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2019-11-05T17:00:57 <Léa ~ Auregann> Hello everyone and welcome to the office hour, first of its kind on Telegram!
2019-11-05T17:01:11 <Lucas Werkmeister> \o/
2019-11-05T17:01:14 <Léa ~ Auregann> Lydia and I will moderate this session during the next 60 minutes :)
2019-11-05T17:01:22 <Lydia Pintscher> \o/
2019-11-05T17:01:41 <Léa ~ Auregann> Just to be very transparent, the discussions happening here and until I tell the bot to shut down and leave will be recorded, the notes will be transferred on wiki
2019-11-05T17:01:46 <Scott GK MacLeod> :)
2019-11-05T17:02:14 <Léa ~ Auregann> So, here's how it work: Lydia and I will present what happened in the Wikidata team since the last office hour (July 2019), both from the development and non development side
2019-11-05T17:02:21 <Léa ~ Auregann> We'll also tell you about what's coming next
2019-11-05T17:02:43 <Jan Ainali> can anyone stop the bot if they happen to write the magic phrase?
2019-11-05T17:02:55 <Léa ~ Auregann> of course, feel free to interact with us during this part. But just so you know, the second part of the session (~30min) will be left for questions and discussions, so you'll have time for that :)
2019-11-05T17:03:36 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Jan Ainali> "can anyone stop the …" it is a command starting with / and continuing with the word finish, so just don't type this command :)
2019-11-05T17:03:54 <Léa ~ Auregann> Alright, let's start with what happened on the development side of things!
2019-11-05T17:04:01 <Lydia Pintscher> Yes!
2019-11-05T17:04:14 <Lydia Pintscher> So a lot of things happened over the past quarter and some.
2019-11-05T17:04:41 <Lydia Pintscher> The biggest thing is probably the Wikidata Bridge. It'll help make it possible to edit Wikidata directly from Wikipedia.
2019-11-05T17:05:08 <Scott GK MacLeod> Great!
2019-11-05T17:05:18 <Lydia Pintscher> WE're currently developing it and we'll soon be at the point where it makes sense for you to have a look. It'll still take quite some time until it will be deployed.
2019-11-05T17:05:43 <Lydia Pintscher> Once that is deployed I hope we'll see a lot more (and useful) edits from Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects.
2019-11-05T17:06:12 <Lydia Pintscher> We also deployed the new termbox for mobile. That's the box at the top of an Item page that shows you the label, description and aliases in different languages.
2019-11-05T17:06:26 <Lydia Pintscher> Before you couldn't see that and edit it on mobile. Now you can \o/
2019-11-05T17:07:42 <Lydia Pintscher> Another thing that we're working on is tainted references. When editing a value on Wikidata there is nothing prompting you to also change the reference if needed. This is a problem because sometimes people have new values but leave an old reference. In the future you'll get a little notification prompting you to think if the reference should be updated as well.
2019-11-05T17:08:08 <Lydia Pintscher> You'll be able to test that in the next weeks as well.
2019-11-05T17:08:37 <Envel Le Hir> \o/
2019-11-05T17:08:41 <Lydia Pintscher> Then we did huge work under the hood to make our codebase better but also make loading of Item pages faster.
2019-11-05T17:09:14 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "WE're currently deve…" The timeline on mw:Wikidata Bridge lacks details after this very month. Are there plans that are not published yet?
2019-11-05T17:09:26 <Lydia Pintscher> Another thing that might be interesting for you is a new dashboard that takes a look at the languages on Wikidata:
2019-11-05T17:09:50 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Jan Ainali> "The timeline on [[mw…" Ah sorry. Léa and I were simply busy with WikidataCon and that slipped.
2019-11-05T17:10:17 <Lydia Pintscher> There should be an update before the end of the month.
2019-11-05T17:10:28 <Juli A.> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "We also deployed the…" Yay! :)
2019-11-05T17:11:07 <Lydia Pintscher> And last but not least the structured data team at the WMF has continued rocking on Commons with the rollout of for example Lua support and a first beta query service
2019-11-05T17:11:20 <Lydia Pintscher> And with that I had over to Léa again :)
2019-11-05T17:11:46 <Léa ~ Auregann> Yeah! First of all, Wikidata got a new admin: user:1997kB. Welcome on board!
2019-11-05T17:12:09 <Léa ~ Auregann> Then, summer/fall was the season of events and conferences :)
2019-11-05T17:12:34 <Léa ~ Auregann> Let's start with Wikimania that took place in August. We met plenty of cool people, run interviews about Wikidata Bridge, the Wikidata and Wikibase related sessions were packed as usual
2019-11-05T17:13:10 <Léa ~ Auregann> We also had a documentation translation sprint, to translate the Wikidata help pages into more languages. This effort is still running, so if you're speaking a language other than English, feel free to have a look at help pages and see how you can make them more accessible to your language community!
2019-11-05T17:13:19 <Léa ~ Auregann> And thanks to everyone who already participated in this effort :)
2019-11-05T17:14:00 <Léa ~ Auregann> At Wikimania we also run the now famous Pink Pony session, and participated in an interesting session about problems between Wikidata & Wikipedia. You can find the notes of the Pink Pony session here
2019-11-05T17:14:32 <Léa ~ Auregann> As you probably know because I generously spammed you about it, the WikidataCon took place at the end of October! It was so awesome <3 Thanks to the people who attended, also people following the streaming and interacting remotely. It was a great mix between Wikidata community people and organizations and companies interested in working with Wikidata.
2019-11-05T17:14:49 <Léa ~ Auregann> We highly recommend to check the videos and the documentation
If you want to know more about the organization of the event, the report will follow at the beginning of 2020.
2019-11-05T17:15:09 <Léa ~ Auregann> But what would be October without the Wikidata birthday? Several celebrations happened and plenty of new tools and features were developed by the community. You can check them all here
2019-11-05T17:15:32 <Léa ~ Auregann> (and you can even start getting ready for the next one \o/ )
2019-11-05T17:15:53 <Léa ~ Auregann> Several regional conferences took place (CEE, French-speaking WikiCon, German-speaking WikiCon) and plenty of sessions related to Wikidata were organized
2019-11-05T17:16:03 <infovarius> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "The biggest thing is…" it's like WEF or Gadget for editing from infoboxes?
2019-11-05T17:16:35 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <infovarius> "it's like WEF or Gad…" Yes it is trying to solve the same problem for everyone.
2019-11-05T17:17:15 <Léa ~ Auregann> Different topic now: in August, we published the vision & strategy papers for Wikidata & Wikibase. Interesting to read if you want to understand the "big picture". Feel free to add comments on the wikipage.
2019-11-05T17:18:03 <Léa ~ Auregann> As usual, during the last months we got plenty of new tools created by the community, as well as new features on tools. I can't name them all here, but if you want to get updates, the place to go is the Weekly Summary :)
2019-11-05T17:18:22 <Léa ~ Auregann> Item creation helpers helps create similar items, and link them together, with a simple form
2019-11-05T17:18:43 <infovarius> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "Several regional con…" +Russian WikiConference in September
2019-11-05T17:18:52 <Léa ~ Auregann> @Wikidatabot is a Telegram bot that allows you to search for something on Wikidata from Telegram
2019-11-05T17:19:24 <Léa ~ Auregann> MachtSinn is a game that helps you adding Senses on lexicographical data by suggesting Senses and Item labels
2019-11-05T17:20:18 <Léa ~ Auregann> Speaking about tools! I hope that you enjoy the new "tool of the week" section in the Weekly Summary. Its goal is to highlight some of the many tools used by editors - if you like it, feel free to contribute to the backlog!
2019-11-05T17:20:48 <Léa ~ Auregann> Many local groups started or continued being active over the past months <3 Let’s mention especially Taiwan, Vienna, Tokyo, Buenos Aires where meetups are regularly organized
2019-11-05T17:21:05 <Léa ~ Auregann> On Wikidata, we got plenty of new WikiProjects, for example about red pandas, podcasts, climate change
2019-11-05T17:21:08 <Scott GK MacLeod> Just emailed Lydia earlier today about exploring giving all 7.5 billion people in world a Wikidata Q-item number, re collaborative genetics' projects - eg. with WikiTree - & re your earlier sharing about - - but also for 'Avatar Bot Electronic Medical Records' at wiki MIT OCW-centric World University and School online Medical Schools/Teaching Hospitals, for example (where WUaS donated itself to Wikidata in 2015 for co-development, and received WUaS Miraheze MediaWiki in 2017). How to explore further collaboration about all of this with Wikidata, Lydia, Lea and Wikidata?
2019-11-05T17:21:44 <Léa ~ Auregann> Now, let me give you a few suggestions of interesting papers/blog posts to read
2019-11-05T17:21:56 <Léa ~ Auregann> My message to video game databases: We(kidata) come in peace
2019-11-05T17:22:16 <Léa ~ Auregann> "Creating Library Linked Data with Wikibase: Lessons Learned from Project Passage"
2019-11-05T17:22:32 <Léa ~ Auregann> What we talk about when we talk about Wikidata quality: a literature survey
2019-11-05T17:22:51 <Léa ~ Auregann> Working with Structured Data on Commons: A Status Report
2019-11-05T17:23:07 <Léa ~ Auregann> GeneDB and Wikidata
2019-11-05T17:23:44 <Léa ~ Auregann> Scottish witches, Scottish witches everywhere!!
2019-11-05T17:24:00 <Léa ~ Auregann> Wikidata & Wikibase for National Libraries: the inaugural meeting
2019-11-05T17:24:10 <Léa ~ Auregann> Wikidata as a FAIR knowledge graph for the life sciences
2019-11-05T17:24:21 <Léa ~ Auregann> The Great(er) Bear - using Wikidata to generate better artwork
2019-11-05T17:25:17 <Léa ~ Auregann> But there are also a lot of interesting videos to watch! Let's start with the awesome OpenRefine tutorial by Emmacarroll3 demonstrating how to import a dataset
2019-11-05T17:25:48 <Léa ~ Auregann> Our very own @Jan_ainali is also making live Wikidata editing videos
2019-11-05T17:26:33 <Susanna> \o/
2019-11-05T17:26:36 <Léa ~ Auregann> As for the WikidataCon, it was hard to select only a few sessions recording to watch, so I chose the birthday presents ceremony, because it's great to see all the new tools and features presented
2019-11-05T17:26:44 <Léa ~ Auregann> oops, wrong link
2019-11-05T17:26:54 <Léa ~ Auregann> that's the bday presents
2019-11-05T17:27:34 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "Our very own @Jan_ai…" by the way,I am open for requests on topics
2019-11-05T17:27:41 <Léa ~ Auregann> The previous link is the WikidataCon Award Ceremony, that I also wanted to share with you. 8 projects got nominated and selected, and they got the appreciation that they deserve during the ceremony! It was an awesome and cheerful moment, I really recommend
2019-11-05T17:28:25 <Léa ~ Auregann> And a last one: one of our keynote was done by Os Keyes, who presented a very interesting and challenging topic, questioning how we structure data for example about gender
2019-11-05T17:28:46 <Léa ~ Auregann> If you have some favorite sessions of your own, feel free to suggest them!
2019-11-05T17:29:08 <Léa ~ Auregann> But now, I'll hand the virtual mic to Lydia so we can have a preview of what's happening next!
2019-11-05T17:29:17 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "And a last one: one …" great keynote, I can highly recommend this thought provoking talk
2019-11-05T17:29:26 <Lydia Pintscher> Yes! :)
2019-11-05T17:29:43 <Lydia Pintscher> Alright let's look at what's coming up.
2019-11-05T17:30:59 <Lydia Pintscher> As Wikidata has been growing and as the Wikibase Ecosystem became a thing more and more things ended up on my plate and we're at the point now where I simply can't do all the product management work on my own anymore. So we are looking for someone to join me and work on Wikibase. If you know someone who'd be a good fit or maybe even you yourself then please apply!
2019-11-05T17:31:22 <Lydia Pintscher> More on the content side of things:
2019-11-05T17:31:55 <Lydia Pintscher> We'll continue working on the Wikidata Bridge and get it to a state where we can roll out the first version to the first wikis hopefully early next year. And of course testing well before that.
2019-11-05T17:32:10 <Lydia Pintscher> We'll finish the first version of tainted references and roll that out soon.
2019-11-05T17:33:25 <Lydia Pintscher> And I just finished the draft of the description of the first version of Federation and gave it to the team for feedback. If their feedback is good I'll also circle it in the Wikibase mailinglist etc to have some more eyes on it. And then we can start coding on that as well \o/ And then you can have for example Wikidata's properties in your own Wikibase instance without effort \o/
2019-11-05T17:33:55 <Lydia Pintscher> And last but not least we'll release the first version of Lua support for lexicographical data.
2019-11-05T17:34:20 <Lydia Pintscher> And with that we can open the floor for questions and discussions
2019-11-05T17:34:30 <Susanna> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "And I just finished …" ❤️
2019-11-05T17:34:36 <Lydia Pintscher> :)
2019-11-05T17:34:49 <GNU/boz> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "And last but not lea…" 🤩
2019-11-05T17:35:00 <Scott GK MacLeod> Just emailed Lydia earlier today about exploring giving all 7.5 billion people in world a Wikidata Q-item number, re collaborative genetics' projects - eg. with WikiTree - & re your earlier sharing about - - but also for 'Avatar Bot Electronic Medical Records' at wiki MIT OCW-centric World University and School online Medical Schools/Teaching Hospitals, for example (where WUaS donated itself to Wikidata in 2015 for co-development, and received WUaS Miraheze MediaWiki in 2017). How to explore further collaboration about all of this with Wikidata, Lydia, Lea and Wikidata?
2019-11-05T17:35:17 <GNU/boz> (😍 also for federation )
2019-11-05T17:35:45 <Lydia Pintscher> @bozzy yay :) What do you want to do with it?
2019-11-05T17:36:09 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "We'll finish the fir…" Will there also be a dashboard or special page where one can find potential tainted references and work on a backlog (and unflag after review)?
2019-11-05T17:36:15 <Premeditated> Pywikibot support for lexeme?
2019-11-05T17:37:07 <GNU/boz> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "@bozzy yay :) What d…" I'm interested in trying to construct phrases, e.g. with correct pronouns, basing on a generic subject from Wikidata.
(TBH It's mainly useful in one of my unuseful side projects in a custom wiki.)
2019-11-05T17:37:52 <Lucas Werkmeister> reply to <GNU/boz> "I'm interested in tr…" ooh… so you’ll want Lua access from non-Wiktionary wikis, I take it?
2019-11-05T17:37:56 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Jan Ainali> "Will there also be a…" Not in the first version. In the first version only the person who made the edit will be pestered about it. In a second version later we also plan persistence and showing issues to other editors etc. But I didn't want to have that in the first version because i wasn't sure how people would feel about it.
2019-11-05T17:38:40 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Premeditated> "Pywikibot support fo…" That's not something the dev team works on as it is a community-maintained tool.
2019-11-05T17:38:52 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Not in the first ver…" It's no rush :) not even sure I would use it. More of an idea I just got
2019-11-05T17:39:09 <Premeditated> Ok, does it exist any documentation for using commons structured data in LUA?
2019-11-05T17:39:16 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Jan Ainali> "It's no rush :) not …" Yeah. We'll get feedback on the first version and then see :)
2019-11-05T17:39:41 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Premeditated> "Ok, does it exist an…" Not yet because it isn't released. We need to fix a few small things first :/
2019-11-05T17:39:54 <Lydia Pintscher> Oh sorry - Commons, not Lexemes
2019-11-05T17:40:02 <Lydia Pintscher> Commons I don't know.
2019-11-05T17:40:41 <Lucas Werkmeister> as far as I know, Commons has no special Lua functions, so you’d use the general functions like getLabel / getBestStatements (
2019-11-05T17:40:43 <GNU/boz> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Not yet because it i…" I think it works out of the box using ids prefixed without "Q" but with the correct namespace + the ID of the page
2019-11-05T17:40:43 <Lucas Werkmeister> but I’m not sure
2019-11-05T17:42:15 <Stefano> thank you for all the past, current, and future work!
2019-11-05T17:42:25 <Lydia Pintscher> ❤
2019-11-05T17:42:49 <Scott GK MacLeod> Yes, thank you, Lydia and Lea and Wikidata for this amazing work!
2019-11-05T17:42:49 <Jan Ainali> Will Wikidata Bridge be an extension or baked in to the Wikibase client?
2019-11-05T17:43:21 <Premeditated> How should structured data about Commons files be modeled? Any updates on that?
2019-11-05T17:43:29 <Lucas Werkmeister> reply to <Jan Ainali> "Will Wikidata Bridge…" it’s part of Wikibase Client, hidden behind a config setting (off by default)
2019-11-05T17:43:52 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Lucas Werkmeister> "it’s part of Wikibas…" Nice!
2019-11-05T17:44:22 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Premeditated> "How should structure…" I think some discussions already started here
2019-11-05T17:44:33 <Stefano> personally my request is to have again a todo list for potential duplicates, I was doing some work in fixing these with the old projectmerge but since july it is basically offline. With more projects joining the "direct" editing it will be helpful to fix these issues
2019-11-05T17:45:19 <Sjoerd de Bruin> Related to that, what about constraints support for the query service to generate up-to-date constraint reports?
2019-11-05T17:45:23 <Premeditated> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "I think some discuss…" Yeah, but there is not much activity.
2019-11-05T17:46:24 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Premeditated> "Yeah, but there is n…" If you have specific questions, feel free to ask them there, I know that people who are active and enthusiastic about SDoC follow this page :)
2019-11-05T17:46:25 <Stefano> reply to <Sjoerd de Bruin> "Related to that, wha…" I tried to write a query against duplicate coordinates costraint when it was introduced the feature but didn't succeed :D
2019-11-05T17:46:31 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Sjoerd de Bruin> "Related to that, wha…" Still blocked on technical things :/ I hope that people can make some progress on that at techconf later this month.
2019-11-05T17:46:43 <Magnus Sälgö> reply to <Scott GK MacLeod> "Just emailed Lydia e…" FYI we have a rather good and tight integration WIkidata and WikiTree 70 000 people and are now planing also couple places/cemeteries see Property Proposal
2019-11-05T17:47:02 <Sjoerd de Bruin> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Still blocked on tec…" Ah, okay. Rooting for that.
2019-11-05T17:47:59 <Sjoerd de Bruin> What are the plans for the query service anyway? Will there be someone assigned to it again or?
2019-11-05T17:48:24 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Sjoerd de Bruin> "What are the plans f…" Yes. The Foundation is currently looking for someone.
2019-11-05T17:48:28 <Scott GK MacLeod> @salgo60 Thanks for the Wikidata chart! Could we combine this with Telegram with a planned Wikidata Q-item for all 7.5 billion people where WikiTree is planning for a single complete family tree, for all 7.5 billion people I think ... in what ways could we plan for Wikidata's integration extend to this at this stage?
2019-11-05T17:48:45 <Sjoerd de Bruin> Is it just internally atm? Didn't saw anything on our socials
2019-11-05T17:49:15 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Sjoerd de Bruin> "Is it just internall…" No it's public. Let me get a link.
2019-11-05T17:49:39 <Lydia Pintscher>
2019-11-05T17:49:53 <Lydia Pintscher> That was also shared on Twitter at least.
2019-11-05T17:50:07 <Stanislav Kralin> reply to <Stanislav Kralin> "BTW, will Blazegraph…" @Nightrose ?
2019-11-05T17:50:09 <Sjoerd de Bruin> I was busy anyway
2019-11-05T17:50:58 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Stanislav Kralin> "@Nightrose ?" I am not sure. I think the first priority is scaling and making sure it keeps running.
2019-11-05T17:51:36 <Stanislav Kralin> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "I am not sure. I thi…" ОК, thanks!
2019-11-05T17:51:42 <Paula Marmor> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "I am not sure. I thi…" +1
2019-11-05T17:51:58 <Magnus Sälgö> reply to <Scott GK MacLeod> "@salgo60 Thanks for …" <photo,caption_entities> we have a property and they run every week cionsistancy checks between Wikidata and WikiTree see
2019-11-05T17:52:29 <Léa ~ Auregann> Any more questions? :)
2019-11-05T17:53:30 <Premeditated> When is next office hour?
2019-11-05T17:54:13 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Premeditated> "When is next office …" We run one roughly every 3 months. There's no fixed date
2019-11-05T17:54:29 <Magnus Sälgö> I have asked for federation whitelist is it forgottgen
2019-11-05T17:54:29 <Scott GK MacLeod> @salgo60 Thanks for the Wikidata chart! Could we combine this with Telegram with a planned Wikidata Q-item for all 7.5 billion people where WikiTree is planning for a single complete family tree, for all 7.5 billion people I think ... in what ways could we plan for Wikidata's integration extend to this at this stage?
2019-11-05T17:55:30 <Premeditated> Okay, I hope it will be on Telegram next time also 🙂
2019-11-05T17:55:33 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Magnus Sälgö> "I have asked for fed…" Thanks for creating the task, let me ping some people
2019-11-05T17:56:20 <Magnus Sälgö> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "Thanks for creating …" Thanks I feel more federation and good examples is the way forward....
2019-11-05T17:56:36 <Scott GK MacLeod> reply to <Magnus Sälgö> "<photo,caption_entit…" @salgo60 Thanks for the Wikidata chart! Could we combine this with Telegram with a planned Wikidata Q-item for all 7.5 billion people where WikiTree is planning for a single complete family tree, for all 7.5 billion people I think ... in what ways could we plan for Wikidata's integration extend to this at this stage?
2019-11-05T17:58:16 <Scott GK MacLeod> (How can we communicate further about this, Magnus? Email? is mine. What's yours?)
2019-11-05T18:00:05 <Léa ~ Auregann> Alright, then let's close this first Telegram office hour! Thanks all for participating :)
2019-11-05T18:00:17 <Léa ~ Auregann> And see you next time, on Telegram or somewhere else!
2019-11-05T18:00:46 <Scott GK MacLeod> Thank you! (am appreciating Telegram too :)
2019-11-05T18:01:15 <Léa ~ Auregann> Last but not least: thanks to @EdJoPaTo who developed the recording bot specially so the office hour can be tracked :)