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Overview of Europeana Art History Challenge progress in Polish. Total number of completed artworks for Polish: 57. The target number for articles/labels/descriptions is 296

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Italy Biblia Borsa d’Este Biblia Borsa d’Este iluminowany manuskrypt Biblii
Luxembourg Translate [Choix des plus belles fleurs et de quelques branches des plus beaux fruits] [book botanical illustrations by Pierre-Joseph Redouté]
Slovenia Translate Portret rodzinny obraz France Kralja
England Translate [The Destruction of Sodom And Gomorrah] obraz John Martina
Poland Katalog arcybiskupów gnieźnieńskich Katalog arcybiskupów gnieźnieńskich iluminowany manuskrypt autorstwa Jana Długosza
Slovakia Translate [Early Evening Landscape] [painting by Alexander Brodszky]
Romania Translate Sen obraz Corneliu Baba
Spain Trzeci maja 1808 Trzeci maja 1808 obraz Francisco Goi
Czech Republic Translate Liber viaticus [manuscript commissioned by Johannes Noviforensis]
Estonia Translate [Coastal landscape (Fishermen going home)] obraz Eugen Dückera
Austria Translate [Umar Defeats a Dragon] [Mughal era painting in MAK collection]
Spain Widok Toledo z planem Widok Toledo z planem obraz El Greca
Italy Pocałunek (Hayeza) Pocałunek obraz Francesco Hayeza
Estonia Translate [The Danse Macabre] [painting by Bernhard Notke]
Germany Translate Dada-Gazeta obraz Hannah Höcha
Bulgaria Translate [Erma River by the Town of Tran] obraz Nikola Petrova
Denmark Translate [A Young Artist (Ditlev Blunck) Examining a Sketch in a Mirror] obraz Wilhelm Bendza
Portugal Martwa natura ze słodyczami [Still Life with Sweets] [painting by Josefa de Óbidos]
England Ewangeliarz z Lindisfarne Ewangeliarz z Lindisfarne iluminowany manuskrypt
Greece Koncert aniołów Koncert aniołów obraz El Greca
Lithuania Translate [Scenery of a Lithuanian Village] [painting by Pranas Domšaitis]
England Ostatnia droga Temeraire’a Ostatnia droga Temeraire'a obraz J. M. W. Turnera
Estonia Translate Piekło [artwork by Eduard Wiiralt]
Estonia Translate [Landscape with a red cloud] [painting by Konrad Mägi]
Sweden Translate [Tuvstarr is still sitting there wistfully looking into the water] [watercolour by John Bauer]
Ireland Translate siodło obraz Dorothy Crossa
Belgium Translate [Evangeliary of Averbode] [12th century manuscript]
Norway Translate [Christening in Tanum Church] [painting by Harriet Backer]
France Ucieczka do Egiptu (obraz Poussina) Ucieczka do Egiptu obraz Nicolasa Poussina
Lithuania Translate [All Through the Night] [painting by Antanas Žmuidzinavičius]
Croatia Translate [In Honour of El Lissitzki] [painting by Ivan Picelj]
Ireland Translate [Four Element Composition] [painting by Mainie Jellett]
Norway Translate Finnmark, zima obraz Anna-Eva Bergmana
Lithuania Translate [The White Apple Tree] [painting by Antanas Samuolis]
Wales Translate [Bellringer of Caernarvon in costume of trade] [painting by John Cambrian Rowland]
Austria Translate [Male Back With a Flag] [study by Michelangelo]
Wales Translate [An Overshot Mill in Wales (Aberdulais)] [painting by James Ward]
Germany Translate [Concentric Group] [painting by Oskar Schlemmer]
Ireland Translate [We Are Not Afraid campaign, NYC subways] [photograph by Les Levine]
Cyprus Translate [The Planters] [painting by Adamantios Diamantis]
Ireland Translate [Berry Dress] [sculpture by Alice Maher]
Czech Republic Relikwiarz świętego Maura Relikwiarz świętego Maura [national monument of the Czech Republic]
Wales Translate Shane Williams (portret) obraz David Griffithsa
Poland Bitwa pod Grunwaldem (obraz Jana Matejki) Bitwa pod Grunwaldem obraz Jana Matejki
Wales Portret doktora Richarda Price Portret doktora Richarda Price obraz Benjamina West
Poland Statut Łaskiego Statut Łaskiego pierwsze wydanie drukiem zbioru najważniejszych praw Królestwa Polskiego
Estonia Translate Paraphrase E [painting by Ado Vabbe]
Latvia Translate [The Gauja Valley] [painting by Jūlijs Feders]
Sweden Translate [Boys drawing] [painting by Sofie Ribbing]
Poland Translate [Gaberbocchus some of the old favourites] kolekcja pocztówek autorstwa Franciszki Themerson
Estonia Translate [An Italian Woman with Children by a Stream] [painting by Johann Köler]
Portugal Translate [Os galgos] [painting by Amadeo de Souza Cardoso]
Italy Zaślubiny Marii z Józefem Zaślubiny Marii z Józefem obraz Rafaela
Slovenia Translate [Portrait of the artist's father] [painting by Jožef Tominc]
Slovenia Translate [Lacemaker (Portrait of Štefka Batič)] [painting by Veno Pilon]
Sweden Translate [Portrait of a violinist] [painting by Anne Vallayer-Coster]
Ireland Translate Medusa [painting by Hughie O'Donoghue]
Spain Godzinki Leonor de la Vega Godzinki Leonor de la Vega iluminowany manuskrypt
Portugal Translate La bibliothèque en feu [painting by Vieira da Silva]
Malta Translate [Abstract painting] [painting by Victor Pasmore (National Museum of Fine Arts, Malta)]
Wales Translate [Dolbadarn Castle] [painting by J. M. W. Turner in the National Library of Wales]
Sweden Translate [Karin by the shore] akwarela Carl Larssona
Portugal Translate [Soup Kitchen in Arroios] [engraving by Sequeira]
Croatia Translate [Red Loop] [painting by Ivan Kožarić]
Germany Translate [Blue horse] [painting by Franz Marc]
Netherlands Translate [The Art Gallery of Jan Gildemeester Jansz] [painting by Adriaan de Lelie]
Denmark Translate [Amalienborg Square, Copenhagen] [painting by Vilhelm Hammershøi]
Wales Translate [Miss Catherine Jones of Colomendy, near Mold] [painting by Richard Wilson]
Latvia Translate Księżniczka z małpą obraz Jānisa Rozentālsa
Belgium Ołtarz Gandawski Ołtarz Gandawski poliptyk Huberta i Jana van Eycków
Czech Republic Translate [Great View of Prague] [engraving by Wenceslaus Hollar]
Croatia Translate [Art (according to Marlboro)] [painting by Boris Bućan]
Cyprus Madonna z Dzieciątkiem (obraz Michaelidesa) Madonna z Dzieciątkiem obraz Vasilisa Michaelidesa
Belgium Translate [Jean Wauquelin presenting his 'Chroniques de Hainaut' to Philip the Good] [miniature attributed to Rogier van der Weyden or his workshop]
Austria Translate Schönberg rodzinny obraz Richard Gerstla
Lithuania Translate [Sonata of the Stars] [painting series by Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis]
Latvia Translate [Man Entering a Room] [painting by Niklāvs Strunke]
Netherlands Pejzaż zimowy z łyżwiarzami Pejzaż zimowy z łyżwiarzami obraz Hendricka Avercamp
Wales Translate [Vase of flowers] [painting by Gwen John]
Slovenia Translate [The Card Players II] [painting by Almanach]
Slovakia Translate Autoportret [painting by Ján Kupecký]
Germany Autoportret w futrze Autoportret w futrze autoportret Albrechta Dürera
Lithuania Translate [Woman with the Artist] [painting by Vytautas Kasiulis]
Malta Ścięcie św. Jana Chrzciciela Ścięcie św. Jana Chrzciciela obraz Caravaggia
Germany Translate [Selfportrait at 6th wedding anniversary] [painting by Paula Modersohn-Becker]
Hungary Translate [Pilgrimage to the Cedars of Lebanon] [painting by Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka]
Austria Skrzydło kraski Skrzydło Kraski akwarela Albrechta Dürera
Cyprus Translate [Stymphalian Birds] [painting by Christoforos Savva]
Italy Translate Sidereus Nuncius [paper by Galileo]
Slovakia Translate [Cat among roosters] [painting by Jacob Bogdani]
Romania Translate [Portrait of a Girl] [painting by Marcel Janco]
Sweden Portret dziewczyny w oknie Portret dziewczyny w oknie obraz Rembrandta
Romania Translate [Sodom and Gomorrah Burning] [illustration by Picu Pătruț]
Cyprus Translate [Disputation at Peristerona] [painting by Georgiou Polyviou Georgios]
Luxembourg Translate [Le noyau rouge] [painting by Joseph Probst]
Belgium Podniesienie krzyża (obraz Rubensa z 1611) Podniesienie krzyża tryptyk Petera Paula Rubensa
Bulgaria Translate Krajobraz [painting by Zlatyu Boyadziev]
Croatia Translate [Madame Récamier] [painting by Antoine-Jean Gros]
Croatia Ofiara Abrahama (obraz Bencovicia) Ofiara Abrahama obraz Bencovicza
Cyprus Translate [The Good Fruit of the Earth] [painting by Loukia Nicolaidou]
England Model systemu słonecznego Model systemu słonecznego obraz Josepha Wright of Derby
Lithuania Obraz Matki Bożej w Trokach Matka Boża Trocka obraz Matki Bożej w kościele w Trokach
Slovakia Translate [The Madonna Enthroned between St. Catherine and St. Elizabeth from Hungary] [A central panel of the triptych from Jánoviec (Master Martin)]
Czech Republic Translate St. Sebastian [Cubist pictute of Bohumil Kubišta (1912)]
Sweden Miasto (obraz) Miasto obraz August Strindberga
Cyprus Translate Kompozycja obraz Stelios Votsisa
Italy Translate [The Preaching of Saint Mark in Alexandria] [painting by Gentile and Giovanni Bellini]
Norway Translate [Winter Night in the Mountains] [series of compositions by Harald Sohlberg]
France Gabrielle d'Estrées i jedna z jej sióstr Gabrielle d'Estrées i jedna z jej sióstr obraz nieznanego malarza
Spain Translate [De aetatibus mundi imagines] [sketchbook by Francisco de Holanda]
Denmark Translate [A nude woman doing her hair before a mirror] [painting by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg]
Norway Translate Madonna [painting by Edvard Munch]
Belgium Translate [Project for Sky-Writing (planche n°1)] [artwork by Robert Filliou]
Luxembourg Translate [Halbzeit] [painting by Michel Majerus]
Wales Translate [Portrait of Sir John Williams] [painting by Christopher Williams]
Czech Republic Skrzydła ołtarza z Roudník Skrzydła ołtarza z Roudník malowane skrzydła późnogotyckiego retabulum
Malta Translate [St John the Baptist Wearing the Red Tabard of the Order of St John] [painting by Mattia Preti]
Sweden Translate [Death playing chess] [mural by Albertus Pictor]
Croatia Translate Autoportret [painting by Marin Tartaglia]
Belgium Chrystus dźwigający krzyż Chrystus dźwigający krzyż obraz Hieronymusa Boscha
Finland Translate [Kreeta Haapasalo Playing the Kantele in a Peasant Cottage] [painting by Robert Wilhelm Ekman]
Cyprus Translate [Return from the Fields] [woodcut by Telemachos Kanthos]
Malta Translate [Risen Christ] [painting by Guido Reni (National Museum of Fine Arts, Malta)]
Bulgaria Translate [Portrait of Mrs. Stefka Georgieva Otmarova] [painting by Aneta Hodina]
Ireland Translate [East Coast Light I] [painting by Sean Scully]
Netherlands Translate [Flower-holder] [delft vase by De Grieksche A]
Austria Pocałunek (obraz Gustava Klimta) Pocałunek obraz Gustawa Klimta
France Ogród artysty w Giverny Ogród artysty w Giverny obraz Claude Moneta
Malta Translate [Front Elevation for a Monument to the Unknown Soldier] [watercolour by Antonio Sciortino]
Croatia Translate [White Background] [painting by Edo Murtić]
Belgium Translate [The Ironer] [painting by Rik Wouters]
Netherlands Spłoszony łabędź Spłoszony łabędź obraz Jana Asselijna
Greece Translate [The Straw Hat] [painting by Nikos Lytras]
France Translate Rybołówstwo obraz François Bouchera
Hungary Translate [The Visitation] [painting by Master MS]
Austria Translate Wieża Babel obraz Pietera Bruegla starszego z Muzeum Historii Sztuki w Wiedniu
Norway Translate Zbroja płytowa obraz Ragnhild Keysera
Austria Translate [The Simpleton] [bust by Messerschmidt, one of the Character Heads]
Cyprus Translate [Pagan Spring] malarstwo Stass Paraskosa
Croatia Translate Meander 2 malarstwo Julije Knifera
Bulgaria Translate [Four Gospels] [gospels written in cyrillic by Priest Dobreisho]
Greece Translate Ukrzyżowanie Jezusa Chrystusa (malarstwo) obraz Andreas Paviasa
Belgium Pornokrates Pornocrates akwarela Félicien Ropsa
Finland Translate [Seated Lady] [painting by Valle Rosenberg]
Hungary Translate [Twofold movement] [artwork by Keserü Ilona]
Austria Translate [Metropolis film poster] [Heinz Schulz-Neudamm poster for Fritz Lang's Metropolis]
France Translate [Tahitian Women on the Beach] [painting by Paul Gauguin]
Latvia Translate [Young Gypsy Woman] [painting by Kārlis Hūns]
Portugal Translate [The Appearance of the Angel to St. Roch] [painting by Gaspar Dias]
Germany Translate [The fountain of youth] [painting by Cranach the Elder]
Romania Translate [Portrait of the poet Ilarie Voronca] [painting by Victor Brauner]
Romania Translate Kompozycja XX obraz Hans Mattis-Teutscha
Spain Translate [Valcavado Beatus] iluminowany manuskrypt
Hungary Translate Oblique obraz Victor Vasarely
Czech Republic Translate [Ride of the Kings (Joza Uprka)] [painting represents a public festival at Vlčnov in the Moravian Slovakia.]
Sweden Umierający dandys Umierający dandys [painting by Nils von Dardel]
Slovenia Translate [Standing Madonna with child] [statuette of the Madonna, National Gallery of Slovenia]
Finland Ranny anioł Ranny anioł obraz Hugo Simberga
Netherlands Translate [Girl in a White Kimono] [1894 painting by George Hendrik Breitner (1857-1923)]
Bulgaria Translate Psałterz [17th Century Bulgarian psalter copied by daskal Philip]
Finland Translate [Hearing the Homework] [painting by Yrjö Ollila]
Slovenia Translate [Pompeiian table] [painting by Marij Pregelj]
France Translate [Rhythms] [painting by Robert Delaunay (1934)]
Italy Wieczerza w Emmaus (1606) Wieczerza w Emmaus obraz Caravaggia
France Translate [Portrait of Louis XIV] [painting by Hyacinthe Rigaud]
Luxembourg Translate Kompozycja E 10/58 obraz Michel Stoffela
Latvia Translate [The White and the Black] [painting by Aleksandra Beļcova]
Slovakia Translate [Madonna with angel] [painting by Ľudovít Fulla]
Netherlands Translate [The Red Tree] [painting by Piet Mondrian]
Wales Translate [Studio with gloves] [painting by Shani Rhys James]
Belgium Madonna kanonika van der Paele Madonna kanonika van der Paele obraz Jana van Eycka
Greece Translate [The Reception of Lord Byron at Missolonghi] [painting by Theodoros Vryzakis]
Germany Translate Hortus semper virens [publication of botanical illustrations by Johann Simon von Kerner]
Slovakia Translate [Landscape with Flowers] [painting by Zolo Palugyay]
Bulgaria Kodeks Aleksandryjski z Sofii Kodeks Aleksandryjski z Sofii manuskrypt
Norway Translate [Stetind in Fog] [painting by Peder Balke]
Slovenia Translate [The Triumph of Flora] [painting by Gabrijel Stupica]
England Ostatnie spojrzenie na Anglię Ostatnie spojrzenie na Anglię obraz Forda Madoxa Browna
Malta Translate [Saint George on Horseback] [painting by Mattia Preti]
Greece Translate [The Apotheosis of Athanasios Diakos] [painting by Konstantinos Parthenis]
Slovakia Translate [Market in Banska Bystrica] [painting by Dominik Skutecký]
Denmark Translate [Ten Women of Stralsund] [drawing by Melchior Lorck]
Romania Translate [Willows at Chiajna] [painting by Ştefan Luchian]
Germany Translate [Camel (in Rhythmic Landscape with Trees)] [painting by Paul Klee]
Luxembourg Translate Codex Mariendalensis [manuscript on vellum containing an epic poem by Hermann of Veldenz]
Estonia Translate [The Maiden of the Grave. Triptych] [drawing by Kristjan Raud]
Austria Translate [Nature studies] [collection of drawings owned by Rudolph II]
Greece Translate [The Dirge in Psara] [painting by Nikiforos Lytras]
Slovakia Translate [Solitude] [painting by Bazovský]
Norway Translate [Inger on the Beach] [painting by Edvard Munch]
Bulgaria Translate [Portrait of Eliezer Alshekh] [painting by Kiril Tsonev]
Denmark Translate [View from the Artist's Window] [painting by Martinus Rørbye]
Lithuania Translate [Persian Envoys before the King of Ethiopia] [painting by Franciszek Smuglewicz]
Latvia Translate [Bathing Boys] [painting by Johann Walter-Kurau]
Malta Translate Judyta i Holofernes obraz Valentina de Boulogne
Latvia Translate [Girl in a Folk Costume] [painting by Jānis Tīdemanis]
Bulgaria Translate Lucyfer [painting by Franz von Stuck]
Lithuania Translate [Lithuanian girl with Palm Sunday Fronds] [painting by Kanuty Rusiecki]
Slovakia Translate [Night Travellers at a Cross] [painting by Ladislav Mednyánszky]
Malta Święty Hieronim (obraz Caravaggia) Święty Hieronim obraz Caravaggia
Slovakia Translate [To Boyfriend] [painting by Jozef Hanula]
Bulgaria Translate [Miscellany] [manuscript by priest Puncho]
England Translate [Wooded Landscape with a Herdsman Seated] [painting by Thomas Gainsborough]
France Translate [Berthe Morisot with a Bouquet of Violets] [painting by Édouard Manet, 1872]
Croatia Translate [On the hills - rainforest] [painting by Ivan Rabuzin]
France Wolność wiodąca lud na barykady Wolność wiodąca lud na barykady obraz Eugène'a Delacroix
England Orgia (obraz Williama Hogartha) Orgia obraz Williama Hogartha
Greece Translate [Behold the Bridegroom Arriving] [painting by Nikolaos Gyzis]
Romania Translate Słonecznik [painting by Ion Țuculescu]
Finland Translate Autoportret [painting by Vilho Lampi]
Sweden Translate [Venny Soldan-Brofeldt, Artist] [painting by Hanna Pauli]
Portugal Translate [An amateur concert] [painting by Pinheiro]
Denmark Translate [At the French Windows. The Artist's Wife] [painting by L.A. Ring]
England Translate Urizen stwarzający świat [painting and series of works by William Blake]
England Wóz na siano (obraz Johna Constable'a) Wóz z sianem obraz Johna Constable'a
Finland Translate [The Grey Dance] [painting by Väinö Kunnas]
Luxembourg Translate Zapora wodna obraz Dominique Langa
Germany Translate [Picture clock with Alster panorama] [mechanical artwork in Hamburg museum]
Czech Republic Ołtarz z Trzeboni Ołtarz z Trzeboni [14th-century painting by the Master of the Třeboň Altarpiece]
Finland Translate [Out into the World] [painting by Maria Wiik]
Norway Translate [Old Pine Trees] [painting by Lars Hertervig]
Spain Panny dworskie Panny dworskie obraz Diego Velázqueza
Austria Saliera Saliera [sculpture by Benvenuto Cellini]
Norway Translate Krzyk obraz Edvarda Muncha
Denmark Translate [The Sculptor Jens Adolf Jerichau, the Artist's Husband] [painting by Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann]
Luxembourg Translate [Giant Bible of Echternach] iluminowany manuskrypt
Hungary Translate Nowy Adam [painting by Sándor Bortnyik]
Hungary Japonka (obraz) Japonka obraz Bertalana Székely
Hungary Translate Nowa Ewa [painting by Sándor Bortnyik]
Slovenia Translate [View of Mt Triglav from Bohinj] [painting by Anton Karinger]
France Odjazd na Cyterę Odjazd na Cyterę obraz Jean-Antoine'a Watteau
Finland Translate Ogród Luksemburski [painting by Albert Edelfelt]
Romania Translate Sąd Ostateczny fresk Toma din Suceava
Hungary Translate Balon obraz Pál Szinyei Mersa
Portugal Translate [Apocalipsis of Lorvao] iluminowany manuskrypt
Estonia Translate [Farmhouse with a Stove] [painting by Karl Pärsimägi]
Poland Translate Bóg Ojciec - Stań się witraż Stanisława Wyspiańskiego w kościele św. Franciszka z Asyżu w Krakowie
Netherlands Wesoły pijak Wesoły pijak obraz Fransa Halsa
Netherlands Wędrowiec (obraz Hieronima Boscha) Wędrowiec [Painting by Hieronymus Bosch]
Poland Bitwa pod Orszą (obraz) Bitwa pod Orszą (obraz) obraz anonimowego malarza
Germany Madonna Sykstyńska Madonna Sykstyńska obraz Rafaela
Greece Złożenie do grobu (obraz El Greca z 1570) Złożenie do grobu obraz El Greca
Lithuania Translate [The New Settlers] [painting by Antanas Gudaitis]
Bulgaria Translate [Landscape from Tsarigrad] obraz Vladimir Dimitrova
Spain Translate Pieta [painting by José de Ribera in Madrid]
Norway Translate [Winter at the Sognefjord] [painting by J.C. Dahl]
Netherlands Translate [View of Haarlem from the Northwest, with the Bleaching Fields in the Foreground] [painting by Jacob Isaacksz. van Ruisdael]
Latvia Translate Zima obraz Vilhelms Purvītisa
Portugal Translate [Last supper] [altarpiece by Vasco Fernandes]
Denmark Translate [Midsummer Night near Vejle Fjord] [painting by Harald Slott-Møller]
Luxembourg Translate [View of the city of Luxemburg from the Fetschenhof] [painting by Nicolas Liez]
Spain Altamira Altamira [cave with prehistoric paintings in Spain]
Greece Translate [Funeral Composition] [painting by Yiannis Moralis]
Denmark Translate [The Artist's Mother Ane Hedvig Brøndum in the Blue Room] [painting by Anna Ancher]
Latvia Uciekinierzy (obraz Kazaksa) Uchodźcy obraz Jēkabsa Kazaksa
Latvia Translate [Madonna with Machine Gun] [painting by Kārlis Padegs]
Italy Translate [Portrait of Goffredo Mameli] [drawing by Roberto Bompiani]
Greece Translate ["Neon" Cafe (Night)] [painting by Yannis Tsarouchis]
Finland Translate Dzwony [painting by Ilmari Aalto]
Luxembourg Translate [Head of a clown] [painting by Joseph Kutter]
Ireland Translate Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin akwarela Samuel Brocasa
England Translate [Coming from the Mill] [painting by Laurence Stephen Lowry]
Romania Translate [Portrait of Lady Roxanda] [mural by Dobromir]
Netherlands Translate [Saint Anne with the Virgin and Child] [sculpture by Jan van Steffeswert]
Slovenia Translate [Programmed Print - the Vertical Line Program] [graphic art by Oho (Marko Pogačnik)]
Estonia Translate Noored aednikud [painting by Malle Leis]
Finland Translate [Road in Häme] [painting by Werner Holmberg]
Spain Translate [Walk on the Beach] [painting by Joaquín Sorolla]
Lithuania Translate [Mural paintings at the Chapel of Saint Casimir] [fresco series in Vilnius cathedral by Michelangelo Palloni]
Belgium Translate [The Greeks and the Trojans Fighting over the Body of Patroclus] [painting by Antoine Wiertz (Liège)]
Poland Hamlet polski. Portret Aleksandra Wielopolskiego Hamlet polski. Portret Aleksandra Wielopolskiego obraz Jacka Malczewskiego
Spain Translate [España ­Artística y Monumental] [collection of lithographs by Jenaro Pérez Villaamil]
Czech Republic Translate [Portrait of the Gem-Cutter Dionysius Miseroni and His Family] [painting by Karel Škréta]
Czech Republic Translate [Sleepwalker (Štyrský)] [painting of Jindřich Štyrský (period of postcubism/1925)]
Denmark Translate [A burial mound from ancient times by Raklev on Refsnæs] [painting by Johan Thomas Lundbye]
Estonia Oko w jajku Oko w jajku obraz Ülo Soostera
Romania Translate [Girls Spinning at the Gate] [painting by Nicolae Grigorescu]
Cyprus Translate [Return to the Village] [painting by Ioannis Kissonergis]
Poland Punkt etapowy Punkt etapowy rysunek podpisany nazwiskiem Rozenfeld
Malta Translate [Death of Dragut] [painting by Giuseppe Calì]
Ireland Translate [Meditation Painting 28] [painting by Patrick Scott]
Sweden Translate Vertumnus [1590-1591 painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo]
Portugal Cancioneiro de Ajuda Cancioneiro de Ajuda [songbook written in the Galician-Portuguese language from the 13th century]
Ireland Translate [New Sexual Lifestyles] [video artwork by Gerard Byrne]
Poland Apollo (witraż Stanisława Wyspiańskiego) Apollo (System Kopernika) projekt witraża autorstwa Stanisława Wyspiańskiego
Cyprus Translate [Composition, Throne II] [painting by Andreas Chrysochos]
Slovenia Translate [Ideal landscape with a young man killing a snake] [painting by Franc Kavčič]
Luxembourg Translate [Calligraphical image] [drawing by Roger Manderscheid]
Portugal Translate [Saint Vincent Panels] [polyptych of six panels by Nuno Gonçalves]
Croatia Translate Pafama [abstract composition by Josip Seissel]
Wales Translate [The gathering] [painting by Kyffin Willims]
Italy Opłakiwanie zmarłego Chrystusa (obraz Mantegni) Opłakiwanie zmarłego Chrystusa obraz Andrea Mantegna
Poland Kolejka trwa Kolejka trwa obraz Andrzeja Wróblewskiego
Malta Translate [Charity of St Thomas of Villanova] [etching of marble sculpture by Melchiorre Cafa]
Czech Republic Święty Juda Tadeusz (obraz Mistrza Teodoryka) Święty Juda Tadeusz obraz Mistrza Teodoryka
Ireland Translate [Dust Storm (Manter, Kansas)] [artwork by John Gerrard]