticed that we are now 501 members in this Telegram group! That's huge! Congrats and thanks for the nice atmosphere, welcoming of newcomers and smoothly answering questions :)
2020-04-07T16:21:35 <Léa ~ Auregann> Now, before we jump to questions, let's have a glimpse at what's coming next on the dev side
2020-04-07T16:21:54 <Lydia Pintscher> Quick reminder you can see the dev plan here:
2020-04-07T16:22:14 <Lydia Pintscher> We just today discussed an update of the roadmap and will make the changes on the linked page this or next week.
2020-04-07T16:22:32 <Lydia Pintscher> But it's just timing changes - nothing fundamental in terms of content
2020-04-07T16:22:50 <Lydia Pintscher> so we're about to have the first result ready for finding references.
2020-04-07T16:22:54 <Lydia Pintscher> What does that mean?
2020-04-07T16:23:24 <Lydia Pintscher> We're trying out if we can find references for statements that currently don't have any. We'll then make them available to all of you to see if you want to include them.
2020-04-07T16:23:45 <Lydia Pintscher> I hope this way we can make quite some head-way in terms of having less unreferenced data.
2020-04-07T16:24:27 <Lydia Pintscher> The way we do this is that we take an Item, look at all of it's statements and take the unreferenced ones. We then look at all the pages linked in an external identifier to see if they have machine-readable data that is the same as our statements.
2020-04-07T16:24:34 <Lydia Pintscher> We use markup for that.
2020-04-07T16:25:08 <Lydia Pintscher> My plan is to have this as the start of a larger thing where we can build tools that help us all automatically take care of data validation against external sources.
2020-04-07T16:25:29 <Lydia Pintscher> But that's a huge undertaking so I want to start with a small piece of it and get us some nice juicy fresh references ;-)
2020-04-07T16:25:48 <Lydia Pintscher> This or next week we should have the first ones for you to look at and give feedback on.
2020-04-07T16:26:01 <Arthur Smith> One big help would be a simple one-click? way to add one of the existing external id's on an item as a reference for a statement by hand.
2020-04-07T16:26:24 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Arthur Smith> "One big help would b…" 👍
2020-04-07T16:26:45 <Lydia Pintscher> Besides that we will put the finishing touches on the first step of the Wikidata Bridge so we can roll it out on the first Wikipedia for real-world testing.
2020-04-07T16:27:22 <Lydia Pintscher> And we will continue with the work around queries and a query builder that I mentioned earlier based on the feedback we're getting from all of you there.
2020-04-07T16:27:31 <Lydia Pintscher> And the Wikibase side, Sam?
2020-04-07T16:27:38 <Zsolt Ero> Hi, the following region has _wildely_ different population value between Wikidata and Wikipedia. It seems that possibly Wikipedia is totally wrong, both on the article page and on the list of indian states page?

This is the official data:
2020-04-07T16:27:39 <Sam Alipio> last (but not least), up next for Wikibase is a revised strategy and infrastructure for releasing Wikibase packages.
2020-04-07T16:27:49 <Sam Alipio> For now, you can track updates around this initiative here:
2020-04-07T16:28:00 <Sam Alipio> Now, back to our dear host @Auregann
2020-04-07T16:28:35 <Léa ~ Auregann> Thanks! So now is time for all the questions you have about what we just talked about, or other things :)
2020-04-07T16:28:43 <Lucas Werkmeister> wow, right on time! :)
2020-04-07T16:28:43 <Magnus Sälgö> any rough estimate when we get Wikibase federation shipped? I feel this is a game changer for making it easier to use Wikibase...
2020-04-07T16:28:57 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Lucas Werkmeister> "wow, right on time! …" Indeed 😎
2020-04-07T16:29:21 <Sam Alipio> We are aiming for launching the MVP (federated properties) by end of May. I will keep everyone updated as we get closer to the launch date
2020-04-07T16:29:31 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Besides that we will…" Is this planned for Q2 then?
2020-04-07T16:29:33 <Sam Alipio> We will have more in-depth work on federation toward the second half of the year
2020-04-07T16:29:55 <Arthur Smith> I notice there's a new server (8 now instead of 7) for wdqs - any updates on what's going on with that?
2020-04-07T16:30:10 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Jan Ainali> "Is this planned for …" Yes. We still have to go through security and performance review which is a bit unpredictable. But fingers crossed!
2020-04-07T16:30:30 <Richard Knipel> We have a livestream podcast that's been launched in response to COVID19 would you like to integrate the next Wikidata office hour with livestream?
2020-04-07T16:30:37 <Houcemeddine Turki> I have a question here about Wikibase. I have been in EMWCon Spring 2020. Mr. Adam and others had sessions about Wikibase. I also had a session about smart city applications of Wikibase.
2020-04-07T16:30:41 <Co...> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "Also, plenty of cool…" Hi!.. We are organizing online workshop about Wikidata, WQS and OpenRefine in Spanish.
2020-04-07T16:30:45 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Yes. We still have t…" ❤️
2020-04-07T16:30:49 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Arthur Smith> "I notice there's a n…" I don't know, but I can ask Guillaume :)
2020-04-07T16:31:26 <Sam Alipio> reply to <Houcemeddine Turki> "I have a question he…" Great talk -- for those who missed it!
2020-04-07T16:31:36 <Houcemeddine Turki> My questions about Wikibase are: 1- Is there a method to add all the tools developed for Wikidata to Wikibase as they can be useful for Wikibase as well
2020-04-07T16:32:06 <Houcemeddine Turki> Gadgets like Recoin, ShEx Infer
2020-04-07T16:32:08 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Richard Knipel> "We have a livestream…" For various reasons, mostly documentation & accessibility, we prefer keeping this office hour in a text format. But thanks for the invite. I'm following the podcast :)
2020-04-07T16:32:10 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "We use ma…" This is really cool. Is there something the community can help doing?
2020-04-07T16:32:25 <Hogü-456> I think for having good references it were great to have the possibility to use the data of state organizations and import them into Wikidata. For example for elections and their results for mayors. What for data donations are in the next time. Are you in contact with some institutions if it is possible to use their data.
2020-04-07T16:33:08 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "For various reasons,…" The follow up question is, would you mind us doing a live commentary livestream at the same time you do the next office hour?
2020-04-07T16:33:09 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Co...> "Hi!.. We are organiz…" That's awesome! Feel free to add the upcoming dates to the Weekly Summary in order to reach more people :)
2020-04-07T16:33:16 <Sam Alipio> reply to <Houcemeddine Turki> "My questions about W…" Great question -- So, we have an initiative on our roadmap for the second half of the year to evaluate gadgets and determine which should be included as default/integrated functionality in Wikibase. We'll keep you updated as this progresses
2020-04-07T16:33:41 <Magnus Sälgö> reply to <Hogü-456> "I think for having g…" I think we need to "rank our sources on quality " I asked Denny that and he had much more ideas....
2020-04-07T16:33:41 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Jan Ainali> "This is really cool.…" Yes! Give feedback in the next days when we release the first batch of potential references to help us figure out if they're good or if we need to improve them in some way.
2020-04-07T16:33:56 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Yes! Give feedback i…" And then of course also actually getting them into Wikidata.
2020-04-07T16:33:59 <Richard Knipel> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "For various reasons,…" Text format is very useful and appropriate, @Jan_ainali and I were thinking of maybe a livestream layer running parallel might be interesting in some way
2020-04-07T16:34:08 <Co...> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "That's awesome! Feel…" Thank you, we forgot to notify this time, but we will do it next time.
2020-04-07T16:34:42 <Houcemeddine Turki> reply to <Sam Alipio> "Great question -- So…" That will be excellent. Gadgets and WMFLabs tools are interesting and I don't think that Wikibase applications can be successful about them
2020-04-07T16:35:18 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Hogü-456> "I think for having g…" We're not specifically in touch with such institutions. In the past, some great work was done by the community on this wikiproject:
2020-04-07T16:35:23 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "For something more b…" Is it possible to get a sneakpeak?
2020-04-07T16:36:05 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Jan Ainali> "Is it possible to ge…" I don't think there is anything to look at yet really and it'll be boring fear :D But I can ask yeah
2020-04-07T16:36:06 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Jan Ainali> "The follow up questi…" Sure, why not? FYI we're having an office hour roughly every 3 months, the next one should be in July
2020-04-07T16:37:16 <Houcemeddine Turki> 2- Federation is absolutely important for Wikibase. I think that this can be useful for SPARQL federated queries. I ask if the federation will take this into consideration
2020-04-07T16:37:52 <মাহির মোরশেদ> Is there a plan to address (the Grafana dashboard on label/description/alias statistics) to use the new term store?
2020-04-07T16:38:03 <মাহির মোরশেদ> The Language Landscape dashboard is nice, but it is not clear whether the statistics reported on that page are updated live or not.
2020-04-07T16:38:21 <মাহির মোরশেদ> (While wb_terms was still around, it was possible to compile statistics using quarry:query/18763, but equivalents using the new term store do not seem to work.)
2020-04-07T16:38:25 <Houcemeddine Turki> Questions concerning references for Wikidata statements. @Nightrose, Congratulations for your excellent work.
2020-04-07T16:38:27 <Sam Alipio> reply to <Houcemeddine Turki> "2- Federation is abs…" The work we are doing on federation has SPARQL in mind -- so our goal is to ensure that wikibases that are federating with Wikidata properties will also be able to be queried with sparql
2020-04-07T16:38:43 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <মাহির মোরশেদ> "Is there a plan to a…" It's not been super high on my priority list but I can bump it up if it's important for you. Can you say what you use it for?
2020-04-07T16:38:51 <Hogü-456> Are there plans to make it easier to use qualifiers in queries. I havent found something about qualifiers in the document about queries for mainteanance
2020-04-07T16:39:10 <Houcemeddine Turki> reply to <Sam Alipio> "The work we are doin…" That is excellent. I will wait for interesting updates.
2020-04-07T16:39:49 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Hogü-456> "Are there plans to m…" Depending on what we end up with a query builder could make it a bit easier. But there is currently no plan for a fundamental change.
2020-04-07T16:40:04 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Houcemeddine Turki> "Questions concerning…" Thank you :)
2020-04-07T16:40:18 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "Sure, why not? FYI w…" <animation,document>
2020-04-07T16:40:58 <Houcemeddine Turki> @Nightrose 1- Wikidata references are expressed in a variety of shapes. I ask if you are working on a tool that converts a reference in a deficient format to another one in an appropriate format.
2020-04-07T16:41:34 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Houcemeddine Turki> "@Nightrose 1- Wikida…" The work on Citoid should help with making them more similar.
2020-04-07T16:41:43 <Lydia Pintscher> It's the tool that's used on Wikipedia to make referencing easy
2020-04-07T16:41:47 <মাহির মোরশেদ> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "It's not been super …" There is a status page ( which WikiProject India has used as one of several proxies to gauge community progress
2020-04-07T16:42:00 <মাহির মোরশেদ> That page no longer updates properly since wb_terms was dropped
2020-04-07T16:42:06 <Houcemeddine Turki> For example, if someone uses "PMID ID" in a reference, it will be directly converted to Wikidata ID
2020-04-07T16:42:20 <Lydia Pintscher> It'll also be available on Wikidata. Unfortunately development on that has stalled a bit because of corona and the involved people at the WMF working less because of it. Sorry.
2020-04-07T16:42:39 <Magnus Sälgö> what is the status of adding new SPARQL federation sites .... I asked in oct 2019 and has nearly given up...
2020-04-07T16:42:56 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <মাহির মোরশেদ> "That page no longer …" Ah thank you. I'll see what we can do then.
2020-04-07T16:43:22 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "It'll also be availa…" That's not really something to apologize for. We are glad that things move forward at all in these crazy times. Thanks for your work!
2020-04-07T16:43:31 <Lydia Pintscher> :)
2020-04-07T16:44:11 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Magnus Sälgö> "what is the status o…" If volunteers provide a patch to add new sites, it is possible for the team to review and merge them. However, we need to keep in mind that the Search team at WMF has a limited amount of resources and are currently focusing on solving the WDQS issues
2020-04-07T16:45:12 <Léa ~ Auregann> actually two new sites were recently added
2020-04-07T16:45:17 <Houcemeddine Turki> 2- Concerning COVID-19, I ask if datasets like CORD-19 and their semantic annotations are regularly added to Wikidata
2020-04-07T16:45:50 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Houcemeddine Turki> "2- Concerning COVID-…" There is a wiki project that seems pretty active and doing a lot of work atm. Check it out"
2020-04-07T16:46:13 <Lydia Pintscher>
2020-04-07T16:46:49 <Houcemeddine Turki> reply to <Houcemeddine Turki> "For example, if some…" Thank you. So, there is a work on creating such a tool
2020-04-07T16:46:58 <Lydia Pintscher> Yes :)
2020-04-07T16:47:13 <Léa ~ Auregann> We still have a few minutes left, if you want to advertise some Wikidata-related remote events happening these days, feel free to do it! :)
2020-04-07T16:47:44 <Scott GK MacLeod> Hi Lydia, Houcemeddine, Denny, Wikidatans, and All:
Regarding Denny Vrandecic's recent Tweet which Lydia @nightrose re-Tweeted -

Wikidata query - people affected by COVID-19

- am wondering how extensive this list of 'people affected by COVID-19' could become in Wikidata / Wikibase. (Only notable people, or any sufferer in hospitals, testing centers?) And in what ways could MIT OCW-centric wiki World University and School begin to use such a Wikidata list with pictures to structure our matriculating students' lists from all ~200 countries and in all 7,1117 known living languages, as well as even WUaS's planned electronic health records for our planned online Medical Schools and teaching hospitals in all ~200 countries' official and main languages? (WUaS donated ourselves for co-development to Wikidata in 2015 and received WUaS Miraheze MediaWiki in 2017 as a consequence, as you may know). How extensive could the list of 'people affected by COVID-19' could become in Wikidata / Wikibase? Thank you.
2020-04-07T16:47:53 <Houcemeddine Turki> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Yes :)" It will be excellent to see all these updates. Thank you.
2020-04-07T16:47:55 <Léa ~ Auregann> I can recommend the great live SPARQL session tonight by Vigneron, if you understand French (or even if you don't :D)
2020-04-07T16:48:53 <Houcemeddine Turki> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "I can recommend the …" Vigneron is a hard working and kind person.
2020-04-07T16:48:56 <Hogü-456> Amounts and other units have in German and also in other languages a plural also people have another label for the occupation in the most cases in German. Are there plans to make it possible that the user interface shows another label as the label of the item in such cases.
2020-04-07T16:48:59 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Scott GK MacLeod> "Hi Lydia, Houcemeddi…" Yeah it's pretty important work. It'll only cover a very small subset of people affected by the virus as Wikidata can not cover the whole world and shouldn't need to. We're only collecting what's of broad interest after all.
2020-04-07T16:49:46 <Lucas Werkmeister> reply to <Hogü-456> "Amounts and other un…" I think that’s
2020-04-07T16:50:12 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Hogü-456> "Amounts and other un…" It is something that bothers me as well every now and then but it hasn't been high up enough on the list to figure out how to actually solve it in a way that technically and socially works.
2020-04-07T16:50:25 <Lydia Pintscher> So unfortunately the answer is yes I know but :(
2020-04-07T16:50:30 <Houcemeddine Turki> There is also COVID-19-BH-20. It is an interesting online hackathon
2020-04-07T16:50:36 <Scott GK MacLeod> Thanks, Lydia.
2020-04-07T16:52:34 <Léa ~ Auregann> Any remaining question?
2020-04-07T16:52:49 <Lydia Pintscher> What cool stuff is everyone working on atm?
2020-04-07T16:52:54 <Lydia Pintscher> Some time to officially brag :D
2020-04-07T16:53:07 <Scott GK MacLeod> Lydia, and Wikdiatans, What's the road map please for making Wikidata interoperable with Miraheze MediaWiki (and perhaps regarding WUaS, if they are already interoperable in other contexts). I don't see this here - ... Thank you!😊
2020-04-07T16:53:32 <Hogü-456> I add descriptions in Wikidata and for that I make queries and look for items without German description and then add this description. I think for cases like that it were more effective to make it possible to download a part of a dump. Is there a possibility to do that.
2020-04-07T16:53:42 <Arthur Smith> Daniel Mietchen has sent me a lot of suggestions for improving the author disambiguator, I'm working through at least some of them now...
2020-04-07T16:53:43 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Scott GK MacLeod> "Lydia, and Wikdiatan…" We don't currently have a plan for that as far as I know.
2020-04-07T16:54:01 <Lydia Pintscher> \o/
2020-04-07T16:54:17 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "What cool stuff is e…" Not really cool but fun: #52wikidataweeks, one new item each week. The challenge is to use different P31 each time!
2020-04-07T16:54:23 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Hogü-456> "I add descriptions i…" One sec. I have a tip that might help.
2020-04-07T16:54:33 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Jan Ainali> "Not really cool but …" \o/
2020-04-07T16:54:38 <Houcemeddine Turki> reply to <Scott GK MacLeod> "Lydia, and Wikdiatan…" There is currently a roadmap for property federation and this is sufficient for the moment.
2020-04-07T16:54:42 <Arthur Smith> I was intrigued by Denny's suggestion of a "Wikilambda" (wiki system for code/functions), I asked him about it, it seems to be just his own effort right now...
2020-04-07T16:55:22 <Houcemeddine Turki> reply to <Arthur Smith> "I was intrigued by D…" I saw the preprint. This is excellent as a work
2020-04-07T16:55:37 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Arthur Smith> "I was intrigued by D…" Yeah it's Denny's baby. It looks pretty cool and ambitious.
2020-04-07T16:55:51 <Scott GK MacLeod> Lydia, What might be the best way to help develop a plan? (Am thinking of WUaS matriculating our 2nd class of undergraduate students this autumn - and perhaps in terms of matriculating students and even transcripts regarding Denny's Covid-19 Tweet - and from all ~200 countries, first in English). Thank you! :)
2020-04-07T16:55:51 <মাহির মোরশেদ> I've started adding information about (the termini of) Indian rail services: (A finer map showing intermediate stops might be possible, but I don't know quite yet how to connect said stops to generate a map while keeping information about physical lines and service patterns separate:
2020-04-07T16:56:10 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "One sec. I have a ti…" Search can be super powerful with haswbstatement:

All of these can be combined with other regular search terms for example
Using search to find Items with missing label or description… can create powerful work lists:
No description in German:
No label in German:
Can be combined with haswbstatements to filter down the result list to for example humans:
2020-04-07T16:56:42 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <মাহির মোরশেদ> "I've started adding …" Yay \o/ 🚆
2020-04-07T16:56:45 <Melderick> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "What cool stuff is e…" working on an additional feature for the Merge gadget :)
2020-04-07T16:56:59 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <মাহির মোরশেদ> "I've started adding …" \o/
2020-04-07T16:57:10 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Melderick> "working on an additi…" Wohooo. What is it?
2020-04-07T16:57:13 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Melderick> "working on an additi…" Awesome :)
2020-04-07T16:57:37 <Sam Alipio> reply to <Melderick> "working on an additi…" Yes, tell us more :)
2020-04-07T16:58:00 <Hogü-456> Is there a possiblity to export some of the result of such a query
2020-04-07T16:58:14 <Melderick> oops sorry I meant the Move gadget not the Merge one :D
2020-04-07T16:58:22 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Hogü-456> "Is there a possiblit…" I'm not sure.
2020-04-07T16:58:35 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Melderick> "oops sorry I meant t…" We still want to know more :D
2020-04-07T16:58:49 <Melderick> allowing to move a statement to another property instead of another item
2020-04-07T16:58:50 <Lucas Werkmeister> reply to <Hogü-456> "Is there a possiblit…" you can do the same search via the API:
2020-04-07T16:59:01 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Melderick> "allowing to move a s…" Oh nice. That sounds useful.
2020-04-07T16:59:24 <Melderick> a few people (here and in France) are testing it
2020-04-07T17:00:20 <Sam Alipio> reply to <Melderick> "allowing to move a s…" this sounds great
2020-04-07T17:00:22 <Melderick> I just need to finish one last thing and then the code will be merged with the original code
2020-04-07T17:01:08 <Léa ~ Auregann> alright people, I think the time's up :) Thanks a lot for attending, as usual we stay available for further questions on
2020-04-07T17:01:19 <Houcemeddine Turki> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "alright people, I th…" Thank you.
2020-04-07T17:01:21 <মাহির মোরশেদ> Thanks everyone!
2020-04-07T17:01:23 <Léa ~ Auregann> Take care of yourselves and see you soon :)
2020-04-07T17:01:25 <Lydia Pintscher> ❤
2020-04-07T17:01:30 <Scott GK MacLeod> Thank you!
2020-04-07T17:01:37 <Houcemeddine Turki> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "❤" Have a nice day
2020-04-07T17:01:40 <Magnus Sälgö> Thanks this was excellent!!! KEEP UP WITH YOUR GOOD WORK...
2020-04-07T17:01:45 <Sam Alipio> Thanks everyone!
2020-04-07T17:01:53 <Melderick> take care everyone !
2020-04-07T17:01:56 <Lucas Werkmeister> see you :)
2020-04-07T17:01:57 <Sam Alipio> <3