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Europeana Art history challenge
15 April - 30 May, 2016
#Europeana280 / Art History Collections @ Europeana
All national winners also receive the Europeana banrstar


Provided by Europeana[1]

  • Two overall winners will each receive a €100 gift certificate to (or a nominated alternative online store, e.g. a Museum's shop)
  • Two national winners per participating country will each receive €20 gift certificates to

These prizes are based on the total points, listed below.

Provided by Wikimedia Norge and The National Museum in Oslo:[2]

  • Best quality newly created article of a Norwegian artwork into any language Wikipedia: 1 copy of the DVD Let the Scream be heard, (2013) Documentary by Dheeraj Akolkar + 1 copy of the museum's catalogue Highlights. Art from Antiquity to 1945.
  • Best Norwegian language translation of an article from one of the other countries' selections: 1 copy of the DVD + 1 copy of the catalogue
  • Best new English-language article' about an artwork created by a female artist: 1 copy of the DVD
  • Best new editor: 1 copy of the DVD

Provided by the National Museum of Sweden and Wikimedia Sweden:

(book package either in Swedish or in English)

(book package either in Swedish or in English)



Points are a self-reporting and trust-based system. It is participants' responsibility to record their actions. If two or more people contributed equally to an action (e.g. writing a new article) ALL should take full points for it.

  • In Wikipedia
  • 10 points: Creating a new article that did not exist in any Wikipedia before (at least 3,000 bytes)
  • 5 points: Creating/'translating an article that already existed on another Wikipedia language, or improving an existing stub article (at least 3,000 bytes)
  • 2 point: Creating a new "stub" (less than 3,000 bytes)
  • In Wikidata
  • 1 point: Adding any referenced statement to the Wikidata item
  • 1 point: Adding either a language label or description to the Wikidata item (2 points if you add both)
Details / Statistics
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Data / Reporting
See the stats of the participating items.



The national affiliation does not in any way limit which country's artworks participants can write about, or languages they can write in!
Add the flag/country that you affiliate yourself with - this helps the national coordinators identify who to contact (e.g. for events) and determines which national prize you are eligible for. See also: What country/flag do I participate as?

The challenge has concluded. Please do not edit this page any further.

The Challenge has now ended. Please do not edit this table.

All participants of the challenge and their points
Username Your country Total Actions
Wittylama Italy 17

As a Europeana employee, my points will be for claiming the pride, not a prize :-)

Jane023 Netherlands 67
  1. 2 en:Portrait of the gem-cutter Dionysio Miseroni and his family
  2. 3 en:View of Haarlem from the Northwest, with the Bleaching Fields in the Foreground (with added reference url in item)
  3. 2 en:Winter Landscape with Skaters
  4. 2 en:Boys Drawing (and for zero points: en:Sofie Ribbing)
  5. 2 en:Still Life with Sweets
  6. 2 en:Portrait of a Violinist
  7. 2 en:Portrait of the Artist's Family (and for zero points: en:Johannes Hage)
  8. 0 en:Evening; Red Tree - zero points - edit conflict with User:Sudowoodoo! Better luck next time
  9. 13 referenced statements to The Art Gallery of Jan Gildemeester Jansz (Q17337965)
  10. 3 en:Out into the World with one referenced statement to the item
  11. 2 en:Lithuanian Girl with Palm Sunday Fronds
  12. 2 en:A Library Burning
  13. 2 en:Amalienborg Square, Copenhagen
  14. 10 en:Flower-holder
  15. 2 en:Christening in Tanum Church
  16. 2 (more) referenced statements to item of en:The Threatened Swan and en:List of works in the collection of Jan Gildemeester which references both this painting and the Art Gallery painting (above)
  17. 2 en:Berry Dress and en:Ragnhild Keyser
  18. 2 en:Young Gardeners and en:Malle Leis
  19. 2 en:Eye in the Egg
  20. 2 en:Paraphrase E and en:Ado Vabbe
  21. 2 en:Studio with Gloves
  22. 2 en:Gaberbocchus some of the old favourites
  23. 2 en:View of Mt. Triglav from Bohinj and en:Anton Karinger
  24. 2 en:Abraham's Sacrifice of Isaac
  25. 2 en:Mourning portrait of K. Horvath-Stansith
Erwin Belgium
František Šťastný Czech Republic 98
Vlkos1681 Czech Republic 132
Bdierickx Belgium 40 Tracking actions on Wikidata user talk page
85jesse Netherlands
Multichill Netherlands 181
Andrew J.Kurbiko Ukraine 337 Wikidata:Europeana Art History Challenge/Participants/Andrew J.Kurbiko
Armineaghayan Armenia 106
  1. hy:Երիտասարդ գնչուհին (translated from lv wiki) 5
  2. hy:Ֆրանցիսկ I-ի աղաման (translated from en, ru wikis) 5
  3. hy:Չմշկորդներով ձմեռային բնապատկեր (translated from ru, en wikis) 5
  4. hy:Տահիտցի կանայք լողափին (translated from fr wiki) 5
  5. hy:Pornocrates (translated from en wiki) 5
  6. hy:Հրեշտակների համերգ (կտավ) (translated from es wiki) 2
  7. hy:Նկարող տղաները (կտավ) (translated from en wiki) 2
  8. hy:Նկարչի ընտանիքի դիմանկար (translated from en wiki) 2
  9. hy:Լյուցիֆեր (կտավ) (translated from en wiki) 5
  10. hy:Այրվող գրադարան (կտավ) (translated from en wiki) 5
  11. hy:Սև և սպիտակ (կտավ) (translated from en wiki) 5
  12. hy:Ամալիենբորգ հրապարակ, Կոպենհագեն (կտավ) (translated from en wiki) 5
  13. hy:Կարմիր ծառ (կտավ) (translated from en wiki) 5
  14. hy:Փախուստ դեպի Եգիպտոս (Պուսենի կտավ) (translated from en wiki) 5
  15. hy:Choix des plus belles fleurs (translated from en wiki) 5
  16. hy:Վախեցած կարապը (translated from en wiki) 5
  17. hy:Յան Գիլդմիստերի պատկերասրահը (translated from en wiki) 5
  18. hy:Le Jardin de l'artiste à Giverny (translated from en wiki) 5
  19. hy:Հրաժեշտ Անգլիային (translated from en wiki) 5
  20. hy:Համբույր (կտավ, Կլիմտ) (translated from en wiki) 5
  21. hy:Հատապտուղներով զգեստ (քանդակ) (translated from en wiki) 5
  22. hy:Աստղային սոնատ (կտավ) (translated from en wiki) 5
  23. hy:Ծաղիկներով լանդշաֆտ (Նիրվանա) (translated from en wiki) 5
Culex France 5
Léna France
Pymouss France 63 Cancioneiro da Ajuda (Q2535912), Gaberbocchus some of the old favourites (Q22939736), Dada-Review (Q22570016), Erma River by the Town of Tran (Q21152290), Still Life with Sweets (Q10335781), The Concert of the Angels (Q5781032), Christening in Tanum Church (Q21177097), All Through the Night (Q21771321) (fr + br), In Honour of El Lissitzki (Q22976570), Four Element Composition (Q21743163), Finnmark, Winter (Q22945340) (fr + br), Bellringer of Caernarvon in costume of trade (Q23007300), An Overshot Mill in Wales (Aberdulais) (Q22977094), Concentric Group (Q22570081) (fr + br), ''We Are Not Afraid'' campaign, NYC subways (Q21743177), The Planters (Q22661815) (fr + br), Berry Dress (Q21743180) (fr + br), Paraphrase E (Q21152853) (fr + br), The Gauja Valley (Q22055510) (fr + br), Boys drawing (Q21258327) (fr + br), Os galgos (Q22231643) (fr + br), Portrait of the artist's father (Q22678110) (fr + br), Lacemaker (Portrait of Štefka Batič) (Q22678623) (fr + br), Dolbadarn Castle (Q22977128) (fr + br), Red Loop (Q22976619), The Art Gallery of Jan Gildemeester Jansz (Q17337965), Amalienborg Square, Copenhagen (Q20354158) (Lbr+Lfr), Great View of Prague (Q22976858), Art (according to Marlboro) (Q22976628), {{q|22661822, Man Entering a Room (Q22043770), {{q|22678143, Portrait of a Man (Selfportrait) (Q22262476), Woman with the Artist (Q21771910) (Lbr+Lfr), Selfportrait at 6th wedding anniversary (Q22570122), Pilgrimage to the Cedars of Lebanon (Q21807895), Stymphalian Birds (Q22661775) (Lbr+Lfr+Lde), Cat among roosters (Q22262418) (Lbr+Lfr), Portrait of a Girl (Q22980551), Refugees (Q22056364) (Lbr+Lfr), Winter (Q22056352) (Lbr+Lfr), Pietà (Q20017050), The Luxembourg Gardens, Paris (Q18346884), Japanese Woman (Q21806462)
VIGNERON France 1542 Wikidata:Europeana Art History Challenge/Participants/VIGNERON
ThurnerRupert Switzerland 10 New article: De:Blaurackenflügel (10)
Escudero Spain 368
Villy Fink Isaksen Denmark 553 445 points for adding several label and description in wikidata
33 point for referenced statement in wikidata
10 points forBilledhuggeren Jens Adolf Jerichau, kunstnerens ægtefælle
2 points for En gravhøj fra oldtiden ved Raklev på Refsnæs
2 points for Det røde træ
5 points for Friheden fører folket på barrikaderne
10 points for En ung kunstner (Ditlev Blunck) betragter en skitse i et spejl
2 point for Tahitianske kvinder på stranden
2 point for Skt. Hans aften ved Vejle Fjord
10 points for Amalienborg Plads
5 points for Byen
5 points for Vertumnus (maleri)
10 points for SONATA VI
2 points for Kunstnerens mor Ane Hedvig Brøndum i den blå stue
10 points for Ødelæggelsen af Sodoma og Gomorra
Ramloser Denmark 13 added: Da:I havedøren. Kunstnerens hustru and 3 links
Spinster Belgium 190

I waive prizes!

Henrik Sørensen Denmark
Audrey Lebioda, Nationalmuseum Sweden
Boberger Sweden 2779 Wp (267): sv:Porträtt av Venny Soldan-Brofeldt (10), sv:I Luxembourgträdgården(5) , sv:Utsikt från konstnärens fönster (2), sv:Porträtt av en violinist (2) , sv:Självporträtt på den sjätte bröllopsdagagen (10), sv:Ritande gossar (2), sv:Strykerskan (2), sv:I havedøren. Kunstnerens hustru. (2), sv:Damen med grisen (5), sv:Döden spelar schack (5), sv:Kökspigan (2), sv:Karin vid stranden (10), sv:Ännu sitter Tuvstarr kvar och ser ner i vattnet (10), sv:Staden (målning) (10), sv:Porträtt av skulptören Jens Adolf Jerichau, konstnärens make (2), sv:Ut i världen (2), sv:Greta Haapsalo spelande kantele i en bondstuga (2), sv:Vinternatt i Rondane (2), sv:Inger på stranden (2), sv:Barnedåp i Tanum kirke (10) sv:Vinter ved Sognefjorden (2), sv:Stetind i dimma (10), sv:Tio kvinnor från Stralsund (i samtida utstyrsel) (2), sv:Konstnärens mor Ane Brøndum i det blå rummet (2), sv:Bordellscenen (10), sv:Förstörelsen av Sodom och Gomorra (konstverk) (5), sv:På väg hem från fabriken (10), sv:Skogsklätt landskap med sittande herde (5), sv:På väg hem från fabriken (5), sv:Midsommarnatt vid Vejlefjorden (2), sv:En naken kvinna ordnar sitt hår framför en spegel (5), sv:En gammal gravhög vid Raklev på Refsnæs (2), sv:Den unge konstnären Ditlev Blunck skärskådar en skiss i spegeln (5), sv:Amalienborgsplatsen (2) sv:Gamle furutrær (5), sv:Rustning (målning) (2), sv:Sittande dam (2), sv:Självporträtt (lampa) (2), sv:Läxförhör (2), sv:Landsväg i Tavastland (2), sv:Gabrielle d'Estrées och en av hennes systrar (5), sv:Konstnärens trädgård i Giverny (5), sv:Avfärden till Cythere (5), sv:Flykten till Egypten (Poussin) (5), sv:Berthe Morisot med en bukett violer (5), sv:Metspöfisket (2), (5), sv:Rytmer (konstverk) (2), sv:Porträtt av Ludvig XIV i kröningsdräkt (5), sv:Klockorna (2), sv:Den lilla blå hästen (2), sv:Ungdomens springbrunn (5), sv:Självporträtt (Dürer) (5), sv:Hortus semper virens (2), sv:Koncentrisk grupp (2), sv:Ur med panorama över Alster (2), sv:Kamel i rytmiskt skogslandskap (2), sv:Dada-revyn (2), sv:Höskrindan (5), sv:The Fighting Temeraire (5), sv:Last of England (5), sv:Den Gamle av dagar (konstverk) (5), sv:Lindisfarneevangelierna (5). Various Wikidata labels and descriptions in Swedish (561), Finnish (91), German (251), Italian (68), bokmål (344), nynorsk (469) Portugese (426), Latvian (90), Danish (99), Polish (60), and other languages (10).
ToniSant Malta
Marta Malina Moraczewska Poland
Bernetis Poland
Danmichaelo Norway 219 Tracking at User:Danmichaelo/EAHC. Articles: no:Gamle furutrær, no:Vinter ved Sognefjorden, no:Rustning (maleri), no:Sittende dame. Labels and descriptions. Australia 30 New articles:
Geraki Greece 125
Iohana4 Romania
waive prizes
Belgium ~500 Wikidata:Europeana Art History Challenge/Participants/Sudowoodoo
Mduvekot Netherlands
Ανώνυμος Βικιπαιδιστής Greece 15 *el:Το ψάθινο καπέλο (new article: 10 points,
adding language label and description to the Wikidata item: 2 points) * Labels and descriptions (3 points)
Neotarf Luxembourg ~190 Wikidata:Europeana Art History Challenge/Participants/Neotarf
Millars Spain 30 See User:Millars/EAHC
Спасимир Bulgaria 3242 points
DaftRose Greece 12 el:Η Συναυλία των Αγγέλων (stub: 2 points)

el:Καφενείον το Νέον (Νύχτα) (new article: 10 points)

Popeva Spain
Strainu Romania 64 Label and description for: The Tower of Babel (Q15293656), Cellini Salt Cellar (Q697208), Wing of a European Roller (Q21151884), Male Back With a Flag (Q21151813), The Kiss (Q698487), Naturstudien (Q21749047), Metropolis film poster (Q21151973), Schönberg family (Q20980856), Umar Defeats a Dragon (Q22946905), The Simpleton (Q22920411), Pornocrates (Q19697889), The Greeks and the Trojans Fighting over the Body of Patroclus (Q21152204), Evangeliary of Averbode (Q22443081), Jean Wauquelin presenting his 'Chroniques de Hainaut' to Philip the Good (Q17015401), Project for Sky-Writing (planche n°1) (Q22442953), Last Judgment (Q22979877), The Ironer (Q20992173), Madonna with Canon Joris van der Paele (Q2480921), The Elevation of the Cross (Q2653851), Christ Carrying the Cross (Q680128), Ghent Altarpiece (Q734834), Dobreyshovo Gospels (Q22947038), Miscellany (Q22947273), Alexandria Codex of Sofia (Q22947617), Landscape (Q22953628), Portrait of Mrs. Stefka Georgieva Otmarova (Q22953670), Daskal Philip Psalter (Q22953730), Erma River by the Town of Tran (Q21152290), Portrait of Eliezer Alshekh (Q22953788), Sodom and Gomorrah Burning (Q23014040)


Llywelyn Wales 12 Dolbadarn Castle new article: 10 points,
Wikidata item: 2 points
Gepetito Slovakia 137
xcia0069 Italy 12

As an ex-Europeana employee, my points are not for any prize :-)

Kippelboy Andorra 16 As an ex-Europeana employee, my points are not for any prize :-) Will start soon
  1. ca:Vista i plànol de Toledo (5 points)
  2.  ca:L'aixecament de la creu (5 points)
MarisaLR Spain 2556
  1.  es:Codex Mariendalensis (5 points + 2 wikidata)
  2.  es:Jarrón de flores (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  3.  es:La amenaza del cisne (5 points + 2 wikidata)
  4.  es:Predicación de san Marcos en Alejandría (5 points + 2 wikidata)
  5.  es:La destrucción de Sodoma y Gomorra (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  6.  es:Castillo Dolbadarn (Turner) (5 points + 5 wikidata)
  7.  es:Libro de horas de Leonor de la Vega (10 points + 4 wikidata)
  8.  es:Beato de Valcavado (10 points + 2 wikidata)
  9.  es:De Aetatibus Mundi Imagines (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  10.  es:Retrato de Venny Soldan-Brofeldt (5 points + 5 wikidata)
  11.  es:Retrato del escultor Jens Adolf Jerichau, el marido de la artista (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  12.  es:En la puerta del jardín. La esposa del artista (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  13.  es:Vista desde la ventana del artista (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  14.  es:Diez mujeres de Stralsund (2 points + 4 wikidata)
  15.  es:Noche de verano, cerca del fiordo Vejle (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  16.  es:Dolmen en Raklev, Røsnæs (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  17.  es:Ane Hedvig Brøndum en la habitación azul, madre de la artista(5 points + 4 wikidata)
  18.  es:Plaza de Amelienborg(5 points + 4 wikidata)
  19.  es:Una mujer desnuda arregla su cabello frente a un espejo(5 points + 4 wikidata)
  20.  es:Un joven artista (Ditlev Blunck) observa un boceto en un espejo (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  21.  es:Bautismo en la iglesia de Tanum (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  22.  es:Viejos pinos (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  23.  es:Armadura (Keyser) (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  24.  es:Madonna (Edvard Munch) (5 points (Ampliación de 8.127 bytes)
  25.  es:Invierno en el Sognefjord (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  26.  es:Inger en la playa (5 points + 2 wikidata)
  27.  es:Stetind en niebla (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  28.  es:Invierno en Rondane (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  29.  es:Invierno en Finnmark (5 points + 5 wikidata)
  30.  es:El dandy moribundo (5 points + 2 wikidata)
  31.  es:La ciudad (pintura) (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  32.  es:Karin frente la playa (2 points + 2 wikidata)
  33.  es:La muerte juega al ajedrez (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  34.  es:Retrato de una violinista (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  35.  es:Chicos dibujando (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  36.  es:Madonna con la ametralladora (2 points + 1 wikidata)
  37.  es:La fuente de eterna juventud (5 points + 2 wikidata)
  1. ca:Gerro de flors (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  2.  ca:El cigne amenaçat (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  3.  ca:El Temerari remolcat a dic sec (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  4.  ca:Sant Jeroni escrivint (Caravaggio, Valleta) (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  5.  ca:Bíblia de Borso d'Este (5 points + 2 wikidata)
  6.  ca:Llibre d'hores de Leonor de Vega (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  7.  ca:Beatus de Valcavado (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  8.  ca:De Aetatibus Mundi Imagines (5 points + 2 wikidata)
  9.  ca:Retrat de l'emperador Rodolf II (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  10.  ca:Predicació de sant Marc a Alexandria (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  11.  ca:Retrat de Venny Soldan-Brofeldt (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  12.  ca:Paisatge hivernal amb esbarjo sobre el gel (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  13.  ca:Castell Dolbadarn (Turner) (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  14.  ca:Retrat de l'escultor Jens Adolf Jerichau, el marit de l'artista (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  15.  ca:A la porta del jardí. L'esposa de l'artista (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  16.  ca:Vista des de la finestra de l'artista (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  17.  ca:Deu dones de Stralsund (2 points + 4 wikidata)
  18.  ca:Nit d'estiu, a la vora del fiord Vejle (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  19.  ca:Dolmen a Raklev, Røsnæs (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  20.  ca:Ane Hedvig Brøndum a l'habitació blava, mare de l'artista (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  21.  ca:Plaça d'Amelienborg (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  22.  ca:Dona davant del mirall (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  23.  ca:Un jove artista (Ditlev Blanck) observa un esbós en un mirall (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  24.  ca:Vells pins(5 points + 3 wikidata)
  25.  ca:Baptisme a l'església de Tanum(5 points + 3 wikidata)
  26.  ca:Armadura (Keyser) (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  27.  ca:Madonna (Edvard Munch)(5 points + 4 wikidata)
  28.  ca:Hivern en el Sognefjord(5 points + 3 wikidata)
  29.  ca:Inger a la platja(5 points + 4 wikidata)
  30.  ca:Stetind en boira(5 points + 3 wikidata)
  31.  ca:Hivern en Rondane(5 points + 4 wikidata)
  32.  ca:Hivern en Finnmark(5 points + 3 wikidata)
  33.  ca:El dandi moribund(5 points + 4 wikidata)
  34.  ca:La ciutat (pintura)(5 points + 3 wikidata)
  35.  ca:Karin front la platja(2 points + 3 wikidata)
  36.  ca:La mort juga als escacs (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  37.  ca:Retrat d'una violinista(5 points + 3 wikidata)
  38.  ca:Nois dibuixant(2 points + 3 wikidata)
  39.  ca:Madonna amb la metralladora(2 points + 1 wikidata)
  40.  ca:Choix des plus belles fleurs(5 points + 1 wikidata)
  41.  ca:Els deixebles d'Emaús (Milà)(5 points + 1 wikidata)
  1.  ast:Cueva de Altamira (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  2.  ast:Vista y planu de Toledo (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  3.  ast:La Piedá (Ribera) (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  4.  ast:De Aetatibus Mundi Imagines (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  5.  ast:Paséu a veres del mar (2 points + 4 wikidata)
  6.  ast:Beatu de Valcavado (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  7.  ast:Llibru d'hores de Leonor de la Vega (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  8.  ast:España Artística y Monumental (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  9.  ast:El 3 de mayu en Madrid (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  10.  ast:Las Meninas (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  11.  ast:Codex Mariendalensis (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  12.  ast:El cisne amenaciáu (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  13.  ast:Una muyer desnuda igua'l so pelo frente a un espeyu (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  14.  ast:Dolmen en Raklev, Røsnæs (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  15.  ast:Plaza de Amelienborg (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  16.  ast:Diez muyeres de Stralsund (2 points + 4 wikidata)
  17.  ast:Semeya del escultor Jens Adolf Jerichau, l'home de l'artista (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  18.  ast:Nueche de branu cerca del fiordu Vejle (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  19.  ast:Na puerta del xardín. La esposa del artista (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  20.  ast:Ane Hedvig Brøndum na habitación azul, madre de l'artista (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  21.  ast:Vista dende la ventana del artista (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  22.  ast:Un mozu artista (Ditlev Blunck) repara un bocetu nun espeyu (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  23.  ast:Bautismu na ilesia de Tanum (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  24.  ast:Vieyos pinos (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  25.  ast:Madonna (Edvard Munch) (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  26.  ast:Iviernu nel Sognefjord (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  27.  ast:Armour (Keyser) (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  28.  ast:Inger na sablera (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  29.  ast:Stetind en borrina (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  30.  ast:Iviernu en Rondane (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  31.  ast:Iviernu en Finnmark (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  32.  ast:El dandy morrebundu (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  33.  ast:La ciudá (pintura) (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  34.  ast:Karin frente la sablera (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  35.  ast:La muerte xuega al axedrez (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  36.  ast:Semeya de Rodolfo II en traxe de Vertumno (5 points + 2 wikidata)
  37.  ast:Semeya de Venny Soldan-Brofeldt (5 points + 4 wikidata)
  38.  ast:Semeya d'una violinista (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  39.  ast:Xarrón de flores (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  40.  ast:Predicación de San Marcos n'Alexandría (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  41.  ast:La destrucción de Sodoma y Gomorra (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  42.  ast:Castillo Dolbadarn (Turner) (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  43.  ast:Mozos dibuxando (2 points + 3 wikidata)
  44.  ast:Madonna cola ametralladora (2 points + 1 wikidata)
  45.  ast:Autorretrato de Durero (Alte Pinakothek) (5 points + 2 wikidata)
  46.  ast:El vendedor ambulante (5 points + 2 wikidata)
  47.  ast:L'allegre bebedor (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  48.  ast:Paisaxe ivernizo con patinadores sobre xelu (2 points + 1 wikidata)
  49.  ast:El besu (Hayez) (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  50.  ast:Llamentu sobre Cristu muertu (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  51.  ast:Breviariu de Ercole (5 points + 2 wikidata)
  52.  ast:Sidereus nuncius (5 points + 5 wikidata)
  53.  ast:Semeya de Goffredo Mameli (2 points + 1 wikidata)
  54.  ast:Los discípulos de Emaus (Milán) (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  55.  ast:Virxe del canónigu Van der Paele (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  56.  ast:La elevación de la cruz (5 points + 3 wikidata)
  57.  ast:Cristu cola Cruz arrecostines (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  58.  ast:Polípticu de Gante (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  59.  ast:La fonte de la mocedá (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  60.  ast:Madonna Sixtina (Rafael) (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  61.  ast:L'ánxel mancáu (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  62.  ast:Cancioneru d'Ajuda (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  63.  ast:Paneles de San Vicente de Lisboa (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  64.  ast:La decapitación de San Juan Bautista (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  65.  ast:San Jerónimo escribiendo (Caravaggio, Valleta) (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  66.  ast:Choix des plus belles fleurs (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  67.  ast:Conciertu d'ánxeles (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  68.  ast:L'entierru de Cristu (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  69.  ast:Muyeres de Tahití (5 points + 1 wikidata)
  • 1497 points for adding several label and description in wikidata:
    • Italia= 35 points; Paises Bajos= 45 points; Austria= 55 points; Bélgica= 50 points; Bulgaria = 61 points; Croacia= 59 points; Chipre= 61 points; República Checa= 57 points; Dinamarca= 11 points; Inglaterra= 44 points; Estonia= 61 points; Finlandia= 53 points; Alemania= 56 points; Francia= 46 points; Grecia= 56 points; Hungría= 53 points; Irlanda= 67 points; Letonia= 60 points; Lituania= 59 points; Luxemburgo= 57 points; República de Malta= 55 points; Noruega= 14 points; Polonia= 64 points; Portugal= 53 points; Rumania= 69 points; Eslovaquia= 64 points; Eslovenia= 59 points; España= 10 points; Suecia= 18 points; Gales= 45 points.
Metsavend Estonia 120 120 points for adding several label and description in wikidata
DivadH Sweden I'm a Europeana employee and only adding some Wikidata statements. No points needed.
Maggyeu Poland pl:Uchodźcy (obraz Kazaksa)

pl:Pocałunek (obraz Hayeza)

As an Europeana employee I'm not collecting the points, just having fun :-)

Adamt Poland 100
  1. pl:Podniesienie krzyża (obraz Rubensa z 1611)
  2. pl:Święty Hieronim (obraz Caravaggia)
  3. pl:Skrzydła ołtarza z Roudník
  4. pl:Ucieczka do Egiptu (obraz Poussina)
  5. pl:Autoportret w futrze
  6. pl:Wesoły pijak
  7. pl:Skrzydło Kraski
  8. pl:Pejzaż zimowy z łyżwiarzami
  9. pl:Model systemu słonecznego
  10. pl:Godzinki Leonor de la Vega
  11. pl:Kroniki Hainaut
  12. pl:Biblia Borsa d’Este
  13. pl:Kodeks Aleksandryjski z Sofii
  14. pl:Święty Juda Tadeusz (obraz Mistrza Teodoryka)
  15. pl:Orgia (obraz Williama Hogartha)
  16. pl:Ofiara Abrahama (obraz Bencovicza)
  17. pl:Spłoszony łabędź
  18. pl:Madonna z Dzieciątkiem (obraz Michaelidesa)
  19. pl:Gabrielle d'Estrées i jedna z jej sióstr
Jpekel Netherlands
Victorjan Netherlands nl:Tête de Clown

First contributions to Wikimedia, written during new editor training editathon, Europeana employee

Douglaskmccarthy Republic of Ireland Several dozen Wikidata statements

First contributions to Wikimedia, written during new editor training editathon, Europeana employee

JSberg Germany de:Luzifer_(Stuck)

First contributions to Wikimedia, written during new editor training editathon, Europeana employee

Wikialeksandra Poland pl:Pornokrates

First contributions to Wikimedia, written during new editor training editathon, Europeana employee

Hverwayen Netherlands Several Wikidata Labels in Dutch

First contributions to Wikimedia, written during new editor training editathon, Europeana employee

Xabier Cañas 54
  1. eu:Pietatea (Riberaren margolana) (2 points + 2 Wikidata)
  2. eu:Ama Birjinaren ezteiak (Rafael) (2 points + 2 Wikidata)
  3. :eu:Itsasertzeko pasealdia (Q6065609) (2 points + 2 Wikidata)
  4. eu:Tahitiar emakumeak hondartzan (2 points + 2 Wikidata)
  5. eu:Gurutzearen zutitzea(2 points + 2 Wikidata)
  6. eu:Van der Paele kalonjearen Amabirjina (2 points)
  7. eu:The Ha'Penny Bridge, Dublin (margolana) (2 points + 2 Wikidata)
  8. eu:Musua (Klimt) (2 points + 2 Wikidata)
  9. eu:Askatasuna herria gidatzen (2 points + 2 Wikidata)
  10. eu:Artistaren lorategia Givernyn (2 points + 2 Wikidata)
  11. eu:Toledoren ikuspegia eta planoa (2 points + 2 Wikidata)
  12. eu:San Jeronimo idazten (2 points + 2 Wikidata)
  13. eu:San Joan bataiatzailearen buru mozketa (2 points + 2 Wikidata)
  14. eu:Autorretratua (Albrecht Dürer) (2 points + 2 wikidata)

Rautere Finland 253
  1. Wikipedia Article Studs translated: fi:Hell (Wiiralt), fi:Karin rannalla (+10)
  2. Wikidata Labels and Descriptions in Finnish for: The Tower of Babel (Q15293656), Ghent Altarpiece (Q734834), Cellini Salt Cellar (Q697208), Metropolis film poster (Q21151973), Wing of a European Roller (Q21151884), Madonna with Canon Joris van der Paele (Q2480921), The Elevation of the Cross (Q2653851), Christ Carrying the Cross (Q680128), The Ironer (Q20992173), Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac (Q22671007), Saint Jude Thaddaeus (Q22976727), Portrait of Goffredo Mameli (Q23011493), Saint Anne with the Virgin and Child (Van Steffeswert) (Q23815653), Girl in a White Kimono (Q13418238), Winter at the Sognefjord (Q21980572), Last Supper (Q21226401), Last Judgment (Q22979877), Rudolf II of Habsurg as Vertumnus (Q16333797), Karin by the shore (Q20064873),Dolbadarn Castle (Q22977128), The Town (Q18600103), Portrait of a Man (Selfportrait) (Q22262476), The Weir (Q22671308), The Scream (Q18891156), Self-Portrait with Fur-Trimmed Robe (Q2546309), Selfportrait at 6th wedding anniversary (Q22570122), Portrait of the artist's father (Q22678110), Abstract painting (Q22945895), Amalienborg Square, Copenhagen (Q20354158), Inger on the Beach (Q18748731), Portrait of a Girl (Q22980551), Portrait of Louis XIV (Q3399440), Princess with a Monkey (Q22043968), Blue horse (Q22570092), Mural paintings at the Chapel of Saint Casimir (Q22121207), Walk on the mountain (Q6065609), {The Entombment of Christ (Q6121364), Battle of Orsha (Q9173390), Japanese Woman (Q21806462), Liber viaticus of Johannes Noviforensis (Q20755471), Great View of Prague (Q22976858), Daskal Philip Psalter (Q22953730), The Artist's Mother Ane Hedvig Brøndum in the Blue Room (Q20438955), Head of a clown (Q22284213), Portrait of Lady Roxanda (Q22979792), Saint Vincent Panels (Q3774964), Madonna and Child (Q22661822), Portrait of a violinist (Q21260816), Lacemaker (Portrait of Štefka Batič) (Q22678623), Medusa (Q21743202), Book of Hours of Leonor de la Vega (Q21155429), A Library Burning (Q22234726), The Art Gallery of Jan Gildemeester Jansz (Q17337965), Miss Catherine Jones of Colomendy, near Mold (Q22977135), Art (according to Marlboro) (Q22976628), Jean Wauquelin presenting his 'Chroniques de Hainaut' to Philip the Good (Q17015401), Schönberg family (Q20980856), Sonata of the Stars (Q21771385), The Card Players II (Q22678143), The Mother of God of Trakai (Q11771555), Winter Night in the Mountains (Q19689132), Pilgrimage to the Cedars of Lebanon (Q21807895), Stymphalian Birds (Q22661775), Cat among roosters (Q22262418), The Kitchen Maid (Q18089111), Stetind in Fog (Q22443298), The Sunflower (Q22979935), Třeboň Altarpiece (Q2428392), Apocalipsis of Lorvao (Q16492936), A Militiaman Holding a Berkemeyer, Known as the ‘Merry Drinker’ (Q650635), A Militiaman Holding a Berkemeyer, Known as the ‘Merry Drinker’ (Q650635), The Ha'Penny Bridge, Dublin (Q21727671) (+144)
  3. Wikidata Labels in Finnish for: The Greeks and the Trojans Fighting over the Body of Patroclus (Q21152204), Evangeliary of Averbode (Q22443081), Landscape (Q22953628), Portrait of Eliezer Alshekh (Q22953788), Landscape from Tsarigrad (Q21231512), Self-portrait (Marin Tartaglia) (Q22948543), Meander 2 (Q22670970), Reliquary of St. Maurus (Q1636942), Saint Sebastian (Q22976966), The Crucifixion (Q21232677), Supper at Emmaus (Q2097931), Risen Christ (Q22945654),Saint George on Horseback (Q22920999), Sodom and Gomorrah Burning (Q23014040), Pietà (Q20017050), Portrait of Sir John Williams (Q22977140), Portrait of Dr Richard Price (Q22977105), Hell (Q21257263),Lindisfarne Gospels (Q80935), Market in Banska Bystrica (Q22262570), Venny Soldan-Brofeldt, Artist (Q21259109), The Appearance of the Angel to St. Roch (Q21227244), The Straw Hat (Q22671139), Lithuanian girl with Palm Sunday Fronds (Q21771319), Madame Récamier (Q22670982), Composition (Q22661800), The artist's garden at Giverny (Q3794124), Portrait of the poet Ilarie Voronca (Q22979965), Refugees (Q22056364), Polish Hamlet. Portrait of Aleksander Wielopolski (Q9285794), Young Gardeners (Q21750214), Winter (Q22056352), Sistine Madonna (Q328079), Scenery of a Lithuanian Village (Q21771817), Finnmark, Winter (Q22945340), Young Gypsy Woman (Q21162216), The Balloon (Q21806470), Midsummer Night near Vejle Fjord (Q21747106), View of the city of Luxemburg from the Fetschenhof (Q22284390), Funeral Composition (Q22671271), Head of a clown (Q22284213), Portrait of the Gem-Cutter Dionysius Miseroni and His Family (Q22976977), Girl in a Folk Costume (Q22055751), St. Mark Preaching in Alexandria (Q3910087) (+44)
  4. Wikidata Descriptions in Finnish for: Male Back With a Flag (Q21151813), The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist (Q2727560), Schönberg family (Q20980856), Madonna (Q18890421), Judith and Holofernes (Q22920647), Reliquary of St. Maurus (Q1636942), Kreeta Haapasalo Playing the Kantele in a Peasant Cottage (Q11872962), Gaberbocchus some of the old favourites (Q22939736), Gastrodia tuberculata (Q1335759), The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last Berth to be broken up (Q257580), ''We Are Not Afraid'' campaign, NYC subways (Q21743177), Łaski's Statute (Q8080468), Paraphrase E (Q21152853), Soup of the poors in Arroios (Q22233706), Red Loop (Q22976619), Man Entering a Room (Q22043770), Winter landscape with skaters (Q3373691), Vase of flowers (Q22977148), Woman with the Artist (Q21771910), Berry Dress (Q21743180), Stymphalian Birds (Q22661775), Sidereus Nuncius (Q1457297), Disputation at Peristerona (Q22661785), East Coast Light I (Q21727692), The Threatened Swan (Q17319634), Armour (Q22443226), Pagan Spring (Q22661824), Pornocrates (Q19697889), The Red Tree (Q3818263), Stetind in Fog (Q22443298), The Triumph of Flora (Q21262115), An amateur concert (Q10387302), At the French Windows. The Artist's Wife (Q20537703), The Hay Wain (Q2366825), Old Pine Trees (Q21204853), The Sculptor Jens Adolf Jerichau, the Artist's Husband (Q20440955), The New Adam (Q21808509), The New Eve (Q21808511), Farmhouse with a Stove (Q21257452), God the father - Arise (Q22674448), The Wayfarer (Q2400652), View of Haarlem from the Northwest, with the Bleaching Fields in the Foreground (Q17320346), "Neon" Cafe (Night) (Q22671279), New Sexual Lifestyles (Q21727723) (+44)
  5. Wikidata Aliases in Finnish for: Portrait of Sir John Williams (Q22977140), Portrait of Dr Richard Price (Q22977105)
  6. Some Wikidata labels and descriptions in French or in Italian: Out into the World (Q11880306), The Destruction of Sodom And Gomorrah (Q20354732), Family portrait (Q22678531), Early Evening Landscape (Q22928396), Coastal landscape (Fishermen going home) (Q21152784), Early Evening Landscape (Q22928396), View and Plan of Toledo (Q6163991), The Danse Macabre (Q21806426) (+11)
Iñaki LL Spain 22
Oursana Germany
Papuass Latvia 9
Orf3us Norway 64
  1. no:‎Gjennom natten (Žmuidzinavičius)
  2. no:‎Blå hest
  3. no:‎Sankt Sebastian (Kubišta)
  4. no:‎Grå dans
  5. no:‎Aften; rødt tre
  6. no:‎Pornocratès
  7. no:‎Nattevandrere ved korset
  8. no:‎Til kjæresten
  9. no:‎Landskap med blomster
  10. no:‎Piletrær i Chiajna
  11. no:‎Piker spinner ved porten
  12. no:‎Nybyggerne (maleri)
  13. no:‎Scene fra en litauisk landsby
  14. no:‎Litauisk jente med grener til palmesøndag
  15. no:‎Bondehus med en komfyr
  16. no:‎Lucifer (maleri)
  17. no:‎Floden Jerma ved byen Tran
  18. no:‎Mann går inn i et rom
  19. no:‎Pike i folkedrakt
  20. no:‎Badende gutter
  21. no:‎Ung sigøynerkvinne
  22. no:‎Vinter (maleri)
  23. no:‎Klovnehode
  24. no:‎Gaujadalen
  25. no:‎Det hvite epletre
  26. no:‎En italiensk kvinne med barn ved et vannløp
  27. no:‎Den hvite og den sorte
  28. no:‎Prinsesse med en ape
  29. no:‎Madonna med maskingevær
  30. no:‎Flyktninger (maleri)
  31. no:‎Landskap med en rød sky
  32. no:Greyhounder
  33. no:Fire element komposisjon
  34. no:Søvngjenger (Štyrský)
  35. no:Skt. Hans Aften ved Vejle Fjord
  36. no:Høring i lekser
  37. no:Landskap tidlig om aftenen
  38. no:Pike i hvit kimono
  39. no:Kunstnerens mor Ane Hedvig Brøndum i den blå stue
  40. no:Polsk Hamlet – portrett av Aleksander Wielopolski
  41. no:Caernarvons klokker i arbeidstøy
DADRITS Greece 35
Blekbuton Latvia 7



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